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Saeio 2009-2014, the book

5 year archive of Saeio's graffitis and paintings in the street.

  • Your attention please.... Sending of the rewards

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • Poster silkscreening

    Here is a glimpse of the silkscreening of Saeio's poster these past few days.
    We're still working on the book, we know we're a bit behind schedule but we will give you and update as soon as possible !

    Abrazo !

  • Summer news


    thanks to you, we collected 13321€ through our crowdfunding campaign. 205 people backed our project and every participation counted, from the most humble to the most spectacular. 

    It was a dangerous bet : we chose this solution only because we faced several setbacks when we asked for public funding. But it is extremely stimulating to see so much interest directed towards our project. We are happy to know you stand by our side. 

    1000 copies of the book "SAEIO 2009-2014", along with an essay by Joëlle Le Saux, will finally see the light of day in October.


    We still got a lot of work to do during this summer : 

    - finishing the editorial part of the book,
    - the english translation (by Hannah Théveneau),
    - the opening of a website,
    - the screenprinting of a SAEIO design (by French Fourch),
    - preparing a serie of release parties in several cities,
    - the making of new fanzines...
    - and... some swimming sessions in between. 

    Some items were supposed to be shipped this month, but not everything is ready : it will be done when the book comes out. 

    We will keep you informed.


    To conclude, we would like to say a huge, definitive, and solemn THANK YOU to you all.

    Enjoy the moonsoon in Brest (29), and the heat wave in Paris (75).

    Bonus : Saeio doesn't stop this summer. Photo credit : http://erdnaxelalexandre.tumblr.com

    See you soon!

    Mathieu et Guillaume
    Éditions Peinture
    [email protected]

  • Fireworks !

    Saeio just sent us this great video last night - an explosive finale for our crowdfunding campaign :

    The clock is ticking, only 10 hours left to preorder the book, it's already a gret success. A big THANK YOU to all of you !!

    <3 <3 <3

  • 150%, next goal

    Hi yall !

    172 supporters and 115% in short 30 days, we achieved our 10,000 euros goal, that's wonderful !

    Thanks to those who bought the book, thanks to those who bought any of the other products, thanks to those who donated without claiming any reward.

    There are way more than 172 people who support us in different ways by following our project, thanks to those who spread it around.

    As we mentioned in the description, our estimated budget is way beyond 10,000 euros. 

    The printing part itself will cost 13,500 euros, this first 10,000 euros will allow us to pay the deposit to the printer.

    If we manage to gather 15,000 euros, and we start to believe in it as we saw how supportive people are since the beginning of our campaign,

    We would be able to redeem 13,500 euros (after we pay for the Ulule commission and the shipping fees of your rewards) and pay our printer in one go, without debt.

    Our new goal is now getting to 150%, if we get there, all books ordered on Ulule will be signed one by one by Saeio.

    Saeio just posted a new "tagg" video :

    There is still 10 days left, please continue to talk about the project around you.

    Much love.

    Guillaume and Mathieu