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Revolution D100

A new RPG from the makers of Stupor Mundi and Merrie England

  • Dreamscape Design

    Oh! Oh! https://basicroleplaying.or...

  • Reese Flory


    I can't seem to find my download link for the final pdf. Checked spam...

  • Vaughan Cockell

    Please ignore my last comment, I've found it.

  • Vaughan Cockell

    Has there been a full pdf release to the backers yet? I received the srd download email but have backed to Internet mob organizer level and haven't heard anything about the full pdf, despite seeing that printing of the book is going ahead.

  • kjc

    Hello! I have not received my download code (nor is it in my spam folder), please send it to me. Thanks!

  • Alephtar GamesCreator

    Hello cmcurtis,

    The project is going on, some weeks beyond schedule in fact, but I had consistent feedback from supporters that they preferred to have it "done right" rather than "done quickly". I have posted approximately one news per month here, and discussion about the project is going on here:

    Also, some interesting news and a "release candidate" version of the rules will come soon. Soon as "in a few days".

    Happy Easter to everybody and thank you again for your support.

    RosenMcStern - Paolo

  • Craig Curtis

    What happened to this project?

  • Rich Spainhour

    Excellent news! Looking forward to digging into the Beta rules.

  • Alephtar GamesCreator

    I will release a first package this evening.

  • paolo castelli

    Still waiting for Beta rules

  • Alephtar GamesCreator

    Whether or not Homeward is funded in the campaign, you will see more from Charles among future Alephtar releases. He has been involved in almost all we have done for the last few years.

    But of course we prefer that Homeward be funded, so everyone go pledge! Still 12 hours to go.

  • manwithrabbits

    Pledged. because of Charles Green's involvement. Even if you don't hit the bigger goals, any plans for him? Too much talent to let lie fallow.

  • Alephtar GamesCreator

    No, the Activist includes only the core rulebook (print and PDF) and the combat effect cards.

  • Sophia Brandt

    Is the Activist level (40 €) also with PDF stretchgoals? If not, how can I add them?

  • Alephtar GamesCreator

    Hello subporter,

    The sci-fi oriented rules are in fact ready, but at the moment I am more keen to posting character examples than more rules abstracts. There is a lot of materials for people to read already. In any case, as a backer, you will get the full draft of the rules on sunday evening :)

    You can of course merge fantasy and sci-fi games. The big difference will be in some crunchy details of advanced combat. The rules already specify that you can "import" pieces of one system into another, and how. The only caveat is that these hybrids have not been tested (yet).

    Rules for individual sci-fi vehicles will be present in the core rulebook, taken directly from our Mecha book (i.e. playtested stuff). This includes examples of pilotable vehicles like the F-15 Eagle and futuristic fighters equivalent to the Robotech Valkyirie or Battlestar Galactica's Vipers.

    Capital ship stat examples will be present, too, but the ship-to-ship combat system presented in the rules will be the equivalent of basic combat and not advanced. However, this is already enough for a combat model that takes a character's combat station into account. In the second update you can see a Start Trek example where every single character has an opportunity to take part in the action wih a different role.

  • subporter


    On one of the updates can we get some information on some of the Sci-Fi oriented rules? There doesn't seem to be any details about this aspect of the game, yet.

    I'd like to know how RevD100 will handle ships and vehicles. Specifically, will there will be different ship crew station mechanics that can be incorporated into a futuristic game. This type of stuff is to Sci-Fi what magic and whatnot is to Fantasy.

    Also, since this uses one system for all aspects of play, hypothetically, merging Fantasy and Sci-Fi should be easy. Is this correct and is there information available for how this works?


  • Juan Cruz Balda Berrotarán

    Thanks. :-)

  • Alephtar GamesCreator

    Merrie England will be the subject of a future update. In the meantime, you can chat directly with Simon and me on October the 15th at 19:00 GMT on

  • Juan Cruz Balda Berrotarán


    It would be nice if we could have more information about Merrie England: Robyn Hode suplement (Table of Contents, diferences with Age of Chivalry, etc.)

    In adition, I hope Merrie England will find rules stability and we will see in a non-distant future Age of Crusade, Age of Adventure, etc.

    Good luck!

  • Mankcam

    Hi there,

    Just a query - how do you update a pledge level on Ulule?

    (I have only used Kickstarter and Indiegogo before, so I'm not familiar with navigating this crowd funding site)

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