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Photographic Position On The Impact Of Mega Sports Events Brazil

About the project


Dear photography friends,

nearly a year ago we hit the road to Brazil to realize our photographic project. With the uprisen work we analyze and comment the social and urban changes prior to the mega sports events happening 2014 and 2016 in Brazil. Finally we made it. A copy of the book has been printed and of course we don't want only one copy but many more. For that we need your help!

SHIFT is a group of students who went to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in February and March 2013 to photograph these changes with analogue large format technology, complemented by digital pictures. On site, we split up into three groups, two of which were responsible for capturing the photographs in Rio de Janeiro, while the third group worked in São Paulo. The cooperation with the UERJ, the University of Rio de Janeiro, enabled us to substantiate our work with theoretical background knowledge and supported us by arranging drivers and other contact persons. 


In July 2014 Brazil will host the soccer World Cup and in 2016 the Olympic Games. These mega sports events are to secure the country’s economic advantages. The media reports about gigantic governmental investments in new stadiums and infrastructure, immense budget gaps, privatization of public space, police encroachments and relocation of residents due to property speculation. This is not entirely wrong, but many questions remain open. Questions, which have to be asked. We, the SHIFT- Group, do not give straight answers to these questions, but our photographic position offers room for reflection. This work analyzes and comments the social and urban changes prior to the sports events. It is an intersection of documenting and staging, fiction and analysis, different to the typical contrasting reproductions in the media, which are artificially moving and touching.

When we went to Brazil, we had not made up our minds about the pictures yet. Just checking off preset images in our heads was not an option for us. We wanted to get an idea of the situation inside the cities first. Thus, exchanging information and staying in contact with affected people was our foremost priority. “Tell us your story and we will try to handle it photographically.”

In Germany and in Brazil we have received enormous support! To produce the book and to make our work visible for more people, we now need your help! 


After supporting our project feel free to share it with your friends and family! Whether Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social media platform: SPREAD THE WORD! (English) (German) (French)

What are the funds for?

In cooperation with the publishing house Peperoni from Berlin we will issue an edition of 1000 copies of the book. In order to publish a book however, the authors themselves unfortunately have to contribute a great deal to the finances. Therefore we need your help!

The book includes about 150 pages and consists of two parts. The first part contains our photographic work with 62 color photographs. The second part, on the contrary, has a scientific emphasis. It includes processual and associative pictures that, in combination with quotations, will illustrate the complexity of the topic and our position as artists in a partly factual and partly metaphorical way. A text by Volker Eick contextualizes our work on a political and socioeconomic level. An essay by Djenna Wehenpohl puts our work into relation to the contemporary photographic discourse and acts as a classification within the context of art.

cost overview:

translation/ proof- reading: 1000,00 Euro

litography/ color- proofs: ca. 600,00 Euro

paper: ca. 1500,00 Euro

print and bookbinding 1000 copies incl VAT: 9258,20 Euro

advertising expenses divers (Flyer/ presentation boxes/ Web- presence): ca. 1256,87 Euro

The current cost overview amounts 13 615,07 Euro. In addition, we need to finance 2er Pack and our upcoming exhibitions. Thus, our requested 10 000 Euro is an absolute minimum to produce the book. PLEASE HELP!


- good karma!

- 3 postcards with following motifs:

- a beautiful selfmade silk-screen printed bag


Available in 3 different sizes, 40cm x 32cm, 60cm x 48cm and 90cm x 72cm. Each Fine-Art-Print is printed on Bonjet One Fine Art paper, signed and limited to 10 prints worldwide!!!!

The 40cm x 32 cm print:

The 60cm x 48cm print:

Der 90cm x 72cm Print:

You wish a different motif? Or you want one of the offered one above in a different size? No problem! Feel free to contact us via this page or via email: [email protected]

About the project owner

We are a group of nine photography students from the University of Arts in Bremen, and a student of Art and Culture Sciences at Leuphana-Universität in Lüneburg, that came together in February 2012. We pursued an idea that, with intensive research, proactivity and a little daringness, became reality only one year later.