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Scugnizzo Liberato

Let's give a fresh start to the ‘Eduardo De Filippo’ theater!

About the project


We are the Scugnizzo Liberato (‘liberated street urchin’) a Common Good now recognized by the Naples Municipality, located at 46, Salita Pontecorvo, in the densely populated old historic centre of Naples. On 29th September 2015 we reopened the great doors into what had been the ‘Filangieri’ juvenile offenders’ detention centre located in a once grand 17th c. palazzo complex, liberating the vast unused premises from the dilapidation and land speculation to which it had fallen prey after almost 20 years of abandonment. 


We are a liberated space: a place wrested from the neglect and dangers of economic speculation into which it had fallen, to be made accessible and available to the local, mainly disadvantaged inhabitants of the area and to the city as a whole. We are exploring new forms of socialization and production which see the sharing of spaces and places, and their open accessibility to all, as both a challenge and an essential condition. After years of lying abandoned and empty, as the Scugnizzo Liberato the location has today become a new piazza for the city, full now of life, of encounters, of needs and of desires expressed and met.


We organize social activities together with the local community. The Scugnizzo Liberato has become a place where different kinds of people come to meet, to socialize and to learn, and to do and enjoy things together, thanks to their engagement and their desire to make change happen: moreover, solely through our own resources and efforts, without recourse to outside funding, it’s ordinary people like us, the local inhabitants especially, who are working materially to gradually restore the premises.


We host events of interest to the city as a whole. On our premises we organize concerts, workshops, courses, help desks, exhibitions, sports activities, etc. Follow us on our Facebook page: contact us for more information and for updates on our courses and events, and to consult our calendar of activities.


For us, liberating a place also means exploring new ways of being and working together with different kinds of people: we are thus demonstrating practically that a new world is possible.

What are the funds for?

In Naples there are few venues and opportunities for emerging artists to perform in satisfactory, suitable conditions.

We are able to support companies’ theatrical experimentation, and to actively promote live music since we are lucky to have on our premises the largest auditorium in the historic centre of Naples.

It was built thanks to the playwright Eduardo De Filippo, who funded its construction for the benefit of the prison’s young inmates.

Back in the day, many major, iconic artists did indeed perform here for the detainees - Pino Daniele and the Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare among them.

We now wish to make improvements to our theatre and thus also to enhance people’s musical experience here: with this in mind we need to make a few modifications to the auditorium.  

In order to lessen the environmental noise impact of the live concerts and thus avoid disturbing the neighbourhood, we need to properly and definitively soundproof it since a constant concern of ours is to respect the peace and quiet of the local inhabitants.

We also want to fit it out as a film theatre, so as to also make up for the lack of cinemas in this part of the old city centre.

We, are in other words, aiming at our refurbished theatre’s multifunctionality, hosting performances and shows of different kinds – theatre, live concerts and films - and we will also make the auditorium available as a music practice and rehearsal space where musicians can, at no cost, freely experiment with their music while offering, in return, music lessons to the disadvantaged children and ‘scugnizzi’ of the neighbourhood.

If you believe in what we are doing, you can now provide some concrete support to help us take this further step in liberating the Scugnizzo, by backing our crowdfunding campaign!

We have 50 days left to reach our objective. So come and #sidewiththescugnizzo

About the project owner

The Team

The Scugnizzo Liberato community



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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