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A film against the violence on women, against all violence

About the project

The making of a feature film on the topic of gender violence for release in cinemas and on television, with the aim of denouncing its sad diffusion and the persistent silence around victims.

An initiative supported by the Association “Senza Rumore” (Noiseless), a social promotion movement established after meeting Michele Ferruccio Tuozzo, the author of the  book “Senza far rumore” (Without making noise) where he denounces domestic violence against women.

“Knowing the people, knowing the environment and the situations in detail, I started to investigate, I searched for evidenced and after finding it, I denounced the ignoble abuse, shouting to the whole world how far men’s abuse of power and absurd violence, and the hypocrisy and indifference of so many people can go.

‘Senza far rumore’ is therefore a social condemnation especially for those who know and pretend they don’t know, for the bodies that are supposed to prevent and counter violence and abuse against the weakest members of society, for institutions that do not react and don’t hear the laments of those suffering and groaning.

Michele Ferruccio Tuozzo

The working group organized a number of social communication initiatives: meetings with citizens, students and institutions. During these meetings, the need emerged to make a film on the topic of gender violence with the purpose of widely spreading the message of our Association.

"Two years ago I met a group of people and a film director, Luca Guardabascio. We understood together that movies can help denounce and stir the consciences of people who, for too long, have ignored the barbarities, unacceptable violence and sexual abuse happening around them."

Michele Ferruccio Tuozzo

“Credo in un solo Padre” (I believe in one  Father) a film inspired to the values supported by the Association “Senza rumore”, a unique movie having a major international appeal thanks to a team of schools, institutions, businesses and citizens.

Filmmaking will ensure visibility of hidden stories, it will show them on the screen and, as an unbearable weight, the final message will stir the consciences of those who, for too long, have ignored help requests.

“Credo in un solo Padre” is our manifesto that we want everybody to see, because social participation can be achieved also through this wonderful form of art, movies, which are able to awaken senses to look at other people’s pain, desperately asking for help, so that it becomes impossible to ignore it and pretend nothing is happening.  Every day newspapers tell stories of broken, bruised, abused lives. When the cry of one person joins the cry of a thousand, it becomes a thunder, a Noise which is fair and full of hope.

Written jointly by Guardabascio & Tuozzo, this film aims at showing the dramatic situations of many homes which become inescapable prisons, physical and emotional prisons for women and children abused by men who are supposed to love and protect them. We stand up against such prisons, united and resolved, to grant help, hope and new freedom to those experiencing abuse, but also to remember all the women who, like silent protagonists, watch from heaven and wait for justice to be served to finally be able to joyfully fly in the skies.

“Credo in un solo Padre”is inspired to the far too many true stories written in newspapers, and to those that never speak openly because there are no ears willing to listen. We speak for them, all together.

Start of filmmaking: April 2018

Debut in the cinema: September 2018

Directed by Luca Guardabascio. In the cast: Flavio Bucci, Claudio Madia, Fabio Mazzari, Annarita Del Piano, Lucia Bendia, Francesco Paolantoni, Clayton Norcross, Giordano Petri, Fabio Toscano, Ludovica Ferraro, Antonio Venturini, Aldo Leonardi, Kevin Capece, Tonino Valente, Maria Rosaria Salito, Stefano Simondo ... Soundtrack of Francesco Baccini with contributions of Frank Affolter. 

Patronages: Chamber of Deputies, Ministry of Equal Opportunities, Rotary International, Salerno International Film Festival.

What are the funds for?

Making a film is a moment of aggregation, of union, the achievement of a common effort.

Participating in the film“Credo in un solo Padre”, means addressing an issue which is always in the news, without manipulating it, and involving the victims who suffered the violence but were not really helped by society.

Filmmaking can be a job. We will use the funds raised to give hope to all the women wishing to reconstruct their lives through new job opportunities.

The funds will be used to engage and train at least 6 abused women on set for about 8 weeks.

We will do this on a set where psychologists, lawyers, local institutions, experts, representatives of associations already work; a solid group which will make sure nobody feels excluded.

Many victims of domestic/private violence have already joined our industry and feel happy again thanks to a unique job and a film that will help better understand the various aspects of gender violence.

Would you like to join our Noise?

About the project owner

PROJECT - NOISELESS is also a group of students, professionals and above all women, coordinated by the "Senza Rumore" Association. The purpose is the extension of a greater awareness in the society and institutions for the improvement of the inadequate laws in force about the private/domestic violence and the protection of the victims. 

If you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact the project manager directly.

Send us a question.