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Seekers Of A New Age

The new innovative tabletop RPG game

About the project

Have you ever wondered what your character would become if you had the absolute control over him?

Did you ever wish the game you played had more classes, or better, would let you practice what you want without limitation?                                                                                                                                      

Or, maybe you are one of those who love the world created by your favorite author and would like to march in the footstep of your favorite characters?  

Well, my friend, search no more, because Seekers Of A New Age is for you! 

Seekers of a New age is a tabletop RPG system that is universal, meaning it doesn't have a world attach to it (although we still are working on many worlds and campaigns for those who just don't want to create them by themselves). That allows you to create your own world with our simple mechanics. In short, we are giving you the tools to create a structured world that feels complete with flavorful NPC, meaningful quests, but more importantly, easy-to-understand rules that even children would easily catch up with.     

With its experience points mechanics that level up the skill instead of the overall character, its specific HP setting and it’s quick-time combat, you’ll never have seen tabletop RPG more flexible and easy to comprehend than Seekers of a New age!

If you want to support a game that has the goal to do anything you want possible, this fundraiser is the one for you.  


First of all, you need a Game Master and players, because, without them, no tabletop role-playing games can exist.

The Game Master is the one who creates or adapt a world. He is in charge of populating the world with non-playable characters, commonly called NPCs, and setting courses of action. The Game Master is pretty important as he is the creator and the storyteller. He is in charge of setting the mood, describing the environment and describing how the world around the players reacts to their actions.

The players are those who will interact with the world the Game Master has created. They will create a playable character, commonly known as PC, and they will advance and react to the world presented to them.

Whether you’re a Game Master or a player, you will need the same set of dice, consisting of a 20-sided die, a 10-sided die and a 100 sided die. They will be referred by many as D20, D10, and D100.     

The 20 sided die  is used to measure the character's actions against a passive opponent, such as a locked door, or another opponent, like in the case of a fight. 

The 10 and 100 sided dice are always paired and are called percentage dice. Those percentages are essential if a character is doing magic, as all the spells use a percentage die in order to know if it succeeded or failed.                                                                                                                           

The only thing a player needs now in terms of material is his character sheet. This character sheet will regroup all the important information you need from your characters, such as the maximum weight he can carry, the skill he has and his Health points. Being the most technical point of the game, we’ll break it down quickly here.  



In the first two pages of the characters files, you’ll see a section called general information where you can put all the pieces of information that you want to remember from your character. The aura and charisma points are fluid and can change with the appearance of your character and what actions he does in the world. To further describe your character, the physical characteristic and personality records can be fully exploited.


The third page is your character sheet, the one you will curse yourself if you forget it when playing! It includes all your characters physical records, such as Health points, armor hardness and the character's peculiarities that grants him bonuses. The general health points are the overall HP of your character. Any body parts at 0 HP will be unusable, with the exception of the head and the core. If those two goes to 0 HP, the character will die.

The fourth page is the Skill chart. You’ll see that there are ten empty slots under six words: strength, vitality, charisma, agility, intellect, and wisdom. Those words are your attributes and separate the skills into meaningful categories.


Strength is your characters body ability to interact with the world around by force. Skills such as lifting and swimming will be under this attribute.


Intellect is your characters overall intelligence and capacity of learning and adapting new information. Skills such as knowledge, estimation, and search will be under this attribute.     


Wisdom is your characters general awareness of himself and the world around him. Skills such as will, survival, and psychology will be under this attribute.


Charisma is your characters compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. Skills such as charm and intimidation will be under this attribute.


Agility is your character's ability to change his body swiftly from one position to another without falling. Skills such as tumble, discretion, acrobatic and balance will be under this attribute. 


Vitality is your characters general take on his health. Skills that help your character gain endurance, such as alcohol endurance, nausea endurance, hunger resistance,cardio resistance and hold breath will be under this attribute.



Each time the character uses a skill, this skill will receive points. When enough points are accumulated, the skill levels up and the bonus on the die throw will augment.

The fifth page will cumulate all ability perks of the character. Those perks can be bought with perk points that are earned each time the skills pass a certain level and give bonuses or new abilities to the character. Alongside the perks, you’ll see a place to write your inventory as well as a place to write down your notes.


The Game Master, instead of having a character sheet, will have a game master sheet with a point distribution table. He will be able to keep track of which player uses which skills in the game and cumulate the points in order to give it to them at the end of the session.

the GM can also use our toolbox with descriptive sheets of your world, NPC, monsters, settlements and much more in order to create easily accessible material when running a game.



Our 4X4 mechanic of combat gives the opportunity to do one action at your turn and then it passes on to another character that will also do one action. This allows the feeling to play in a ''real-time'' combat instead of just waiting for your turn. 


With that, you should understand the basis of how to use SOANA to create your own epic adventures. Now, there is only one thing you need to do: Have fun!


What are the funds for?


All the money goes to create a better version of the game. Good correctors and translators, more art, a website to stack the free campaigns and other PDF available. The more fundraising we are able to get, the better our Beta version can become.


All helpers will have the Beta version of the Core Rulebook, called Grimoire. The higher the contribution is, the more discount you will have on other books upon the end of the fundraising! The Beta version includes the release of the Grimoire, the Magisteria, the Psychogenic record and the first world of our universe with its six campaigns and several other quests and lesser campaign.


About the project owner


Our company, created in January 2018 by three women entrepreneurs, aims to be a company focused on the connection between its players and the company. Each took several important roles and roles in the company.

Cynthia Pelletier (Right) takes on the role of Manager, Writer, Game Designer Marketing Manager.

Marie-Claude Pellerin (Left) created each drawing and other art projects that you see in our games. It’s a time-consuming, very rewarding job that she hopes to do for a long time.

Chloé Sincerny (Middle) is responsible for the layout and creation of all the graphics of the company.

This company is built on the idea that games should be created for people and not for the benefit of companies and the market that tries to form the idea of what a game should be.

Our games are rich in real social experience. Each of our games is characterized by multiple choices, forging a world always unique and full of surprises.

Our company Facebook page 

Seekers of a new age Facebook

Our Gmail: [email protected]

For those who want to support us as a company and not only support one specific game, you can do so by going on our Patreon page. Patreon is used to help us eat, pay our bills and by better equipment for all our projects. 

Our Patreon

We thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon! 

- Obsession RPG studio team