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A film against the violence on women, against all violence

About the project

About the project (A proposito del progetto)

It is our aim to realize a denunciation film against the violence on women. The film, based on the homonymous novel written by Michele Ferruccio Tuozzo, narrows a true story.
An elderly farmer, who lives in Southern Italy, sexually abuses firstly of his daughter-in-law and then his teenage nephew. Further frame of this drama are a small deaf country where everyone knows but nobody complaints both with absent institutions indirectly support violence and abuse hidden behind hypocrisy and selfishness till the moment when a generation, which hold inside pain and indignation, explodes out a painful scream asking for justice and common wellbeing. The film is realistic, a metaphoric expression of a world where naturalism appears as a tare that envelops a community paralyzed in backward social patterns. We believe that it is really necessary to realize this film and give to this true story the possibility to speak loudly about violence and pain but also about hope and rebirth. It is our purpose to work staying away from exploitation, certainly close to the rawness of the facts but with a profound respect for the suffering of the victims. Deep-seated on great ethical values, the film, invites everyone to reflect on the reasons that lead to the violation of the body and soul of women. To the support obtained from international partners and a huge number of testimonials, which has been going on from more than a year, we hope to add yours too. Thank you.

Directed by Luca Guardabascio. In the cast: Flavio Bucci, Claudio Madia, Fabio Mazzari, Annarita Del Piano, Lucia Bendia, Francesco Paolantoni, Clayton Norcross, Giordano Petri, Fabio Toscano, Ludovica Ferraro, Antonio Venturini, Aldo Leonardi, Kevin Capece, Tonino Valente, Maria Rosaria Salito, Stefano Simondo ... Soundtrack of Francesco Baccini with contributions of Frank Affolter. 

Patronages: Chamber of Deputies, Ministry of Equal Opportunities, Rotary International, Salerno International Film Festival.

What are the funds for?

What will the funds used for? (A cosa serviranno i fondi?
The realization of a film is a moment of aggregation, a common sacrifice, the achievement of a goal.
To be part of Senza far rumore means participate, reflect and talk about a delicate but existing topic without manipulation, involving those who experienced violence and often, unfortunately, did not have had concrete help.
The cinematography is an amazing world. In this direction, it is our aim to give a new opportunity to the victims that have joined our project. For this reason the funds will be used to give hope to those women that, despite the wounds, desire to start a new job and a better future. 
Our set will be a safe and welcoming world. The presence of psychologists, lawyers, experts in several fields, local institutions, and representatives of various associations that already cooperate with us for months will be present during all the work.
Many victims of domestic/private violence have previously joined us, working for the project and supported by specialists. Slowly they are rediscovering the beauty of life, the importance of a unique mission and the possibility to help others to better understand the dynamics and effects of violence.
In fact, the funds will be used to recruit, at the union level, at least 6 women victims of abuse and violence for a period of about 8 weeks. 
The women can also apply anonymously by email : which will be filtered by the psychologists Elena Fattorusso and Nunzia Longobardi, "Metamorfosi" Social Promotion Association, previous an analysis and in co-dependence with the Crowdfunding amount. The candidates included in the project will be supported by our team of professionals with the utmost respect for their privacy.
They will earn a weekly wage and at the end of the film Around Culture srl will issue them a professional training certificate.

The amount of 17.300 euro is a minimum one. We really hope to go forth and recruit more victims as possible not only for the production and realization of Senza far rumore but also for the awareness campaign and other missions joined to the film that will go on, from March 2018, at least for 24 months.
Our aim is to give the certainty of a job to those women and to offer them the possibility to work and relate with other people in a safe and secure environment.  We also desire to continue the dialogue with the institutions about the possibility to reflect and insert new facilitations for all the victims of violence. We certainly want to make the difference, not only a film but a movement. That's why we ask you to support us, the more we are the more we help: Let's Make Noise!


About the project owner

About the designer ( A proposito del progettista)
Senza far rumore is also a group of students, professionals and above all women, coordinated by Stefano Misiani, administrative producer of the project-film Around Culture srl and by the director Luca Guardabascio, who constantly cooperates with this team. The purpose is the extension of a greater awareness in society and in institutions for the improvement of the inadequate laws in force about the private/domestic violence and the protection of the victims. 

If you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact the project manager directly.

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If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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