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Revolution D100 Hardcover Edition

A new format for a great roleplaying game

About the project

As the time for a reprint of the core book approaches, we ask our fans to help us move Revolution D100 to a hardback format. We funded the Alephtar Games roleplaying system on Ulule two years ago, in softcover and PDF format. For a lucky coincidence, the project is set to end exactly two years after the funding of the original Revolution D100 campaign in 2015, on November 14th.

If you are a roleplaryer but you are new to Revolution D100, we recommend that you check out the free quickstart adventure. It is a cross-genre scenario that highights the flexibility of the game.

Alephtar Games has been publishing roleplaying game materials for ten years, partnering with some of the best publishers on the gaming scene. However, before Revolution D100 our experience was primarily with supplements and not core rules, so we produced Revolution D100 in the format we were most familiar with, the softcover book.

Revolution D100 in softcover format

Our backers and customers appreciated the quality of the soft bound book, with its glossy paper and techno-fantasy decorations. However, we eventually realized that a sewn, hardcover book is more usable when you do not just want to read it but also to use it as a reference at the table.

Thus, after consulting with our supporters, and as the existing stock neared exhaustion, we have decided to attempt an upgrade of the core rule book format. We will probably keep the softcover version in print as a “budget” version, but in our vision the hardcover should become the new reference format for Revolution D100, as more and more gamers start to use the system and keep the rule book on their gaming tables. As we are still running on a tight budget, and to confirm that our customers agree with our decision to upgrade the format, we have come back to Ulule to crowdfund the first print run of the hardcover version.

This time our project does not involve any rule development or translation that might cause delays. All changes in the layout will be completed before the end of the campaign, to let supporters know what they will get for their pledges, and after this we are ready to deliver. This means that:

  • You get the PDF immediately on completion of the campaign, via an upgrade of the existing product on DriveThruRPG. If you do not have it on DTRPG yet, you receive a DriveThruRPG coupon at that time.
  • If funded, the book goes to the printer on Nov 15th, we have it ready to ship around Dec 4th, and you get it for Christmas (barring troubles with the mailman).
  • T-shirts and other gadgets also have a production time of around two weeks, so if we fund they will be ready by Dec 4th.

Just as a side note: our two successful projects on Ulule have already delivered, or are currently in delivery. The last copies of the French version of Call of Catthulhu have already left our warehouse and are currently en route to our backers’ homes, and the rest of what we have funded on Ulule has already touched base. Just in case you were wondering.

The book is essentially the same that we have already delivered to our 2015 backers, just with a more durable binding that makes it easier to keep it open on the gaming table. There will be some minor additions and clarifications, and of course integration of the eight points of the errata sheet included in the first print run.

However, we have carefully avoided to introduce changes that would invalidate the existing version of the book. We do not want to penalize those who are already happy with the softcover. If you have the original volume and the errata sheet, your version of the rules is still up to date.

Here is a list of the changes that you will find in the book:

  • [Errata] All that has been discovered so far
  • [Renaming] Manipulation Traits become Manipulation Stunts, a more appropriate term.
  • [Renaming] Life Points become Exertion Points, to avoid misunderstandings.
  • [Renaming] Torso is renamed as Body for humanoids, too.
  • [Streamlining] A result of Advantage-vs-Advantage in Advanced Combat is brought in line with generic Conflict and Basic Combat, that is it becomes the equivalent of a Success-vs-Success.
  • [Streamlining] Readying missiles now costs the same SR needed to fire them, not half.
  • [Streamlining] Once you have successfully crafted one item with a base Value equal to your Craft / 10 without Consequences, you can create new specimens without a Conflict in one Time Unit.
  • [Streamlining, optional] Instead of halving Protection on a coverage roll of 0, you can now ignore magical armour actively by bringing the Coverage roll to -1 with an Aimed Blow Effect. This is an exception to the rule that the Coverage roll cannot go below 0. If this fits your game world, the Narrator can require that the attacker has Second Sight active or knows a specific Stunt in order to use this technique.
  • [Clarification] The extended cost of 20 for the first action when using the Ranged Opening Move applies also to non-attack opening actions like Aim or defences. If you do not shoot immediately, you lose the advantage of using a ranged weapon.
  •  [Clarification] A character can always make a “fake” Close Combat Attack with the main weapon, even when an opponent is not within range, in order to move. If enemies are very close, this may be more sensible than charging.
  • [Clarification] If you Wait before executing a Move action you can use the Free Action to move five Strike Rank later at no Strike Rank cost. This is useful if you are waiting for your allies to bring an entrenched opponent to zero Strike Rank with Suppress before moving.
  • [Clarification] Loading a projectile like an arrow is a generic Ready Item action and costs five Strike Rank regardless of the cost of firing the weapon
  • [Clarification] Should an Overwhelm Effect be used against an opponent who has only a Missile Weapon ready, the weapon has a Parry value of 1 if one-handed, 2 if two-handed.
  • [Clarification] When making or enhancing ammunition or portable power sources, one single Conflict produces ten items, not just one.
  • [Clarification] Duration of clips for energy weapons is expressed in Might. A standard clip holds 20 Might, that is 10 pistol shots but just five Heavy Rifle shots. Weapons capable of bursts require heavy clips holding 90 Might, and even these can fire just 3 ten-shot bursts or 10 three-shot bursts.
  • [Balance, Optional] Bypass Defence is limited by the unit die roll, not the tens one.
  • [Balance, Optional] Project Energy can now be interpreted as converting the caster’s own Exertion Points into Energy, up to the Might of the spell, and not just creating Energy out of the blue. This increases the overall cost of physical attack spells.
  • [Balance] Dodging Projection spells now receives only one Penalty, as the target has some means of anticipating the incoming attack by looking at the caster concentrating.
  • [Additional Rule] If you do not want to use Fate Points, you can alternatively use a Motivation as a Positive Consequence once per session. You can attempt a Motivation roll to recover a spent Motivation before the next session.
  • [Additional rule] A new Stunt is added that allows you to use the difference in Status as “armour” in social Conflicts.
  • [Additional Rule] The cost of Altering Intents and switching to a different opening move is now unified with next action, which thus costs five SR more than usual.
  • [Additional Rule] Once you have Charged, you can automatically switch to a Close Combat Opening move without paying SR.
  • [Additional Rule] The Cybernetics innate power has been added as a prerequisite for integrating implants/gadgets into your character’s body.

