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Valuate your skills, monetize your time !

About the project

With SERVICOO, we are creating an online platform, offering various services, from the most basic to the most extravagant. We will put in contact service providers and service seekers who can meet through our platform (WEB application). These exchanges of service may be from individuals to individuals or individuals to professionals, but they will, if they wish to be referenced, adhere to our charter to ensure acceptable prices and impecable quality of service. The advantages of this platform will be responsiveness, fluidity and efficiency.

Thanks to our system of geolocation, any individual needing a service will be able to find around him the person with the appropriate skills to satisfy his / her expectations. The most of our platform will be to give access to opportunities to everyone efficiently.

The cost of the various services delivered throught SERVICOO will be as fair as possible (we will take care of it). The point system that we will finalize thanks to this collect will allow exchanges without charges. SERVICOO will meet all expectations and will provide a large diversity of services.

Our SERVICOO community will share information and interact to create social bonds. We will ensure that the quality of the services provided generates trust and a sense of security among our users.

The application will be accessible to anyone with a smartphone or internet access. We also plan to establish a proxy system that would allow people who are not in tune with technology to quickly benefit from the services available on SERVICOO.

SERVICOO is built on three main pillars: trust, sympathy and expertise. Anyone with time to monetize and one or more skills to value are welcome on our platform of exchange and mutual aid.


What are the funds for?

Our funding request is € 8,000. This € 8,000 will allow us to:

  • Complete the development of the first version of the platform.
  • build our points system (SERVICOINS).
  • Launch the SERVICOO business by setting up a fluid and efficient online platform.
  • A thoughtful and targeted communication campaign.

About the project owner

Our team consists of 5 people working on this project since early 2016:

  • KARIM NDOYE, graduated from a DSCG and president of SERVICOO is responsible for accounting and finance.
  • KOUAME NIAMKEY HABIB, MBA graduate in bunsiness and international management, is in charge of business development and management.
  • GARY DJIGO, Head of External Relations and Purchasing / Procurement.
  • QUENTIN MIRANDA is responsible for the development of the platform and issues tactics in line with our strategy.
  • TEIKI LAROCHAIX, MBA graduate in international business and management, is our creative team spirit. It issues marketing strategies and proposes commercial action solutions.