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Revolution D100

A new RPG from the makers of Stupor Mundi and Merrie England


It is now time to disclose the proposed table of contents for Revolution D100:

  • 1. Character creation
  • 2. Skills and Traits
  • 3. Adventuring
  • 4. Basic Combat
  • 4a. Advanced Fantasy Combat
  • 5. Equipment
  • 5a. Advanced Weapon and Armour Design
  • 6a. Advanced Vehicle Design
  • 6. Powers
  • 6a. Believer magic
  • 6b. Arcane magic
  • 6c. Psionics
  • 7. Character Improvement
  • 8. Creatures

If you have read our previous updates carefully, you might have already guessed that the chapters labeled with a letter are "plug-ins" that build on the general concepts provided in the basic system, which is described in the chapter with no letter. New and very detailed plug-ins will be added by supplements and settings - for instance, believer magic will get a more detailed treatment in both Merrie England and Homeward - but those provided in the core book should be enough to run a classic fantasy adventure or dungeon crawl. On the way to publication we hope to add more support for science fiction.

Going Viral

A point on a different note now.

The campaign has reached an important point in its progress and is nearing 50%. Funding proceeds steadily as we explain what will be in the game. The first wave of backers, "the enthusiasts", is already on board or has planned to pledge as soon as finances permit.

However, for a campaign to be successful it cannot limit its action and its appeal to the most enthusiastic supporters. It must rather leverage their enthusiasm to get other people's attention and persuade them to contribute. In other words, the enthusiasm shown by the first wave of backers must turn into a marketing machine!

I am therefore asking you, the early birds, to help Alephtar Games going viral on each and every social media about Revolution D100. Here are some simple actions you can take to ensure that Revolution is funded and that as many options as possible are also funded and made available to you.

  • Put a link to the revolution D100 campaign in your signature on the RPG forums you visit regularly. Here is an example taken from the signature of one of our existing backers:
    [url=""]Support the [B]Revolution D100[/B] crowdfunding campaign![/url]
  • Use the Revolution D100 campaign image on Facebook and G+. It is a great fantasy picture, which our cover artist Tiziano Baracchi graciously granted us to represent the campaign before we commission the real cover for the game, so it will definitely add to the attractiveness of your profile.
    Here is the avatar version
    And here is the cover image version.
  • Share the updates that Alephtar Games posts on Revoution D100 on social media. Do not be afraid of annoying people: social media are about exaggeration, if it does not go viral to the point that someone feels "fed up with it" you are not doing it right. And the social network software will wisely choose which of your contacts to show the link to.
  • And above all: talk about Revolution D100 to all your roleplaying loving friends. We are sure that we will end up answering the question "why should I choose Revolution?" for one thousand times. If you send us one friend of yours, that will be 1001 times - but we are still willing to accept the challenge!

  • Alephtar GamesCreator

    The draft will be available at the end of the crowdfunding. The draft on BRP central can give you an idea, but many things have already evolved since that version.

    Mass combat will be handled by leaders, but like all conflicts it will allow other characters with appropriate traits to provide significant bonuses to the leader.

  • Dreamscape Design

    Any idea when the first draft will be available, or is it similar enough to the Parpuzio draft on BRP Central?

  • Néstor C.

    The mass combat will be for leaders, like shields and walls or for common fighters with single events inside the mass combat like Aquelarre or legend of five rings?

  • Alephtar GamesCreator

    We have not planned a "crunchy" mass combat system with the same detail as advanced combat. However, the basic sequence rules given in update 2, with minimal adaptations that will be suggested in the core rules, will produce a mass combat system that I consider adequate for 90% of campaigns.

  • dstones

    I see. I really hope it will be possible to include modern/sci-fi combat in the core book.
    " Not everything that works well for ancient/fantasy combat is equally suited for other genres"
    Absolutly. The optional Firearms rules published by DM for Runequest 6 were... well.. not so good. I think that Maneuvers are really good, but they seems to be great only in melee fighting... ranged combat is somehow "boring" in RQ.
    I really hope Revolution will fix this :)
    Will the system have also Mass Combat rules ?

  • Alephtar GamesCreator

    At the moment we have a solid, playtested advanced historical/fantasy combat ruleset, but not its modern equivalent. Not everything that works well for ancient/fantasy combat is equally suited for other genres. If possible we will add modern/sci-fi combat along the way (maybe a stretch goal?), otherwise it will have to wait for Mecha, or better a sci-fi supplement, to arrive.

    Advanced Fantasy Combat will be based on after-roll selection of maneuvers. With some notable differences from the existing implementations of this excellent technique, which will be explained in a later update.

  • dstones

    MORE News! Great ! "Advanced Fantasy Combat", why not a "Advanced modern combat" with more rules on firearms ? Or "Basic" combat is enough to simulate "modern" combat ?
    Do you plan to have after-roll "Combat Maneuvers" like Runequest ?