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Shoefiti - Vinyl Album

Help finance the limited vinyl of Shoefiti's first album

About the project

Shoefiti is a personal music project Henri 'HenZ' d'Armancourt is developing for several years on the side of his main band Vostok ( At the beginning the project was a quite confidential hobby. Then the songs evolved and were recorded in the studio with friends. 

Today, we think the album deserves to be edited while still being available for free on the Internet. The idea was to meet the expectations of people passionate with music who prefer the vinyl format for its grain and size. Therefor, there will be no CD edition but only a limited vinyl edition of 300 copies. 

Temujin Charles Doran made the artwork. This fine sir is an English friend who is an artist and film director: The images were chosen and made to match the ambiance of the album, assuring a great support for one's imagination to float on the music.

What are the funds for?

The financing will help press a limited series of 300 vinyl records. The artwork and design has been perfected with the help of Julien Ysebaert (already responsible for the design on Vostok's EP) to give a rich visual to match the music. 

If there's more money than expected, it will be used to print an 8 pages sheet with all the images included in the PDF that comes with the mp3. To make it short: print on a big and touchable support the images that are only digital for the moment. The booklet will be printed in a limited edition as well and should only be available with the first records (so given in priority to the people who support the Ulule Project).

About the project owner

Shoefiti is managed by HenZ, but is foremost a rich collaboration between friends who have decided to gather their sensitivity around a common project. You can find the musicians from Vostok (Raphaël, Pilou and Sam), but also Colas (Blue Dawn's guitarist), Ammo (from HenZ' ex-band Four Black Taxis), Vincent and François playing in Apes Did Ensemble and also many other friends who came to help: FX Delaby on bass, Johan Lescure on guitar, Maura on backing vocals…

HenZ' idea was to propose his friends to come play on the album with the intention of interacting with the other musicians and enhancing the songs. The different performers would chose the song(s) that would inspire them the most, then come into HenZ' home studio to record what they found. This allowed to keep the ideas fresh instead of rehearsing them for months before being fed up with what they found – which is what you usually find in most bands. 

The main asset of this project was to propose a playful experience to the people taking part of it, without necessarily bounding them to it. This is a project made possible by passionate people, convinced by its purpose and driven by the pleasure and the will to play music. With the gear that was available, the help of each and HenZ' experience as a music producer, the goal was to make beautiful music, digitally available to whoever wants it, analogy to whoever can afford it and desires a pretty object.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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