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The magic anti-wrinkle serum

The most valuable and powerful seed oil anti-wrinkle remedy in the world

About the project

From the passion and love for the land of Sicily and its fruits is born Ficurina's prickly pear seed oil.

Thanks to its sicilian cultivar, the Ficurinia's prickly pear seed oil has unique properties which make it the most powerful anti-wrinkle seed oil in the world, far superior to any other seed oil, including Argan oil.

Ciuri - Liquor of sicilian prickly pears flowers

Ciuri is produced by infusion of Sicilian prickly pears flowers picked exclusively by hand. Flower after flower that’s how Ciuri is born. No additives or colorants added.

Ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, infuse of Sicilian prickly pears flowers (25%).

Alcohol content: Vol 30%  500 ml

''The warm breeze of a late spring, the intense yellow of flowers between the green of the spiny pads and the blue of the sky, a perfume of volcanic land. During the harvest the humming of bees accompanies our steps. Memories of other times come to mind. Flower after flower, that's how Ciuri borns. A sweet and fragrant nectar which brings with it the flavor of the fruit along the flavor of the flowers. A bouquet that brings you in Sicily, the land where Ficurinia is born''.

The extracts of prickly pear flowers have anti inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties.  Extracts of liquor obtained by prickly pear flowers have important anti inflammatory properties and analgesic effects. Studies show that extracts of prickly pear plants have antioxidant, anti-ulcerative properties and beneficial effects against prostatic hyperplasia.

What are the funds for?

The funds will be used to finance the production of Ficurinia's prickly pear seed oil, which will be sold in elegant 30 ml flacons.

Part of the proceeds will also be used to further research on the prickly pear plant, its benefits and possible products that could be obtained from it.

About the project owner

Our passion for the prickly pear plant and its well-being benefits has been the inspiration from which stemmed our company Ficurinia, young and dynamic company based in Augusta (Syracuse) - Sicily.

Combining ancients recipes with moderns and innovative methods of processing, Ficurinia is committed, with its very high quality products, to enhance this ancient fruit by exalting its well being and curative renowned qualities.

Contact us personally:

Salvo Fazio

Paolo Garelli

Marco Messina

or contact us at Ficurinia facebook Page and Ficurinia website