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Rumba de Bodas New Album!

After 10 years spent on the road and on stage around Europe, it's time for the THIRD ALBUM!

About the project

Hi Rumbas

You are now looking at our Crowdfunding page. Why? Because of the fantastic new album we are creating for you!  We are already halfway there: with the music, the graphics and the motivation. Now we need your support!


This year Rumba de Bodas celebrate 10 years of activity.  It's been a long and amazing time,  we have brought our music across Europe's cities, villages, squares and islands. It has been four years since our last album, and many things have changed. We planted the Rumba flag in new countries, we flew, walked and drove our beloved van in every nook and cranny of the continent. Some of the old crew have gone towards other projects, and we welcomed new friends, bringing a new outlook and new ideas. We have finally taken these new ideas, put a lot of work in, and came up with a third, pretty remarkable album. 

In March we will finally present our work with a great party at Estragon club, in Bologna, with all the friends that have worked with us along the way, hopefully we will see you all there!

Enough with the pleasentries though. Let's share the actual reasons that will make you love this album:

1. We put in a lot of things that fit well together, like some funk, some soul, our usualtropical-latin soundand a little bit of electronics.

2. It has been recorded edited and mixed by some extremely professional people (Duna Studio rules!)

3. When you have copied it on your computer, or just grown tired of it, you can use it as a cup holder for the unique, exclusive and marvellous Rumba de Bodas Mug  for sale right here in this fundraiser

4. After you've played thousand times "Strawberry Head" you can't wait to hear the rest of the album!

What are the funds for?

Ulule gives you the possibility to fund a great project with small donations. It's very simple: you can make a donation a receive a present for the help you gave us !

Your support will fund all the expenses for the production, promotion and distribution of the album including:

1. The studio recording, the mixing and the mastering.

2. The graphics and printing of the album.

3. The press agency for the album promotion.

4. The production of a music video clip.

Here on the right you can find all the different rewards we offer, with a lot of exclusive merchandise we will send directly to your address by the date we have specified. 

Thank you very much for your help!

About the project owner

One of our first songs had a verse in it saying "seven guys from the Old Town playin' a mix of different sounds". The Old Town of course is our beloved Bologna, and nothing could be truer now when it comes to mixing sounds! We still bring a lot of different influences into our music, from funk to soul, to ska, electronic music and latin rythms. The only constant is trying to make you jump and love life!


From left to right we are:

Mattia "Ermetiu" Franceschini: Keyboards, Synth and Van night-driver.

Guido "Ghigo" Manfrini : Alto Sax, Baritone Sax and Boss of public funding.

Giacomo Vianello Vos "Dos": Bass and Hats.

Alessandro "Ciccio Pazzo" Orefice: Drums and Poems.

Francesco "Giamma" Giammarella: Clarinet, Tenor Sax and Party Starter.

Elia "Elio" : Trumpet, Guitar and percussions and Coreographies.

Rachel "Golden" Doe: Voice and Looking Awesome.

If you want to follow us e stay tuned about the album...