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Help us to finance our Fantasia bar!

... the first and new video game bar in Saint-Nazaire :)

About the project

Who, when, what, where, how, why, where?

Mr Richard Franck and Mr leguen Sebastien plans to open the first and new video games bar in Saint-Nazaire, scheduled for mid-October, because today the city needs novelty, festivity and youth, 900 students scheduled for September 300 meters from our future bar.

More details ?

The name of our future bar will be Fantasia, we will have a status of limited liability company, I would be majority manager and my partner Sébastien, minority. Because for my part, I would work full time the first year in TNS while Sébastien will keep his work the first year and will come to help me in the evening and week end. For the second year, we intend to pay us both a salary and work full time together. To date, we have made all the quotes, saw two potential banks, chamber of commerce waiting for the lease, also suppliers. And in a few days I pass the operating license :) Once opened, we will serve all drinks that a bar can provide, as well as products derived from it (such as mugs, key rings, figurines) in the theme of video games. On the other hand, we want to offer our customers free access to our game consoles (subject to minimum consumption). Our objective is to bring back a maximum of gamer so that they can regroup with strangers, share their passion for games, their know-how and play to create a social bond over a drink. And do one to two times a month, matches, fighting competitions, football, giant screen race, with the goal of having a winner who will win a trophy.

To date, we have a premises (awaiting validation of the loan agreement to the bank). Because even if the city council of Saint-Nazaire follow us 100% on our project and the potential that the bar can bring to the city, that 900 students in engineering land 300 meters from our local future in September, there is no competition in the sector where then maybe one, but that only makes the virtual games and licensed IV. This does not change the fact that even with a good contribution, banks are often closed for bar openings that only accept to make a credit with minimum 50% personal contribution instead of 20% for other projects a bar.

The trend of the bars games touch all the French regions gathering of course all the gamers and the curious, the proofs were made with the confreres like the Meltdown, the Reset or the Game Over. For example, a Meltdown in Caen opened in May, on the first day they welcomed more than 800 people and 4 days later, on Monday, one hour after opening, they already had 30 customers. So even if Saint-Nazaire, the population is smaller than Caen, there will still be a good influence. Especially since we want to bring non-gamers, through our fancy decoration, our festivity and conviviality, for people going out in town alone or with friends, so why not on Saint-Nazaire! Because unfortunately there is nothing like place for young people in this city where to go out day and night and even less festive. So we want to create our company to give a new and living in this city that only asks for that.

What are the funds for?


A total budget of 26 750 $ (Excluding personal contribution)

What will the collection be used for?

We appeal to you for the simple reason that despite a good contribution of 20 000 $, banks almost no longer follow the creators of bar, even with theme. Or requesting more than 50% of personal contribution. So we want to show banks that we can get by without them (less, without asking them for credit) ^^

Because we asked the bank for 16 000 $, minimum amount to pay all expenses, furnishings, stocks and cash, in addition to our personal contribution.

We wish a generous donation of 2000 euros minimum to finance at least the two signs, flyers and business cards.

What will we do if the collection exceeds the amount requested?

The more generous you will be, the more functional the bar will be, and the better our expectations will be. Because to date, with the amount we have as personal contribution, plus, the loan to the bank we requested for validated our project, we are forced to take low-end material, not be able to change the single glazing windows and take a minimum of stock start. Because we said that we will change these details in the future, but maybe thanks to you, we can do it before the opening :)


30 Stools: 450 $ 

Decoration: 500 $

10 Tables: 650 $

10 Tables and 30 garden chairs: 650 $

1 Ice cube maker: 800 $

2 displays and 6 shelves bar: 900 $

1 Glass washer: 900 $

2 Showcases: 1200 $

5 Televisions and 5 wall brackets: 1400 $

4 Consoles and 40 games: 1500 $

1 case, 1 monitor and 1 printer: 2300 $

Works: 3000 $

3 Anti-infraction glass: 5000 $

Stock: 3500 $

Treasury: 3500 $

License: 7500 $

To follow the development stages of our project associated with the budget? You can follow us on our facebook page:

Who will receive the donations on his account? Since we still do not have a professional account, Franck Richard will collect the entire collection. We will receive your donations at the end of September (the date we signed the lease and finally started buying the furniture), any purchase thanks to you, will be presented on our Facebook page and at every step I would delete on KsskissBankbank the needs that have rated :)

Make your dream come true! We thank you in advance. We look forward to welcoming you in October! ! !

About the project owner


I introduce myself, my name is Franck and I intend to open a bar game (video games) on Saint-Nazaire with my partner Sébastien. I am 31 years old, native of the Paris region and I came to settle on Nantes 6 years ago. But knowing that a bar game was established on Nantes 3 years ago, I plan to settle in Saint-Nazaire with my partner, 32 years, originally from there, for our future company. My professional background has allowed me to acquire more than 10 years experience in the restaurant, bar, lemonade, of which 4 years as manager in a discotheque in Nantes. Video game level is a passion that I have since my childhood and that does not let go ^^ For my partner, he is currently working in a toy store on Guerande for over 14 years now as a manager. But to this day, we want to evolve in our life, no longer have to validate our wishes to a boss; To express our desires as we see fit and to give all our energy for our cause only, especially on customer contact, festivity, quality, conviviality, adapted and wide hours, attractive decor and a warm atmosphere.