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JAM - The roller derby card game

A simple, dynamic and real-time simulation of the sport of the 21st Century.

About the project

JAM is a card game simulation of roller derby. This atypical speed skating and contact sport is mainly performed by women on roller quads.

The concept is simple : two teams of five players compete on an oval track. In each team, one player has a star helmet cover that differentiates it from others, it is called the jammer. Her role will be to make laps in order to exceed the opposing players. For each opponent passed, it scores a point. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins.

Add to that a dose of rules, dozens of strategies and colourfull players and you get the most complete and spectacular sport of the 21st Century.

A video (in english) explaining the basics of roller derby

As frantic as a real bout but really easy to understand, JAM allows you to discover in a fun way this amazing sport.Each coach manages a team of nine players. A game is divided in five rounds. At the beginning of each round, the coach selects five players who will participate and they're placed on the track. Both coaches will then program the actions of their players simultaneously to facilitate the passage of their jammer and scoring points.JAM is played in real time with a stopwatch. The players go to the penalty box when they are making fouls, the reaction cards help to anticipate the actions of the opponent. Simple to understand, difficult to master, the game system is requesting your sense of timing, your tactical analysis and your ability to bluff.

Game rules (in french)

JAM on Facebook

JAM is a card game for two players (or teams) from 12 (14 indicated for administrative reasons). A game lasts about 15 and 20 minutes but the duration is adjustable.

Cards do not contain text and were designed to be played in all circumstances (perfect during bootcamps abroad or international events).

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The “Tour de France” of roller derby by Jean Gadin

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What are the funds for?

In order to provide a quality product suitable for manipulations required in JAM, we choose to print the game with France Cartes. It costs approximately 5,500 €.
To this are added the cost of rewards (approx. € 1,000), the cost of shipping (approx. € 1,800) and Ulule's commission (€ 800). The remaining € 900 will be used for miscellaneous expenses (travel to see the first prints in the printer, print labels for shipping, supplies, translation into English, ...)

Funding will therefore be used to edit the game in France and to pay the cost of postage and shipping (included in the rewards).

Depending on the success of the project, we plan to improve some elements of the game (game rules more complete, translations in different languages, online videos, smartphone applications, ...)

The rest of the funding will be used to sustain our young publishing house and to follow up the game.

About the project owner

In Game We Trust is a laboratory of ludic experimentation founded by two young designers lovers of fiction and transmedia.

Laboratory's website

Batiste Carpinetty aka Jean Gadin

Student at the European School of Visual Arts of Angoulême, I design games for almost eight years and JAM is the first project which I lead to an end. Movie and fantasy literature enthusiast, I attach great importance to the immersive potential of my proposals and a creation of a strong interaction between the players.

I discovered the roller derby two years ago in Brain Damage in Angoulême, before spending four months with the team of Porto and making a “Tour de France” of roller derby. I think that this sport is complete and really exciting, so I naturally assumed the referee jersey before considering adaptation in a card game.

Ugo Bagnarosa aka John Travoltige

I am an illustrator an graphic designer since 2012. Mainly marked by comic strips, my works can also take the form of interactive digital works, audiovisual creations and, since the foundation of In Game We Trust, games.

I started roller derby at the same time that Batiste in Brain Damage in Angouleme. Today, I play among the STYX of Bordeaux and leads the All Blocks Merignac.
Ugo's website