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Greenhouse of abundance and food self-sufficiency

An online course to build your own abundance oasis !

About the project


Greenhouse of abondance and food self-sufficiency is a captivating and formative online course where the best information and tools are provided so that all may create their own oasis as well as a self-sufficient and abundant lifestyle.

It includes:

1. All the required information to master the conception and construction of an abundance greenhouse. 

2. All of Luc's secrets for producing fresh and local food, all year long in a northern climate with very little work and no heating costs. 

3. Tools allowing you to choose the ideal location for your greenhouse or your gardens.

4. Plans and technical details of Luc's greenhouse ( in 2D and 3D ) for those who would like to assign the construction to a local carpenter.

5. Furthermore, our SAFE support will allow you to ask questions directly to our team and Luc himself as well as connect, discuss and collaborate with other participants. 

The items available during this crowdfunding campaign are at an exclusive price that you will not see anywhere else. They are a token of our gratitude for your trust and your help in promoting this abundance movement !

Here they are : 

Greenhouse of abundance and food self-sufficiency is one of the courses offered by the SAFE Academy.  

The Academy provides online courses that will fit your lifestyle: they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for life!

Whether it is for you, your family, your community, whether your project is in an urbanized area, in the suburbs or on the countryside, this course will allow you to master the inspiring concepts you need to TRIUMPHANTLY bring your project to fruition!

Since we believe in creating abundance in an ethical and win-win way. If you are not proud, happy and 100% satisfied of your investment, we will give a 100% refund, no questions asked!

What are the funds for?

About the project owner


ADAPT Academy, 336% funded in 2015

Our latest project was the creation of an online academy. Our goal was to facilitate access to information about the best technologies, alternatives and techniques that are available and applicable immediately to depart from the age of problems and enter the Era of Solutions! 

Since then, more than 750 students have joined the Academy. 

The Greenhouse of the Future DVD, 280% funded in 2013

The goal of our first project was to make the construction of passive solar greenhouses available around the world. This is why we have created the Greenhouse of the Future DVD. It is an excellent platform and it has proven to be extremely formative. We can now offer you a much more mature and fuller course on the houses of the future!

Since then, many greenhouses have also been built.


1. Is it legal everywhere?
Yes. All you need to do is present your project to your municipality and use the legal terms. Ex: Say that it is a "solarium" instead of a greenhouse. This will allow you to obtain a license to build your greenhouse.  

2. Can you add an abundance greenhouse to any house?
Almost! Different models and different techniques to attach it to your house will be taught so that you can personalize it according to the needs of your actual or future house.

3. Can we really farm 12 months a year?
Based on Luc Muyldermans' 35 years of experience, the course will show you the tips and strategies to farm for 12 months a year in a cold climate.

4. Is it expensive?
It is a strategic investment that will allow you to save in food, transportation fee and heating for your house... All this while greatly improving your quality of life!


Risks and challenges

In any project, unexpected events can delay your undertaking. But rest assured, we are working hard every day on achieving our goals. Our common goal: a course on GREENHOUSE OF ABUNDANCE in december 2016.

We have learned a lot from our previous crowdfunding campaigns and we now have a lot of experience when it comes to creating high quality online courses. 

The money gathered during this campaign will allow us to fully focus to this project for the upcoming months and to get the assistance of professionals for certain technical aspects of the production ensuring you an exceptional course in the required timeframe!