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The Sharing Bros

21,000Km in 6 months using only the Collaborative Economy!

About the project

Thanks to you we will be setting sail with Spielberg-like equipment! Exciting times!

We’ve been uplifted by your generous contributions and your words of encouragement. That campaign has been such a boost for us that we want to take the project further!

To better share these videos with you, we have started building a Bro-site! That’s why we’re raising our target to €6,150 ( = + €2,000 to pay for a developper)

Thanks again for everything! Keep spreading the word!

Let’s do this!! 

  • Live 6 months using onlythe collaborative economy: 21,000 Km across 15 countries
  • We want you to take part in the adventure, and uncover the many faces of the collaborative economy with us: 1 web-series (12 episodes) + 1 documentary.
  • Help us make it: We have gathered €21 000, we are only €4 100 short of buying the video equipment. We need your help!
  • All the equipment will be passed on to new initiatives when we come back. 

It all started last September. Ivan and Roro were Couchsurfing in Chile and Uganda while Mathieu had just rented a place in Amsterdam with Airbnb. That's when it all hit us! It was all so wonderfully weird: so authentic, so homey, whilst so far from home.

We liked it! We liked it so much in fact that we decided to dig a little deeper. A few meetings, readings and conferences later we discovered that these were but two of a far greater movement: the collaborative economy.

We were struck by the great energy across the collaborative space, struck by all these new ideas and alternative ways of doing things, but one particular thing caught our attention: the People behind the Economy. 

For us, the collaborative economy was really about Sacdrac (the Chilean), Conrad (the Ugandan) and Sterre (the Dutch) – those who had welcomed us strangers into their homes. We started wondering about all those stories behind the actors that drive the collaborative space – Who are they? Are they idealists? Champaign socialists? Pragmatics? Hipsters? A little stingier than the others? What drives them? Who and what fuels all that sharing?

We decided to go and meet them. Hear their stories. With you, we want to uncover the 1001 faces behind the collaborative economy!

Embark upon the first crossing of a continent using only the collaborative economy! Live those 6 months with us and discover the stories of those who have decided to integrate sharing into their daily lives. A grand-ma from Seattle renting rooms in her home, a carioca designer spending his days in co-working spaces, a Peruvian car-pooler, an Argentinian milk producer hosting and feeding people in exchange of time spent on the farm…

Who are they? What do they have in common? What are their motivations? What are their stories?

We are off to meet the people who have been experiencing the economy differently over the past couple of weeks as well as those who have never known anything else! 15 countries, 15 cultures, countless stories! Let us introduce them to you!

1 Web-series 12 videos – Interviews – Our encounters – Our experience of the collaborative economy – Rodolphe singing Celine Dion – When things get rough – The discovery of new horizons – Ivan’s culinary extravaganza – Our fears – The answers to your questions – Matthew trying out the traditional “Aztec ballgame” – Our adventures!

We will produce a documentary, which will be released when/if we come back. We want to gain a deeper understanding of this innovative and yet millenary economic model and we want to share it with you!

This short film will condense everything - our experiences, the challenges we are about to face, our encounters as well as our insights about the movement as a whole.  

Live 6 months using only the collaborative economy, you are probably wondering whether that is possible?  Well, so are we! And that is precisely what we want to find out! We want to see to what extent, it is possible to live by it on a daily-basis and across a continent.

We’re taking you in our backpacks to follow us going through thick and thin. We’re in for a hell of a ride and you’re coming with us!

So we are going to test these new ways of capturing value, interacting with others and how to live 6 months sharing! We’re going to hit the road hitch-hiking with Jake, Californian truck driver, cross Northern Mexico with Pedro, father of 4, sleep at Paolo’s in Sao Paolo, eat at the Alvareses’ at the heart of the Andes, plant bananas in Argentina in exchange for a roof, learn how to surf with James in Nicaragua… and probably have it rough as well!

Distinctive Feature: He’s a ginger

Background: Msc in Management @ ESSEC Business School

His area of Expertise: the Organisation – “How to do, what we said we’d do”

He likes: rugby, comic books, Magellan by Zweig, traveling.

