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Chronicles of the Ultimate Limit - Artbook, Graphic Novel, Board Game !

About the project

While she travels the Archipelago in search of strange relics, Alka meets Jorem on the eve of the Eldarm Tournament ... Jorem is then far from suspecting the terrible secrets of the young adventurer. The drums are ringing! The trap is about to ensnare our heroes.

Discover the epic universe of Sethio and the Chronicles of the Ultimate Limit, a comic book written by Marwan Kahil which comes to life under Riccardo Petrelli's powerful art. A project that inspired to Emmanuel Peres an outstanding Board Game....

On the Archipelago of the Imm, the consequences of the Ultimate Limit, a devastating conflict are still felt, the Empire of Eldarm is in ruins and the three books of power have mysteriously disappeared. Yet, as the Great Tournament of the old imperial city approaches, a vagabond seems to be bringing dangerous answers to forgotten questions. Destinies are about to tremble and vanish in the deep ocean... 

... it all began in 2003. At the time Marwan Kahil begins a first cosmogonic script setting the foundations of what will become Sethio,Chronicles of the Ultimate Limit including the myth of Imarenwaé, which relates the birth of the mother goddess and the creation of the Three Books of Powers. The years pass ... the writing intensifies and the universe takes shape. All that is missing is an artist, a draftsman who can give life to the story. It is in 2016 that the meeting of the authors takes place. The artist will be Riccardo Petrelli ! The adventure can begin and it promises to be breathless !

Only you do not know yet but ... you are part of it ! And it is thanks to you that we will carry it out. 

Discover the main characters : 

And the universe created by the authors : 

Your support will be rewarded with an astonoshing and limited Artbook, this first reward will allow us to work on the comic book and the board game : 

Releasing the first book, If you like Vikings series, Game Of Thrones ... The novels and video games The Witcher ... Comics like La Complainte des Landes Perdues, Le Troisième Testatment, Le Grand Pouvoir du Chninkel, La Quête de l'Oiseau du Temps, Les Forêts d'Opale or Thorgal then Sethio, Chronicles of the Ultimate Limit will awaken your interest and we hope your enthusiasm. We will do everything to make you feel the epic breath that crosses the Archipelago of the Imm and rules the lives of our heroes and heroines.

A transmedia project is underway alongside Emmanuel Peres, designer of the board game.

This boardgame is currently being finalized after several weeks of test phases, reminding the elements of the world of the comic book while proposing a parallel plot with an approach focused on adventure and strategy. A beta version and a model will soon be revealed. 

We want to propose you great counterparts and of course obtain your support while waiting for an editorial contract. Reaching the amount of 7000 euros is a symbolic first step considering the long weeks and months of work that we have done and are waiting for us. It will then be necessary to reach a higher amount in order to complete the realization of the first book in the best conditions with or without publisher, and to craft the boardgame. 

Ongoing process - The full scenario is finalized, fully documented. The cartographies of the entire Archipelago and the world of the Imm are completed including all the territories, cities and borders that govern the empire and the various orders and kingdoms. The character studies are also finalized as well as the schematic storyboard of Book I. The first boards are also complete.

We need you and we will thank you for your support. We will deliver you generous counterparts, the main one being a Collector Artbook. Reaching more than 500% might allow us to propose the Board Game and the Comic Book to the contributions of the "Déesse Mère" and "Cercle des Trois Soleils" packs. 

The counterparts will be rewarded as follow : 

What are the funds for?

Our crowdfunding campaign will allow

  • The designer, Riccardo Petrelli, to free time to realize the original pages of first book, a colossal work awaits him, and it will also allow him to finalize the illustrations of the board game decks and cards.
  • To use the talents of a colorist who can give the power necessary to our story by respecting and enhancing the work of Riccardo Petrelli, who masters color, but will be devoted to drawing.
  • The scriptwriter, Marwan Kahil, to devote himself to the follow-up of the realization of the pages, to the realization of the board game and to the writing of the prequel and sequel of the trilogy.
  • Emmanuel Peres to actively pursue the work to the realization of the beta version of the board game and finish the first model of the script.
  • And finally to create, print and send all the counterparts and all the first copies of the Artbook to our contributors.

The crowdfunding will be distributed as followed :

The counterparties will be generous. We consider  that it is important to thank you for your sponsorship as you are our ambassadors and we know that you will support the project with us. We thought of a set of packs ranging limited edition signed prints to original pages. We also want to include you, depending on your contribution, by proposing you to go within the story  as characters in our adventures (See Counterparties.).

Achieving a first level at 120% is a prerequisite to start the project well. To go beyond this level and the following levels is a necessity to put all the chances on our side. Hoping to reach the record levels reached by great projects on Ulule would be a dream and a chance you give us to live our profession.

Several boards are already finalized, we will reveal them at each new level reached. We start from the realization that it is possible to realize today a demanding comic book both graphically and scenaristically with a rich universe at the service of everyone's imagination.

"Myths are made for the imagination to animate them." said Albert Camus, the universe of Sethio, Chronicles of the Ultimate Limit is intended to allow everyone to recognize themselves in the charismatic characters of the story, including strong female figures. This universe echoes current issues including the power of power books that govern the lives of the protagonists of our adventure in an era troubled by cataclysms and conflicts.

"You tell me that I am ambitious. Is it ambitious to survive? "Mascia and Argyle's severe gaze show the charisma of the Ultimate Limit survivors ... When it comes to the new generation, it still finds the strength to hold without any attachment ... Let's try to blame Alka who is addressing Jorem on the 40th board. "We go on alone Jorem, without the help of anyone and without ever having the sky as a witness."

We count on your support ! Thank you ! 

About the project owner

More informations about us on our official facebook page : and on our official website : !