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Rosemary & The Brainless Idols

- Tales from the Bottom of our Garden -

About the project

The garden is beautiful but I miss Rosemary...

14 songs, one story. An interstellar odyssey from the bottom of our garden.

Gather artificial flowers in a dark paradise, use the improbable "Trans Electric Stimulator", choose a new planet and wake up on another world, board the last train to Venus, put up with the Captain's irrational optimism and flee the creature on Mars.

Join us in the Survivalist Gardeners' Shelter and send postcards from the stars.

Cultivate your secret garden while awaiting Rosemary but above all give us your money so we can continue the adventure.

As it is often said: "The universe is very big, mindbogglingly big and we are very small, pathetically small"

And as always, Think Brainless!

What are the funds for?

  • Mastering of the 14 songs
  • Pressing: 500 CDs
  • Cover design and 16 page booklet
  • Postage

About the project owner

Earthlings, nothing more...