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Sharing Paths

A self published photobook of a year and a half journey through Asia, with plenty of nakedness of encountered strangers, by Ruben Brulat

About the project

It all started three years ago, there was the urge to go, to see a land far away, i went to India and encountered stories, people, so i asked them, if they would, get naked and embrace their surroundings, fear but also wonder..

Nepal, hiking, slowly, meeting, Clinton, Noah and Yaïr, Maxime and Lionel, a month on the trails, tales of a lake, one so high, bare skin against the snow. Bare skin against the leeches of the jungle. Each encounter, with each stories,we would share and then if the place would come to us, there would be an embrace. Bare body against the surrounding.

From 'Gare de Lyon' to 'Gare de l'Est'. And so i left on august 2011 for more than a year travel. A journey that will take me across Europe and Asia by the slow means of transport and on land only.

The series 'Paths' resulted. Strangers just encountered would give themselves away to Nature. To embrace or be embraced. The unknown sometimes in the harsh snow, sometimes in the soft Gobi sand, sometime against the sharp rocks of a Japanese volcano. Ephemera of intensity, before often saying goodbye to each for ever.

A story created by the randomness of the encounter, places and bodies, with utopia and hopes, souvenir of a time for then pursuing their paths, after sharing one for a while.

After all these stories and times i am now ready to self-publish the book. 

I believe this is the best way to share these experiences with you and put them together, and that it comes together in a beautiful way, with your help and the pre-orders, i hope to publish it by the end of the summer ! 

Thank to you for the support for everything.

Hugs ! 

Following a few images of 'Paths' and the 'instants' of the travels linking each moments, and each encounters towards the next.

The book :

Self-publishing is a way to choose what and how you want to print it. This is a crucial part of the work. 

Creating a book came as an evidence.

For this new adventure i am collaborating with Elena Gallen (here and here) an exciting graphic designer working in Madrid, and we are working on the layout these days, Elena brought some wonderful ideas.

It will be structured in two volumes, the first with the pictures of the travel linking to the 'Paths' series in between, texts from the diary, and from Robbie, one of the participant in the picture. And a cool map. Binded in hard cover. This part is printed in Offset.

smaller 'booklet', with objects collected along the way, printed with the Riso machine.

They will be united with an elastic.

 500 copies
 All color (Offset, Riso)
 130 pages, 20x25cm + the smaller booklet of 30 pages
 Hard tissue cover

The 'special' edition comes in a box that will be painted and with a unique rock brought back with love from the Gobi desert.

It gives you, a chance to get a signed, numbered copy and some prints that will only be available through Ulule ! 

Let's share this together ! 

What are the funds for?

If we pass the goal of 4300 €, the extra money will be used to cover the costs of printing each photos for the incoming launch/exhibition in Berlin, it will also be used to ship photos and books back to the people i met along the way ! 

  • Cost of printing for the 500 books : 3800 €
  • Distribution, commission and extra stuff : 500 €

If the goal isn't reached he book will not happen !

It will also be available after the launch in numerous books shops, in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid..

Book launch : 

If the book happens, there will be a book launch the 6th of September in Berlin at the 'Urban Spree' ! Come over !

An early 'dummy' version : 

Gobi desert rocks that comes with the 'special' edition :

About the project owner

Ruben Brulat, is 24 years old. Lives a little bit everywhere.

To embrace or be embraced, Ruben explores the land that surrounds us, this urge that came and with its bare body laying naked against the harsh elements in the series 'Primates' or while in Paris in 'Immaculate'. The beginning of a search that lead him to travel, encountering people and their stories he asked if they would 'give themselves away'. Resulted the last project 'Paths'. Attempts of symbiosis with the surroundings.


Places, moments that make you feel melancholic, end of the day rides, views, meetings that make you feel strong, endless thinking. Tastes of other lands, lands far away, where all is unknown, but feels so close to you. People. with whom there will be joy and despair, when these moments and times shapes you. Fascinating.

The luxury of the living.

Thanks to you, you and you ! 

His work has been shown in numerous places, Confluence Gallery, Nantes, 2011, Schierke Space, Munich, 2010, G3 Gallery, Hamburg, 2010, Galerie Chambre avec vues, Paris, 2010, Promenades de Vendome, Vendome, 2011, Souvenir From earth TV showing in Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2010, Librairie de la Galerie, Paris, 2010, The LAB, Los Angeles, 2010, The Empty Quarter Gallery - Alliance Francaise, Dubaï, 2009, and received awards, Wallpaper* Graduate Directory 2010, selected for the Voies-Off, Rencontres Photographiques d'Arles, 2010.

The 'Paths' serie since it was published made a trip of her own with publications in China, France, Germany, Spain, Central Asia, and a few other places, on internet it went in many places, selected websites, Boooooooooom, The Verge, IGNANT, Photo HK, Cargocollective featured, il post, fffffffffound, The Fox is black, Another Something, Design Boom, Etoday.ru, Lense, This is paper, Beautiful Decay, Juxtapoz, Thisisnthappiness, Oiztarism.ro, Another Escape, Wanderez...

More on : 





mail me at : hello (at) rubenbrulat (dot) com


More 'instants' :

Various shows,



  • 'Sharing Paths' diverse infos / informations diverses.

    Hey ! Bonjour ! 

    (EN) IMPORTANT, a few precisions,

    - If we meet or if you come at the book launch in Berlin in the fall to get a copy of 'Sharing Paths' in person then the shipping cost will be refunded in cash. 

    - If we don't meet (let's meet!) then i will ship the books as soon as they are ready, you will be updated ! 

    - You chose the special edition book, for the choice of prints (1 or 3) out of the 'instants' mail me here : [email protected], i will send you the selection so you can choose ! 

    (FR) IMPORTANT, quelques precisions,

    - si l'on se voit ou si vous venez au lancement du livre a Berlin a l'automne, pour recuperer une copie de 'Sharing Paths' en personne le cout d'envoit vous sera remboursé en cash.

    - si l'on ne se voit pas (voyons nous !) j'expedirai les livre dés qu'il sont prets, vous serez mis au courant ! 

    - Vous avez choisit la version 'speciale' du livre, pour le choix des impression (1 ou 3) issue des 'instants' mailez moi ici : [email protected], je vous joindrez la selction pour que vous choisissiez !

    Very much thanks, hope to see you guys soon ! If not, warm flying hug ! 

    Kisses ! 

    Beaucoup de merci, j'espere vous voir bientot ! Sinon, plein d'embrassades volantes ! 

    Bises ! 

    Last updated: 7 years, 3 months ago