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Craft beer brewed with bread

About the project

We are the first craft beer in Spain that fights food waste

We are a high quality craft beer that fights food waste by adding bread that would be wasted in the beer recipe. We rescue the bread from a toasteria that uses its own fresh bread as the main input in its products and has surpluses every day. They, like us, seek to reduce their waste, thus becoming our ideal partner.

Our production process is developed in a circular economy model, using the surplus bread to replace a part of the barley, giving life to a beer full of flavor and innovation.

Salvados beer is an American Pale Ale (5.4% vol.) of light amber color, with medium bitterness of 22 IBU, intense flavor and citrus aroma.

Salvados first objective is to rescue surplus bread and use it in the beer production. Later we'll add other foods that would be wasted to brew other types of beer, such as pumpkins, mushrooms, peaches, among others.

Our goal is to promote a new cycle of waste use that transforms the current production model from linear to circular and promote a more sustainable way of consuming with better use of the available resources.

In Spain 62.3 MILLION KILOS of bread is wasted per year (Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food - MAP - 2018). That is why in our first production we want bread to be the protagonist of this delicious beer.

Beer, besides being a drink that is already part of the daily lives of millions of people around the world, can also be a tool of change towards more sustainable consumption.

SALVADOS, the most delicious way to save food!

Our values and products seek to promote a responsible and conscious consumption model, while promoting innovation in the beer industry through bread upcycling.

What are the funds for?

With your support, we will start our first production!

We have started working on this project a year ago and now is the time to make it happen.

All the contribution collected will be used in the expenses of:

  • Production and Logistics
  • Communication and Marketing 
  • Ulule Commissions
  • Rewards Expenses

When you contribute to Salvados, we all win!

About the project owner

We are three women who met 4 years ago in Barcelona. Not only did we coincide on the day, year and city, but it went much further. We coincide on our ideas about a more sustainable world, our conviction of the importance of the responsibility of each individual, and a common desire for a future in which society is in balance with the planet.

This was what led us to deepen the problem of food waste and the inefficient use and consumption of resources. This is how the idea of creating this project grew, SALVADOS!

This project is for people interested in supporting sustainable initiatives, also for those who believe in a model of consuming consciously and in balance with the environment. Last but not least, this is also for the community of craft beer lovers who value innovation, creativity and flavor.

Get to know us a little more :)

About Clarice
Clarice is Brazilian, advertiser, with a Master in Business Administration and an Executive MBA. She has more than 15 years of experience in marketing strategies for products and services in different sectors. She is an extremely curious and overflowing energy person, who believes in technology and creativity as powerful tools to change people's behavior.

About Diana
Diana is Colombian, psychologist, consultant and entrepreneur. She has an Executive MBA and in recent years she's  been working in the area of ​​strategic consulting in real estate. She loves nature and animals and she stands out for her high optimism and ability to see things from another point of view, always positive.

About Karina
Karina is Peruvian, industrial engineer with a Master in Marketing and Business Management and an Executive MBA. She has worked more than 10 years in marketing and commercial management roles in corporations of various sectors. Karina stands out for its sociable and conciliatory character, that brings balance and a good mood to all environments.

About Pablo
Pablo is Catalan, has a degree in chemical sciences and is a brewmaster with more than 20 years of experience in the craft beer sector in Barcelona. His career includes pubs and breweries, such as La Cervecera Artesana, Montseny and Más Malta. Also, he's been part of the organization and has participated in different craft beer festivals in Catalonia, such as the Vine a Fer Cervesa.

Since we believe that synergies and joint efforts helps achieving better results, this project wouldn't be possible without the support of our strategic partners:

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