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Sankta Lucia

Ödland's second album

  • Ödland is coming back with Galaktoboureko

    If you've already heard about Galaktoboureko, please excuse us for all this mailing repetitions, we don't want this. But if you did'nt, you will be very interested by what is following: Ödland is making a 3rd album album, GALAKTOBOUREKO, and really needs your help. And we will thanks you with generous rewards, don't worry about that...

    Thanks to your support, in 2011 Ödland released the album Sankta Lucia. Besides the nice digipack promised and sent, we traveld accross Europe, and produce 15 music videos (you can find them all on this map). So thanks to you, our music is available worldwide, showing a very small part of the amazing Europe treasures. (we put together all the stuff we produced on this wonderful tumblr).

    We set a great release show in the Nouveau Théâtre du Huitième de Lyon, a delightful moment.(photos here)

    Actually, this is crazy all things we did thanks to your support. First of all, our all-Europe 5 weeks trip making videos, then we produce an animation film, called Østersøen which traveled all around the world in many festivals (Denmark Bornshorts, Paris Protoclip, Slovakia Festanca, Croatia Supertoon, San Francisco Disposable Film Festival, Marseille Laterna Magica,...) and on the web (+ 200 000 views).

    Moreover, we played for a 13 shows tour in all Germany in 2012, and the shoes brand Heschung liked this album so much that it took the Sankta Lucia design for the last winter exhibitions in the shops of France.

    Then the big french band Dionysos asked if we wanted to play with them in front of 1800 persons in the  Transbordeur de Lyon. Of course we said yes. And this was a rich experience, we tested new arrangements on stage for a large audience.

    Well, okay, lots of things happend thanks to each one of you. Things that we sometimes didn't even expect. This is why we want to thank you again. And we are happy to announce we've created a new album projet: Galaktoboureko. (only one week remaining to make it real).

    This is why we need you, because you are our first audience, people who give us both the reason and the opportunity to create. Be even more amazed than last time, travel to the Egean sea, discover a dreamy folk music inspired by Greece and Turkey. And we prepared wonderful rewards, you will see, because it is not about charity but exchangeFind more informations on Ulule.


  • Some new music videos

    We came back from our European trip, and there are the first videos made for this album. Thanks again to you, you will recieve your album very soon!


  • The album will be out the 19th of october 2011

  • First clip. #09 Благ несрећа

  • Warszawa


    Hurrah ! We reached yesterday the 5000€ we need to produce our album thanks to your orders to Sankta Lucia. To thank you, we offer to you Warsazawa, a track we just recorded and wich will be on this album. Thank you all!

    Please note taht you can still preorder this album for few days, even if the 100% are already reached.