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Revolution D100

A new RPG from the makers of Stupor Mundi and Merrie England

  • Character Sample - the Lunar Coders

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    Last weekend some backers and contributing authors have assembled at the Eternal Convention in Bacharach, Germany (which I heartily recommend to all our fellow gamers!), played Merrie England and discussed the latest release candidate of Revolution D100. The feedback that I received states that the rules are not yet clear enough.

    This is no big surprise. Version 0.5 had been labeled as Release Candidate because it was proposed as a stable, working version of the rules, but it was explicitly submitted to backer scrutiny for comprehensibility. A rewrite of some parts in order to guarantee maximum clarity was mentioned as a possibility in the latest update; it sounds like it might be actually necessary, after all.

    As we stated at the beginning of the crowdfunding campaign, “if the backers themselves tell us that another iteration of writing and playtesting is desirable, we will delay delivery to favour quality over rapidity.” I know for sure that there are people out there who are eager to throw money at us to get the finished version of the core rules, or of Merrie England (which is also ready, by the way), but I will remain true to my original promise of delivering only when all feedback says “it is ready”. And at the moment the only feedback I received says to delay deliver in order to do at least one more round of polishing.

    While I am at work to take into account the good advice that Zit and Arasmo sent me about how to improve the clarity of the next version of Chapter Three, I urge all backers who have had the time to at least read the rules to give some feedback. A playtest report would be really fantastic, but even a short comment like “It is ok for me” or “I could not understand section XYZ” would provide an invaluable help. As you can see, the development team is taking your feedback and criticism into account, so do not be afraid to make any comments: they will help us, and speed the process of finalizing the game and making it available to the general public.

    On a final note, I wish to announce that the next release of the SRD – probably only Chapter Three for this iteration – will be public. Even though I now plan a new iteration, we are indeed getting closer to delivery.

  • Release Candidate - correct link

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • Release Candidate v0.5

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • The consolidated SRD is approaching

    Hello backers,

    After one final round of playtest at FG CON 8, we are now approaching the time of release of the first "release candidate" of the Revolution D100 SRD. We are somehow late with this step, but all feedback received so far says that backers are happy if the game is "delayed but good".

    Most core subsystems have been playtested in the last few months, and after some adjustments we made they are now stable. Some backers have taken the core concept of generic conflicts and used in their own campaigns, adapting it and integrating it into other D100 rulesets. They sounded rather happy of the result, and this is very encouraging because it means that the core rules are flexible and adaptable to different genres and styles of play.

    In particular, I wish to highlight this post of the backer Clarence on BRP Central, where he discusses some experiments he has done. The results are very interesting, indeed.

    A consolidated version of the SRD is thus probably coming within end of April 2016, possibly accompanied by a Fantasy Grounds library that allows FG users to play online. Expect some public online demo outside of FG Con, too.

    Some users have provided useful feedback about clarity of the rules and other aspects that we have tried to integrate in the SRD. At least one further iteration of the SRD is planned to make the rules easier to understand once they are finalised, plus the normal editing step. Nevertheless, if there are suggestions you wish to make before the "release candidate" SRD is distributed, I invite you to do so: we will try to integrate your suggestion in the current iteration, if possible.

    Thanks again to all backers,