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Freedom Tracks, a journey guided by horses

A documentary film to explore the bond between horses and humans

  • News from Freedom Tracks !

    Hi to all the Freedom Tracks herd ! 
    Elisa and I wish you a wonderful new year (very very late) that I hope will be full of beautiful positive energies!!



    What are the Freedom Tracks updates?

    I realize that 2 months is too long without giving you any news!!

    After the New York Festival and the Premiere of the film in Montreal, the Freedom Tracks team returned to Costa Rica to get back to work at a frenetic pace. Because when you're a documentary filmmaker, you often need another job to support yourself!  But I didn't forget you, quite the opposite! With Eva (from Les Crins de Wakanda), we started the making of your rewards, here are some photos...



    When will we receive our rewards?

    During the campaign, we announced a delivery deadline in February 2018. Even if the post-production of the film was almost finished, we still needed to finish all the translations, then to prepare all the other rewards included in each package.

    As I am on my own to plan all the rewards and I also work full time as a photographer, the routing of the rewards will take a little longer than expected, starting in May. Of course you will receive an email to let you know when the rewards are on their way! 

    And to make up for it, each contributor will regularly receive online video bonuses with exclusive extracts from interviews and more film footage!

    Again, I want to tell you a big thank you for your enthusiasm and your participation, I promise I'm doing my best to let you enjoy the film ASAP!

    I wish you a wonderful day,

    All my best xx


  • The winners of the Freedom Tracks draw!

    Since you guys are so awesome, I did a small draw to offer you extra gifts and thank you for your involvement and participation! Here is a short video to express my gratitude and announce the winners of the draw from cold Montreal :



    Here is a short recap text of the winners:

    - 1 Silver Horse Award: Annie SUBRENAT-BONNEAU
    - 1 dream catcher in horsehair: Julie FERRARI
    - 2 invitations to the preview: Nathalie CHEVALIER / Christine MALAVIEILLE / Gaelle ROBIN
    - 1 Blu Ray of the movie: Coline MACHIN / Malayka RICHARD / Julie MAYER / Lisa MAKADAM


    In the press!

    Last week, we had the honor of having an article on Equidia Life (a French TV Channel about horses) written by Pascal Boutreau:


    Read the full article directly on the Equidia Life website




    What's next for Freedom Tracks?

    After a period of intense work for the film, the post production team will take a "break" to prepare your rewards, including video bonuses and the Making Of the documentary... Then in 2018, the film will be presented to other festivals in France and the United States.

    We also received screening proposals in cinemas in France, Belgium and Canada! We will keep you informed very soon of the screening dates ...


    Once again, a very, very big thank you to everyone for your participation !!! 🙏 🐴

    Leïla Audrey

  • The Freedom Tracks campaign reached 160% of its goal !!!!!

    We reached our second step of funding!!!

    It is with great joy and emotion that we can finally announce that Freedom Tracks is coming to life!
    After more than 4 years of filming, 6 countries crossed, many (many!) hours of videos, stunts on horseback, doubts, long hours video editing and YOU, your support and your sharing, we're reaching the goal!


    Thanks to 242 contributors worldwide, 
    the documentary project Sans Attache raised $16,092 !!!!



    We are very proud to see this project come to life. And all the more proud to see that it's no longer a simple project but that, thanks to you and your commitment, Freedom Tracks is finally a film.

    Because without you, we wouldn't be here. A film does not exist without investors and viewers. And you're both one and the other.

    For this reason, we sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts ! 

    The icing on the cake!

    Thanks to you and its hard-working artistic team, the film was screened for the Premiere on November 18th at the Equus Film Festival in New York City and even received the Best Inspirationnal Equestrian Documentary Award!

    A great way to celebrate this special day since it was also my birthday:) 





    What's next?

    Of course, the Freedom Tracks adventure doesn't stop there! It's only just beginning!

    Screenings of Freedom Tracks will begin in 2018 in France, Belgium and Quebec. We will do our best to broadcast it in movie theatres as well!  With the non profit Dada Films, which has screening material, we already plan to organize a tour throughout France to broadcast the film!



    So if you know of cinemas, cooperatives, equestrian facilities, individuals, professionals or any structure that might be interested in showing the film, contact us! With our equipment, we will be able to travel to offer screenings indoors or outdoors. 





    A final gift

    Because your generosity and support have moved us so much, we have drawn lots from all contributors to receive additional gifts from Freedom Tracks! We will publish the names of the winners in the next newsletter, stay tuned!!

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

  • Only 24h left in the campaign... and a beautiful surprise in New York!

    This weekend, the Freedom Tracks crew went to New York to present the film at the Equus Film Festival!

    It was a real challenge to finish the English version in time for the festival, but thanks to all the contributors and a motivated and talented team, we made it!It was a great opportunity to meet horse enthusiasts, directors, authors ... and to show the film on the other side of the Atlantic!


    Save the date : 

    Premiere in Québec Saturday November 25th!!


    Let's meet this Saturday from 12:30 pm at the following address: 940 Rue du Center, St-Jude, QC J0H 1P0, CANADA. The equestrian center Le Chevignon welcomes you for a preview screening followed by an exceptional conference. Leïla Audrey Pagès will be present to answer your questions and discuss with you the film and its making. For more information, click here or contact +1 450-230-1994.


    Final stretch :

    Only 24h left to back Freedom Tracks crowdfunding campaign!


    Last chance to participate in the movie and buy your copy !!!

    Thanks to all the contributors, we have reached the first levels of funding, a very big thank you!!!!
    More than ever, today we need you to help us reach the last level!



    A big thank you to all,
    and see you soon for more news from the movie!

    Follow us on social media!

  • 200 herd members and...a Premiere in New York!!!

    You are now more than 200 to have contributed to our crowdfunding campaign!

    200 thank you to each one of you and welcome to those who have just joined the Freedom Tracks herd! Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm. Know that if we have not yet had the time to answer everyone, your messages make us very happy and we do our best to answer as soon as possible!


    Where is the project at?

    The editing of the English version film is now complete and we are (almost) ready for the Premiere at the Equus Film Festival in New York on November 18th!!! Come and follow the news of the film on Facebook and Instagram. Be ready for some live videos of the festival!


    Final home stretch!

    There are now only 10 days left until the end of the crowdfunding campaign. This is the last straight line to reach the final step!

    With $ 20,000, we will be able to offer the film a dubbing in Spanish in addition to that provided in English and French. We could also organize screenings in France, Belgium or Quebec for example and it could even allow us to invest in new promotional materials. You have already helped us a lot for this project and we thank you warmly! But today more than ever, we need your help to reach this last step!

    Talk about this project around you: your friends, your family, your colleagues .. We count on you to share the Ulule link on your social networks and share with your loved ones !!! 


    3 ways to contribute :

    - Participate in the crowdfunding campaign
    - Talk about it with your friends
    - Take a few seconds to share the campaign on social media


    Find the project on social networks


     Thank you and see you very soon!!!