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Revolution D100

A new RPG from the makers of Stupor Mundi and Merrie England


Something juicy for today's update! Someone asked us whether the statistics for creatures and characters will be compatible with those of other games. Well, now you can see with your eyes. Some details are missing, but the stat blocks should have a familiar look.

Here is the general information about two creatures. The information for Advanced Fantasy Combat is included in the creature entries.

And here are two opponents, in the basic version.

And in the Advanced Fantasy Combat version.

  • Alephtar GamesCreator

    Yes, there is a diifference. One score is used in basic combat, the other in advanced combat. The Dx/Dy columns denote the dice you roll to determine the random hit location hit in Close/Ranged combat.

  • sunwolfe

    Very cool, Paolo! They look very compatible and easily adjusted if need arises.

    A couple of things caught my eye. The basic profile has an "action" rank while the advanced profile has "strike" rank. Is there a difference? I'm also curious about the column heading: "D6/D8" and "D8/D10".

    If I'm jumping the gun here on some of my questions, feel free to ignore 'em for now and answer when it's appropriate.

    Thanks for keepin' the updates coming. Communication--an rpg-merchant's life-blood! Well done.