Let us show you something about the game, then.

We know it, and we are still grateful for your invaluable help. We acknowledge that the original subscribers deserve something more, as they have already provided an important support to our game. Anyone who was in the original crowdfunding campaign and pledges again for a physical copy of the hardcover book will receive an extra gift. The options you have as an original subscriber will be presented via the original Revolution D100 campaign mailing list here on Ulule.

After consulting with our Ulule counsellors, we have found that this is the best way of acknowledging the role of original Revolution D100 supporters. We had thought of allowing them to pledge at a lower amount to receive the physical book, but this would require a pre-emptive check of the “original subscriber” status of the backer before allowing the special pledge. In this way, instead, everyone makes the same pledge, but our loyal long-time supporters receive an enhanced reward.

We do not know if we can go much beyond the starting goal, but here are some possible new objectives. Should we exceed the target by far we will add new ones.

All rewards which include physical copies will receive a saddle-stitched booklet of The Conspiracy Theory, normally not available in print.

Because you do not want our artists to remain idle, do you?

What are the funds for?

The funds will cover the costs of the first print run of a hard bound edition of Revolution D100, which will then become the standard format for the core book. There will be no expenses for development of the line, as these have already been covered in the first campaign.

About the project owner

Paolo Guccione has lived in several parts of Europe, but mainly in Italy. He is the mind behind the RPG publisher Alephtar Games. He decides which games to publish, sometimes writes the game himself, selects the artists for cover images and other artwork, coordinates production, promotes games, and wastes a lot of time playing at conventions. Among the titles that Alephtar Games published so far, he has written Stupor Mundi, Crusaders of the Amber Coast, Mecha, and of course, the Revolution D100 core rules.


  • Can I get the new contents without repurchasing the book?

    Absolutely yes. If you have the PDF version or a book+PDF bundle, you have just to re-download it after the campaign, and all modifications will be there, at no cost. All subscribers will receive a DriveThruRPG link for their PDF, this time, as we have made a tighter agreement with our historical partners of OneBookShelf Inc. But if your copy is on our own shop at RPG Meeting, it will be updated free of charge, too.
    We stress again that this campaign is in no way an attempt at making you repurchase the core volume. If you find it more convenient to have the hardcover, great! Otherwise you are fine with the book you have.

    Last updated: 2 years, 9 months ago

  • Can I get the combat cards that came with the original campaign?

    The cards are already available via DriveThruCards.

    If you want them as a part of the reward of this campaign, add €10 to your pledge and drop us a line as a reminder. If you are a subscriber of the original campaign, you can have them as your special gift if you pledge here.

    Last updated: 2 years, 9 months ago

  • Will there be a French edition of this game?

    We are considering it very seriously. We have just concluded our first RPG project in French, here on Ulule, and it has been a success, encouraging us to make more games in French. However, it has also taught us that we require a special degree of caution with the translation process. French gamers are particularly demanding when it comes to grammar and spelling, and we must have a more robust translation and editing process in place before proceeding with more French editions. And this means that we cannot give any confirmation or ETA of a French Revolution project. Yet.

    Last updated: 2 years, 9 months ago