He doesn’t like: the crackling sound of burnt toast in the morning.  (Yup.)

Guilty pleasure: he always has two chocolates with his coffee. The first one for the taste. The second one for pleasure.

What only few people know about him: he wasn’t always ginger – He was blond until the age of 4.

That was for the human behind the CV, you can find him on Linkedin

Distinctive Feature: His predatory smile 

Background: Msc in Management @ ESSEC Business School

His area of expertise: the Marketing – “How we’re going to say what we are going to do”

He likes: McDonald's Happy Meal toys, Innovation, Italian cinema and museums from time to time (when the weather isn’t all that great)

He dislikes: when there are only cherry yogurts left in the fridge

Guilty pleasure: dipping his crackers in milk

What only few people know about him: He systematically rolls up his lower lip in times of intense effort

That was for the human behind the CV, you can find him on Linkedin

Distinctive feature: His hairstyle

Background: BSc in International Management (German) @ Bath University (UK), Masters in Social Entrepreneurship @ Amani Institute (Nairobi, Kenya)

His area of expertise: Diversity – “How could we do differently what we said we were going to do.”

He likes: Music, Entrepreneurship, Boxing (He only just started so he’s pretty bad at it but he loves it)

He dislikes: When his computer freezes.

Guilty pleasure: Celine Dion

What only few people know about him: His mum found him crying over his basketball ball at the age of 6. He had just found out, he’d never be Michael Jordan – he wasn’t black. 

That was for the human behind the CV, you can find him on Linkedin

An economy built on distributed networks of connected individuals and communities versus centralized institutions transforming how we can produce, consume, finance and learn.

  • Consumption:  Re-distribution (eBay) and shared access (Airbnb, Velib) models allowing a better allocation of resources.
  • Finance: Virtual currencies (Bitcoins) and crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Ulule) decentralize access to financial services.
  • Education: Online courses (MOOCs) and Open-Source platforms (Wikipedia) democratize access to knowledge.
  • Production: New tendencies (the Makers and Do It Yourself (DIY) movements) enable consumers to become producers themselves, with the help of 3D printers for example.

And all that boosted by the rise of numeric technology!

You might know a few of its tools: Velib / Wikipedia / Craig’s List

What are the funds for?

We have been tutoring dozens of young students, we spent countless hours at the back of a truck to unload paintings for exhibitions, stood around bored out of our minds for what felt like decades on Hosting missions, we saved everything! We broke our piggy banks and boom: €21 000. But weare still €4 100 short to buy the video equipment! Sooo close! 

Plus, our collaborative adventure starts how it should: with crowdfunding, which is at the heart of the sharing economy. 

We need you! Today! You can turn a webcam recording into a Hollywood blockbuster. Our destiny is in your hands!

All we have got to do now is add a few accessories (tripod, mics, memory cards, a couple of external hard-drives, etc.) and an 8% commission for our Friends at Ulule, or €950.

But your donation doesn’t end there! As soon as we land back in France, we will lend the material on to a new project or association with matching values: adventure, sharing and innovation. 

The Equipped Bros: €1 638
The Flying Bros: €3 162
The Eating, Sleeping, and Traveling Bros (6 months) : €16 200 (i.e.: €30/day/pers.)

We have already gathered €21 000!

We need €4 100to buy the video equipment, which will enable us to take you with us in our bags and share our adventure with you!    

About the project owner

Like everyone else these days, we are very connected – you can follow us on Facebook and even on Twitter (@Sharingbros), and finally dive into the adventure on our website!

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We just love polaroid pictures – For any €75 + donation,Polabox offers you a Polabox Classique with a selection of 30 of the best pictures of our trip. We want to spoil you!

PS1: You’ll have probably noticed our unsettlingly elegant visual ID. This is the work of our very own Champion: Jeanne! Massive THANKS to her! It’s been a pleasure working with her!

PS2: Us Bros have been blessed with celestial Sis’! That goes for design but also for the Marketing! Big thank you to Anouk who’s been of great help in reviewing the campaign!