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Help us to save the small & local businesses, associations and individuals who worked together to make Elementra Festival !

About the project

Save Elementra is a non-profit association, created after Elementra Festival which took place in Switzerland, at Mont-Soleil from the 30th of august until the 3th of september.

Elementra is a Festival of alternative and psychedelic music, acoustic and electronic, fulfilled by the Floating Family. This non-profit association made the first open-air festival of this type in the french-speaking part of Switzerland.  

After 4 years of fastidious organization, and despite all the difficulties this association faced, the Floating Family accomplished their dream : create a Festival with ethical and ecological values, which brought together more than 2'000 people and friends from everywhere around the world, to share 5 days of meetings, many types of music, conferences and various activities.

During the 5 days of Festival, 4 were subject to rain and cold temperatures. This resulted in many troubles, and less people than expected came to Elementra. Despite the good feedback of the people and the local authorities, The financial situation is hard to carry : the total deficit is such that the Floating Family  had to dissolve and declare bankruptcy.

Many collaborators, who have been affected by the deficit, find themselves in financial troubles. We talk about small businesses, associations and individuals. Some of them cannot pay their employees, others risk to go bankrupt also. You will find below a precise list of the deficit victims with an overview of their situations.

After this statement, we decided to help the concerned people, and this is precisely why we created Save Elementra. Our association is putting in place different actions to collect the funds, which will be directly donated to the ones in this list. The total money to collect is 59'034.- CHF. We have 1 year to reach this goal, so this means from this day until the end of september 2018. However, we want to gather those funds as quick as possible to avoid any other bankruptcy… 

SO LETS GO !!! The first phase starts now, with a sum of 7'000 CHF to be raised by the end of 2017 !

Several events, whose profits or a part of them will be donated to our association, are being organized at this moment. But that will not be enough to reach the amount due…

That's why we appeal to your generosity to help us!

We will not be able to achieve all this without YOU !!

And if we do it together, maybe a second edition will happen soon... ;-)

We count on your support, we clearly need it ...

And thank you again to all the artists, volunteers and participants who were present and who made this first edition amazing !!

And to those who believe in the renewal of this great human gathering.

What are the funds for?

The donations will be collected in the bank account of the Save Elementra association and will be donated directly to the concerned parties. Here is the list of the donees that contains the amounts set out, together with the reasons why they are in this list :

Milles Secousses : 23'000 CHF

A small association of French Drôme, it was the main partner on the Elementra project: the significant shortfall caused by the deficit raises the problem of unpaid wages and risks the bankruptcy of this association and the harming of many people.

Mr. Tchantz 2'485 CHF

The local farmer of Mont Soleil who brought the water tanks, the straw boots, the carpets to prevent the people from injuring themselves because of rain, having carried out waste water, having carried in the drinking water, and provided equipment to install canopy poles. Is damaged by the deficit.

Erguel Voyage : 2'000 CHF

Small company that helped to transport the people, between the funiculars of St-Imier and the site of the festival. They are also affected by the deficit.

La Rusée : 3'790 CHF

Provider of local Absinthe for the festival bar, suffering a shortfall due to the deficit.

Chiesa & Cie Vin 600 CHF

Local wine supplier for the festival bar, suffering a shortfall due to the deficit.

Association Chalet des Amis de la Nature : 3'790 CHF

Chalet rented for the artists and organizers of the event, whose association is damaged by the deficit.

Laiterie Spielhofer : 1'000 CHF​

Small company that rented its trailer of milk of 10.000L, having served as main reservoir of drinking water for the festival, from assembly to dismantling. This company suffers a shortfall due to the deficit.

Eclipx SA : 4'400 CHF

Small company that provided equipment and staff for the sound of the festival's free scene, damaged by the deficit and unable to pay the full salaries of their employees.

Magico Mohima : 600 CHF

Argentinian designer who realized all the design / Website / logos / Flyers for the association Floating Family since 2015. Individual injured by the deficit.

Kompotoi SA 5'926 CHF

Swiss dry toilet company which provided the total dry toilet service during the festival (transport / assembly / cleaning / maintenance / disassembly), which suffers a significant shortfall that does not allow them to pay their employees.

DB King : 600 CHF​

Small company that has provided the equipment and the service for the sound measurements imposed by the prefecture allowing the good running of the event.

Mr. Oppliger : 100 CHF​

Local farmer whose rental of his quad trailer was useful to the organization, could not be paid.

Buvette du Football Club des Breuleux 150 CHF

The local tenancy, where the organization rented a large tent, being injured by the deficit.

Accommodation in St-imier: 3,250 CHF

House of friends who hosted the organization that stayed for more than a month in their home. Its inhabitants, having paid many tools / transport / meals are greatly affected by the deficit.

Djé Psy Art : 800 CHF​

Artist having decorated parts of the event + Support evenings of the event, not being able to be paid at the end of the festival.

Eica Records: 700 CHF

Group of artists who played at the festival and were not paid.

Moonrise Records 3'500 CHF

Group of artists who contributed a lot of help to the organization. Having not received a reimbursement for the equipment he bought and for all the services rendered, he finds himself damaged by the deficit.

Others cases : 3'552 CHF

Total of the remaining small amounts that are owed to individuals who have either rendered services or spent money on equipment.

TOTAL : 59'034 CHF

Djé Psy Art

About the project owner

Save Elementra is a non-profit organization made up of several members and donors. All members, including many non-members, are committed to helping us and supporting us in our goal.

We believe in this project and are convinced that this festival was a success for a first edition, despite the financial problem. If the goal of our association is reached, then it may be possible to perpetuate this festival !