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Hope has no borders

About the project

Ten palestinian girls give hope through science to kids and young people living in a tense situation. The Science4People project aims at empowering a group of young women in science in Palestine, who already set up an alternative education program in local schools.

A team of young female students from Bethlehem University, supported by the group of scientists of Sunshine4Palestine, set up a series of simple experiments that can be performed with everyday life material, on the themes of energy and water.

Kids living in critical conditions, often without access to electricity and water, get exposed to science through a ludic approach, thus learning how to manufacture a small battery with scrap material, how to build their own little lamp, but especially how science can be a path to undertake and solve everyday problems.
Starting from last March, the group of girls started its path going in different local schools in Bethlehem, involving over 400 students aged 6 to 18.

We want to support them in creating in Bethlehem a 3D printing Fablab laboratory. Fablab is a collaborative and global network of laboratories that empower the local population to create new inventions with low costs. In this way, a wide community could benefit of cheap access to lab equipment, smart devices etc. The girs will learn in Trieste, at the International Center for Theoretical Physics, how to mount and use a 3D printer. Here we support the travel of the group and we support partially the costs to buy them a 3D printer to be installed at the University of Bethlehem

The group of girls will also travel to meet Italian students, in Rome (in parthership with University of Roma3) and in Naples (in partnership with Ponys, a group of students that brings science for kids in parks and schools of the suburbs of Naples). They will share their experiences and will organize play-with-science events in Italian schools both in the suburbs of Rome and Naples.

These girls, as all Palestinians, are living an extremely complex daily reality; nevertheless they have chosen to dedicate all of their efforts to support, assist and help their people. 

We want to support them. Hope has no borders! Help us to support them!

What are the funds for?

The funds support the travel of the group of girls to Italy to learn how to use a 3D printer and to meet Italian University students to exchange their experiences and methods. They will also visit and bring their playful scientific experiments in two schools of the suburbs of Rome and Naples. Moreover, the funds will be partially used to support the creation of their own 3D printing laboratory in Bethlehem.

About the project owner

Sunshine4Palestine (S4P) is UK based N.G.O., with a branches in Italy and in Palestine, whose projects aim at developing sustainable alternatives to assess energy and water emergency situations. The N.G.O., mainly made of scientists and engineers, designed and installed a Photo Voltaic plant that is currently operative on the Jenin Charitable Hospital in Gaza, rendering the structure independent for 17hours a day. Sunshine4Palestine uses science to improve living conditions in areas where people live in critical conditions. You can find us on Facebook!!

S4P started the Science4People project, that aims at showing how science can bridge the gap between the existing difficulties and possible solutions in everyday life. Last February, scientist and communicators of S4P formed a group of students of the Bethlehem University in Palestine. The group of students, all girls, have independently since last March already organised three event in schools with kids and scholars in the age range 6 to 18 years old. The project, realized in collaboration with the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Bethlehem chaired by Dr. Hanania, was also officially recognized as part of the network of the European Physical Society (EPS).