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Scratch/My/Back plates

New solution to attach pedals to pedalboards

About the project



Scratch/My/Back is a new ingenious system for attaching your favorite effects pedals on your pedalboard. And this without ever using adhesive that could damage your toys (Toys often very expensive! How much you put for your last pedal no?). While using the proven technology of the Velcro which ensures a perfect maintenance with high flexibility, it is already used on your pedalboards and especially hook and unhook velcro is very relaxing.







The idea is quite simple. A pre-drilled aluminum plate pre-cut to the dimensions of your effects with a chamfer on each hole covered on practically all its entirety of Velcro (the real brand yes because we are crazy...)



The use is quite complex. You must: Unscrew the back of your pedal, then replace the back of your pedal by the Scratch/My/Back plate using the original screws. Then... oh no that's all, it's not very hard finally...

There is even a second mode of use where just add Scratch/My/Back plate to the back plate while using the screws origins ...







Since Scratch/My/Back plates use the original screws to be attached to your effects you will never have any damage to your pedals again. Indeed it can be seen that when using adhesives pedals can have definitive traces and damage on the varnishes.



Unlike fairly definite solutions (screwing on pedalboard, plastic collars...) Scratch/My/Back plates use Velcro which makes the organization of your pedalboard as flexible as possible. Besides the velcro is on the entire surface of the support whatever the location of the velcro on the pedalboard you will have a fixing solution.



The fact that the plates is fixed to your effect via the original screws and that the velcro is strongly glued to the support, will ensure you maintain your effects with your pedalboard. Added to this is the presence of Velcro almost on the entire surface of the support.


This project is supported by the World Movement for the Protection of Effect Pedals, which aims to denounce abuses perpetrated against our favorite effects. Go to for more information.





No less than 6 models are already available, enough to be compatible with a bunch of effects pedals.


To confirm compatibility with your pedals just go to this PAGE.


If you can not find your pedal in the list, do not panic! Go to the this PAGE, you will find the manuals of each support with the exact dimensions to confirm the compatibility with your pedal.

Of course we are at the beginning of the adventure (hopefully at least) and the crowdfunding campaign will also serve to expand this list. (Proco RAT, Wah Wah, Tubescreamer are targeted)


Our flagship model is compatible with BOSS pedals and many other pedals (4.76in×2.56in). Details

So many problems to properly put velcro on boss pedals, with their back plate and their damn non-slip rubber.



For pedals in mini format (3.62in×1.49in). Details


For medium sized pedals like many Electro-Harmonix, MXR, Mad Professor, FoxPedals ... (4.40in×2.36in) Details



For some formats a little larger than the standard boxes. Used for many pedals of brand Providence, Wampler ... (4.49in×2.52in). Details


For large pedals with often 2 footswitches Many exemple at Electro-Harmonix ... (4.68in×3.70in) Details


Again You will find HERE the complete list of pedals that have already been validated.










Manufacturing processes have been validated. Its use and its compatibility with the effect pedals have been tested and approved with a period of beta-testing with professionals of the field (Pedalboard manufacturers, pedalboard effect manufacturers, effect distributors, bloggers ... Thanks to them)



I would now like to call on the ULULE community to help me launch this product.

The counterparts are all models of Scratch/My/Back plates already compatible and which have already passed the testing processes. The support that the Ulule community will provide me will not only be financed (see more details in the section "What will the funding be used for?") but also feedback that will allow me to continue to improve the product.





If the crowdfunding campaign is a success, the first objective is to confirm the process of making the plates on a large quantity by making the counterparts.

Then the ultimate goal is the creation of a company and brand. The success of the support will be I believe in the number of compatible pedals. This is why I will continue to expand the number of models (plates for Wah-Wah, proco rat, ibanez ... So many ideas)

I also think of developing the custom order service to meet specific needs (such as on multi-effects or very rare pedals)

In short many projects in the future if, thanks to your support, you give me that chance.

[email protected]

Twitter: @scratchmybackfr

Facebook: @scratchmybackfr

Project supported by


What are the funds for?

I went on a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of number of counterparts to distribute. This will allow us to have a good visibility on the mass production of the product.

The objective is 140 plates which will bring us to more or less 950€ of financial objective (according to the models of chosen plates)

A portion of the funding will be used to pay for the raw material for the counterparts that are the different Scratch/My/Back plates models.

Indeed, there are 25% of the value of the supports that will be used to control the aluminum plates and to finance their laser cutting, but also the supply of Velcro and finally the purchase of stikers to mark the aluminum plates. The national shipment cost are also included.


The total of the profits (which will rise to 53% or more or less 500 €) will be injected in the following 3 points:

  • Purchase a bench drill press to perform good quality chamfers. (Up to 300 €)
  • Various technical supplies (mainly for the cutting of Velcro, up to 100 €)
  • Marketing to have more visibility (commercial photos of the plates, website, stickers ... up to 100 €)
  • The rental of eyes lasers of superman to stick the velcro (it is free I had a plan thanks to a friends)



About the project owner


Hi I'm Nicolas, 31 years old, living in Alsace (FRANCE). I am an analyst/programmer in industrial computer science.

As an amateur guitarist, I have been playing the electric guitar for 5 years and from the beginning I have been directed towards a multi-effects digital in a worry of quick access to many types of effects and of course also linked to a limited budget.

But being no more attracted by the numerical simulation than this, I naturally went to the pedals of unitary and analog effect. And BAM! It is posed the question of fixing with my pedalboard and as they say, "the rest belongs to history", or rather to the crowdfunding campaign...

[email protected]

Twitter: @scratchmybackfr

Facebook: @scratchmybackfr

Project supported by



  • How do I know if my effect pedal is compatible?

    Go to this PAGE which lists all the pedals already validated by our users and beta-testers.

    The absence of your pedal in the table does not mean that any of our plates are compatible.
    Take a tour of the manuals HERE of our various models where you will find the exact dimensions to confirm yourself compatibility.

    Last updated: 1 year, 2 months ago

  • How can I support the project if none of my pedals are compatible?

    You can already take us a Scratch/My/Back sticker or see with your musicien friends if they would not have a compatible effect.
    Indeed if the campaign is a success we will expand the list of models and therefore pedals compatible.
    (Our next targets are Wah Wah pedals, tubecreamers, proco rat, big muff ...)

    Last updated: 1 year, 2 months ago

  • I want to become beta-tester of your next model compatible with Wah Wah how will this happen?

    Indeed there are 2 counterparts allowing to become beta-testers on our next model of supports compatible with the Wah Wah pedals (type cry baby).

    Here's how:

    1) Realization and delivery of existing model counterparts (You will receive the existing model you have chosen) (July 2017)
    2) Establishment of the company (summer 2017)
    3) Production and delivery of prototype for Wah Wah pedals (current of 3rd trimester 2017)

    Of course as any good beta-tester we will expect from you a feedback of experience.

    Last updated: 1 year, 2 months ago

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