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Pressing of SAISON DE ROUILLE 2nd record (vinyl)

200-300 copies (LP) of "Deroutes sans fin"

About the project

After a year of intense work composition , SAISON DE ROUILLE finished recording "Déroutes Sans Fin", a dark story of forced journeys on chaotic and noisy roads through strange and hostile landscapes. Leaving punitive industrial rhythms of his first album (Caduta of Gravi) behind, for bluesy intense and direct sounds, SDR gives textual dimension and French language, an important place.

Recorded in a very "DIY" spirit, the album was :

- Recorded by us, in the dirty and messy lock keeper's house basement, near the Marne river, with professional microphones loaned.

- Mixed by our care, during long evenings, no artifice. A direct and immersive sound only !

- Mastered by CYLENS MASTERING (

For a full listen (and digital buying) click here :  DEROUTES SANS FIN on bandcamp

Or here on Soundcloud (7of the 8 tracks only) :

Or here, on youtube

SAISON DE ROUILLE - Deroutes sans fin / Face A

SAISON DE ROUILLE - Deroutes sans fin / Face B

What are the funds for?

Insofar as all recording, mixing and mastering sessions were completed, funding is for the sole purpose of :

⁃ the pressing of 200 or 300 copies, with insert and a quadricolor cover, which should look like this (possible addition of a cdr handmade upon request)

⁃ covering miscellaneous expenses, including postal (from 2€ to 4€, depending of your country, automatically added in the final price)

All of it will be about 1200€. Equalling a 8€ participation, the vinyl is therefore, almost at cost price.

We are committed to the idea of ​​a (complementary) co-production. So, if you are a label and you wish to participate to the production of the album, Déroutes Sans Fins , do not hesitate to contact us directly, by email. It is quite possible to pre-order a number of copies (10, 25 , 50) , and to include the logo of your organisation on the back cover.

About the 2 t-shirts you can get :

About the project owner

Saison De Rouille (Season of Rust) was formed in summer 2011, by Karl S. (Danishmendt) and Sébastyén  D. (Opium Dream Estate).

Along with  various collaborations and supported by labels,  Saison  De  Rouille  released  a  first  album, Caduta  Dei  Gravi  (LP  -  09/2012,  CD  deluxe  edition,  03/2013).

This first record, lost in between dark and heavy industrial music, celebrating the body suffering, was critically acclaimed - see on bandcamp or facebook SDR page.

Though Saison De Rouille was initially, and only, meant to be a short time studio project, it became a  more conventional  band when  Laurent  B. (bass) joined Saison  De Rouille,  in November 2012.

 Then, the band started to perform from April to October 2013, playing gigs and festivals in  Paris (lʼEtrange Festival), Toulouse, Clermont-Ferrand, Saint-Etienne, Lyon (Les Nuits Sonores Festival) and Marseille (Striedent Festival) with French  and  international  bands.  

SDR live on stage :

Pictures of SDR on stage :  SDR live au Klub w/Zev & Marc Hurtado 

Contacts :

Karl Sugin 




If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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