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RIXE - Illustration and textile design

Support us in our participation in our first textile print fair to develop our brand, seek out clients, and reveal our new pattern

About the project

We are a textile studio based in Brussels, specializing in the creation of original patterns, innovating and inspirational designs, for the fashion and furniture industries.

RIXE is lines, strokes, colours, emotions and patterns.

RIXE is the need for expression through prints, the desire to give life to a piece of cloth, paper or hybrid. It is a bubbling, a process of graphic reflection, both human and sensitive.

What are the funds for?

Initially we need to establish our brand.

Next, RIXE's presence must be made known through Textile and Print Fairs.

The London Print Design Fair and Première Vision Paris (Paris First Sight Fair) are indispensable for finding our future client base and disseminating our creations.

These elements are crucial for the growth of our project and they represent a significant cost:

Registration with stand for the London Print Design Fair: 1000€

Registration with stand for Première Vision Paris: 2400€

Installation and decoration for a stand: 200€

Sample printing: 400€

Total budget not including travel and lodging: 4000€

additional fees ulule 6%: 240€

Total budget including Ulule fees: 4240€

Our goal in taking part in these two fairs is, most importantly, to create a future client base and collaborate with them on their future collections.

About the project owner

RIXE is the blending of two worlds:

the world of Marine; self-employed artistic director and graphic designer, and the world of Nathalie; fashion textile designer with 4 years of experience working with a major prêt-à-porter brand.

We both came to Brussels to study and live out our artistic passions, before joining the Brussels Roller Derby team, where we met and commenced the construction of this project together.

It all started in 2015 with the creation of our first collection of hand screen printed scarves that were then digitally reprinted. These scarves were a part of the Ladyfest Brussels exposition, which gave us the impetus to continue our collaboration; technical, artistic and prolific. RIXE.

Thank you so much for your support !

In the meantime, find us on social networks ;)

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If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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