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*SHAKE THAT SIN* in Los Angeles

A special and actual show... #Timeisup

About the project

Les Ambianceuses - the first Urban African Dance Company and led by Maïmouna Rouge - are coming back to present you their show : SHAKE THAT SIN in Los Angeles.

On February 26th and 27th, Maïmouna and Dancers from France and the US (a casting call is launched - more info here --- lien FB --- ) will introduce you SHAKE THAT SIN, an amazing show made on an humoristic tone which explores the 7 capital vices through passionate dancers. 

We are still casting L.A Dancers, if interested click here for casting notice. 

This is more than a show. This show is a message to all women to take their power back. TO BE THEMSELVES.

With all the things women have to cop with lately in the world (look at the #metoo, #timeisup movements or the divergence of opinion between women itself), with this show we want to give you YOUR power back !

TODAY, more than ever, we need to demonstrate this UNITY existing between women. As Oprah said "Time is up!"

Oprah said it lately : Time is up

It's time to claim our Empowerment. And nobody (especially men) can impose silence on us! #timeisup

In exchange of your support, we would like to offer the following gifts from Maimouna’s Booty Therapy Concept and even a private lesson or in group. Go and watch all we offer.

Don't hesitate and contribute. Thank you !

What are the funds for?

Theatre : 900€

Rehearsals place : 600€

French casting accommodation  : 1500€

Technical crew  : 200€

Artwork : 300€

Marketing (Social Media, ads...): 250€

Transport : 800€

Food (8 person) : 1600€

Videographer : 700€

Costumes: 300€

Plan Tickets (for the french cast): 3200€

About the project owner

Maïmouna Rougeis a dancer, choreographer, writer and director, based in Paris France specializing in contemporary African and Caribbean dance. She is the founder of "Les Ambianceuses", a dance company whose repertoire covers popular dance styles such as Ragga Dancehall, the Congolese movement style N'dombolo and Coupé Décalé, a dance that originated in the Ivory Coast's night clubs, just to name a few. 

In this show, she's not only does she incorporate Urban African dances, but she also reaches out to other styles like Belly dancing, Modern-Jazz, Burlesque, Samba, Traditional African dances, Haka (from the South Pacific Islander). Because she is always growing, looking, learning, discovering you will also see some Voguing, Kizomba, Funana, etc. You name it, she has it and you know she'll deliver! 

Don't hesitate to visit our websites for more information : 

Booty Therapy

> Les Ambianceuses