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Freedom Tracks, a journey guided by horses

A documentary film to explore the bond between horses and humans

About the project

With this documentary, I wish to open a window for us to see horses as more than merely tools of leisure or work.  It explores how deepening our connection with them can strengthen our relationship to the world and to ourselves. 

I traveled across Europe and the Americas, on a journey of exploration, discovering new, meaningful ways of horse and human interaction, finding true, authentic connection.

Horses have been helping humans for thousands of years. Without horses, our civilizations as we know, would not exist. Today, even though their physical strength has been replaced by machines, horses still fascinate us and are an integral part of our societies.

Like many others, I have always been fascinated by this big and powerful animal. I've searched for an alternative approach different from the 'classical' one; which I found to be brutal and too restraining. To tie something down, is to keep it under control and that's what we have historically done to horses ~ our symbols of freedom. During my travels, I came to realize that we treat horses like we treat ourselves: we bury our dreams, we contain our emotions and our impulses. So I started to wonder :

What if by freeing the horse from all those restraints, we could find our own freedom?

In my quest for a better understanding of horses, I met numerous equine experts and discovered a variety of methods and approaches to interact with horses, without restraint or force. Through this experience, I began to understand horses more clearly, I saw them as a reflection of myself. So, this documentary also became an inner journey to a deeper understanding of what is essential to create authentic connection. Through the interactions we have with them, horses can be our guides along our track to freedom.

Horses are, of course, the stars in this movie, but here are the human co-stars:

Here is an extract of Linda Kohanov, founder of Eponaquest Worldwide, on non-verbal communication :

What are the funds for?

After hundreds of hours of shooting, dozens of interviews, a few stunts on horseback and a trip around the world, the post-production part will lead to the final outcome of the project.

For two years, this film has been fully self-funded but today, Sans Attache needs you to exist! A little-known step in the creation of a film, post-production is very important but has a cost, both for the equipment required and for the professionals who allow the magic to happen.

With your help and a great team of professionals, here's what we can accomplish:

FIRST LEVEL : $ 10,000

- Script writing (20%)
- Video editing (30%)
- Video mixing (10%)
- Sound design (22%)
- Ulule platform fees (8%)
- Creation of rewards (10%)

SECOND LEVEL : $ 15,000

- Color grading (35%)
- Music Composition (45%)
- Translation and dubbing in a second language (20%)

THIRD LEVEL : $ 20,000

- Printing of promotional materials: leaflets, posters ... (30%)
- Translation and dubbing in a third language (20%)
- Planning of public screenings in Europe and America to advertize the film (50%)

If the goal of the first level is not reached, you will be fully reimbursed for your donation!

About the project owner