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Salaahs Corner

Podcast about your political place in society and using that power to improve your life and community.

About the project

Society determines it to be inappropriate to engage in political conversations because they are too sensitive and too personal. Whether at work, in some schools, even during family gatherings, politics have become a social faux pas. It seems the only people allowed to engage in political conversations are those who have time to attend city council meetings, or political pundits on TV. Making the “experts” the only eligible people to engage in debate and further public policy. Making everyone else feeling uninformed or unintelligent for sharing their opinion. Since when did it become a necessity to be an expert to discuss ways to improve your own healthcare? How about access to affordable housing? Should one need a degree in political science to discuss the accessibility of finding an affordable home for their family? The same applies for education, jobs, access to abortion, equal pay, equal representation and any other idea that impacts your life and community. Then I realized my desire to have these political conversation, yet there was no space it existed. Not because others didn’t care, but because the structures of our society didn’t allow the access.

At Salaah’s Corner I plan to break the mold. My aim is to normalize political conversations by making them accessible to any and everyone who has an idea. Whether you’re a single black mother trying to create better opportunities for your family, or a white lifestyle blogger hoping to experience cultures other than your own. With a new episode each week focusing on the connection points of culture and politics, the vision is a space that exist for people like me to be “experts” on our own political experience and ideas. In one week I talk with a new entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger who left the workforce due to a preexisting medical condition. In another, I interview a local City Council member to teach the listeners what this official does, the importance of their office and improving life within the city of Philadelphia. Hopefully through my lens, others can feel more comfortable speaking their existence and contributing to politics in their community. 

What are the funds for?

The goal of this campaign is to reduce the cost of producing this podcasts while maintaining a platform for all to be educated and empowered on political and social issues in their community. The cost of funding will cover the following:

  • $600 for annual studio rental which includes all studio recording equipment such as mics, digital recorder, lighting and studio space
  • 8% Ulule fees 
  • Production of the rewards 

With the extra money we collect with this campaign, we will use it for the following : 

  • $400 for maintaining Salaah's Corner website for 2 years
  • $150 to distribute podcast to all platforms and unlimited online storage of audio
  • $350 on equipment to use for recording on location
  • $100 for music production on the show

Any additional funding will be broken down to budget the following to ensure we are constantly bringing content that connects with our community of listeners:

  • $500 for hosting a community event and live podcast interview to engage with our community and provide an interactive experience 
  • $600 for creative consultants, social media consultants and editing consultants
  • $300 for promotional material
  • $400 for additional 

About the project owner

As much as I love talking about myself, writing it seems that much harder. To start I’m a husband and father of three. Most of my career has been at the management level of a number of companies including Sears, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Hilton Hotels and Nordstrom. While all that experience leads to customer service, my passion was helping my employees and coworkers reach their full potential. Yet finding ways to do that in my personal life was hard to identify. I’ve always been politically inclined ever since I was a teenager watching Meet the Press Sunday mornings. In the past few years I started writing political blogs just to find an outlet for my frustrations. As my network started to grow, it was my friends and family that encouraged me to start a podcast. I don’t hide the fact the my politics are far left leaning. However, I believe the only way forward is to have dialogue with those you disagree with and encourage participation from everyone. A lesson I learned from managing many employees in my career; when everyone is encouraged  to be involved, we all flourish. 

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