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Scampi - Album

Crowdfunding Scampi's 1st album!

About the project

DoYouKnowYourself Scampi

Do you know yourself? That's the question.

Could we even answer this question one day ?
Isn't it there a mystery that we will carry all our life ?
Where are the answers ?
Yesterday ? Tomorrow ? In other dimensions ?
Do we need these answers ?
This is in this brain chaos that our album was made.

1st extract here:

Two years went by since the release of their last EP, since then Scampi's music changed and evolved into something new.

"Do You Know Yourself?" is a wide spectrum of Scampi's music, marked by highlighted moments and also a dark side. From day to night, light to dense, minimal to heavy, just like an introspective journey, "Do You Know Yourself?" is an invitation to go through parts of our innerself that we thought unhabited and takes you through an intimate sensory experience yet so universal.

Coloured with hip hop, world music, progressive rock, on a trip hop background, "Do You Know Yourself?" writes a new page in Scampi's story.

DoYouKnowYourself Scampi
We just got out of the studio, the tracks are all recorded, mixed and ready to be mastered !
If you want to discover more and help us make this real it is RIGHT NOW !

You just need to preorder the album as well as many surprises we've been preparing just for you !

DoYouKnowYourself Scampi

We prepared you inedit rewards:

- A limited and customed ( BY US :D ) album edition, only for Ulule.
- A unisex bracelet "Do you know yourself?" made in collaboration with Deliz ultra limited version.
- The original artworks, that were used for the album cover, signed and framed.
- Tickets for our release party in Lyon or private gig in Paris

And of course, loads of stickers, posters ...

Disc, vinyle, bracelet, Bag... choose what you want!

The 7 original artworks used for the booklet album

DoYouKnowYourself Scampi
Only 1 remaining!

What are the funds for?

DoYouKnowYourself Scampi

With you help, we'll be able to finance a big part of this album and some extra expenses.
Of course, if we manage to gather more than what we first aimed for we'd like to do other stuffs, like vinyls, music videos...
So if you like our universe, don't hesitate spreading this news! ;)

Here is a list of all the expenses regarding the release of the album:

DoYouKnowYourself Scampi


- 2 500€: studio recording
- 1415€: pressing of 1000 albums
- 780€: posters, flyers, stickers, tode bags, glasses....
- 320€: commission percentage
- 50€: postal charges
> Total of 4 895€


- 1300€ : mixing
- 750€ : S.D.R.M. (mandatory rights to reproduce)
- 700€ : mastering (in Belgium)
- 1200€ : music video
>Total of 3 950€

About the project owner

DoYouKnowYourself Scampi

Scampi with her "Ukulele", was brought to the attention of a large audience with her videos of covers since she was sixteen.
Between 2009 and 2011, she appears on stage in many cities either in France or Belgium and her videos are seen by thousands of people around the world.
Scampi decided to go to California where she composed during several months. Back to France, she integrates a drummer and a bass player in the service of her new songs. The trio releases a 1st EP "Like The Heart" in 2013, appears on many local stages, and works the show with professionals.

A 2nd EP "Waiting for this Sound" release in 2015, Scampi asserts herself in trip-hop with organic and hypnotic songs.

After the tragic disappearance of the bass player in october 2015, It's now in duo that Scampi stands up her music, with sincerity, more than ever.
Her singing and playing the ukulele, the guzheng and the keyboard, him with his drum, sampler and making backing vocals.

DoYouKnowYourself Scampi
Thanks to our team that still follows us in our adventures!

Fabien Salzi > studio recording
Jules Barras > mixing
Rébecca Barras > management / artwork
Viviane Fargier (Manyways) > booking
Arnaud Chevalier / Jordane Riondet > live sound
Kamille Fau / Judith Leray > live lights

And of course thanks to all of you!!

DoYouKnowYourself Scampi




If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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