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Ride & Bike

The combination of 2 sports passions

About the project

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Our project is to develop the combination of two sports. Riding out & mountain bike trails. I am Barberine Duvivier an equestrian guide in Portugal for 5 years now and my friend Miguel Tomaz is a mountain bike cyclist guide. Often cyclists and riders are not always on the same wavelength, yet we have the same affinities in terms of practicing our sport in the wild to discover sites that are generally not easily accessible by other means.

We have four horses trained for horseback riding and treks & two mountain bikes. We took advantage of the summer to develop our project and test the Ride & Bike. Nature lovers, we have with our students and our visitors, combined the love that we carry to our respective sports, by practicing together Ride & Bike, with respect and attention.

We practice Ride & Bike activities in the beautiful Serra d'Ossa in Estremoz which are well known mountains for cycling mountain bikers and also a great terrain for equestrian rides. Estremoz is located in Alentejo in Portugal at the same latitude as Lisbon but on the side of the Spanish border.

We wish to promote the practice of these two sports disciplines practiced in unison, with enthusiasm and conviction.

Once the goal is reached, the next step will be to put our RIde & Bike experience at the service of the pilgrims. ​By offering them the possibility to follow the paths of Santiago de Compostela from Estremoz.

What are the funds for?

To continue to carry out our project, we need a minimum of 3 additional moutain bikes that we plan to buy in second hand as the previous mountain bikes, as well as equipment such as MTB helmets. To make it short, it would be really cool and generous of you to support us in our action.

- Bike purchases :1,800 euros
- Safety equipment : mountain helmets 200 euros
- Counterparties and shipping costs : 500 euros
- Ulule Comission : 200 euros

- Up to 2,700 euros
Better quality bikes

We could buy better quality bikes, for example lighter carbon MTB or e-bike easier for less trained athletes.

- Up to 4.000 euros
Sport equipment

We would print "Ride & Bike" MTB jerseys and shorts as sports equipment.
Budget Sport equipment : design + manufacture + delivery = 2.000 €

- Up to 6.000 euros
A promotional budget

We would have a promotional budget to inform and promote the practice of Ride & Bike.

- Up to 9.000 euros
A little more luxury for the horses

We could offer a little bit more luxury to the horses, greener hay, better rations, ray-grass, vitamins and other supplements, an equine dentist, an equine osteopath. Because horses regularely climbing the mountains are also athletes.

❤ Thanks helping us to reach our goals ❤


5 euros and + 

25 euros and + 

40 euros and +  Value of the package 50 > 60 euros

80 euros and +  Value of the package 110 > 120 euros

150 euros and +  Value of the package 220 > 240 euros

210 euros and +  Value of the package 295 > 325 euros

320 euros and +

400 euros and +  Value of the package 390 > 680 euros

About the project owner

Always loving horses, Barberine Duvivier is now an equestrian guide in Portugal. She arrived in Portugal a little bit by the hazards of life and fell in love with this beautiful country, these people and more particularly its region, the Alentejo. For a long time, she dreamed of her project Ride & Bike, which she kept warm in a corner of her head. And then, always the hazards of life ... She moved to Estremoz at the foot of the Serra d'Ossa, very famous in Portugal to delight mountain bikers.

At the same time, her pregressant Portuguese, she meets Miguel Tomaz Cycliste VTT. Together, they go to discover the Serra and the adventure Ride & Bike is born.

The Ride & Bike is a discipline that may seem simple by the idea or the name, but needs to adapt to the needs of the other. Because the horses are slower in the descents and faster in the climbs. It is therefore necessary to constantly adapt to the practice of the other. The Ride & BIke also has its small advantages, for example, horses can carry lunches and relief supplies for cyclists in the saddle-attached cast irons and cyclists can easily clear the paths and go on a frontier exploration.

Regularly, Barberine Duvivier received requests from riders asking her so that could well make the non-rider companion during the stay, the answer she knew, the Ride & Bike, but she was not able to put this in place at this time moment there.

Following their meeting, Miguel Tomaz joins the group of mountain bikers of Serra d'Ossa and travels the mountains with them. Barberine, having reduced her number of horses in order to take better care of her cavalry, she decides to buy two used MTB to start the Ride & Bike project.

Although referred to as the Ranch do Novo Mundo, she decided not to lose the fruits of her hard work and first created a new Facebook page for the Ride & BIke.

The Ride & Bike team

Ride & Bike in the Serra d'Ossa

Well-deserved break for the horses, the bikers and the riders.

Barberine Duvivier at the canter with Miguel Tomaz on MTB, the camera is on the bike :-)

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