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Rêvalités - Dreamalities

Between dream and reality

About the project

The project:


Rêvalités is a short film project based on the interaction of two different but connected worlds:

                  >Photography and film 


A collaborative project between two looks, two approaches of image, two sensitivities.

Our goal: to create a moving and unique film.


Julie de Waroquier is a young photographer who has been awarded several national and international prizes. Her pictures between dream and reality take you into intimate and moving places that will never leave you cold.

Discover her work here>


Damien Steck is an award-winning director and film-maker who has created a very personal style filled with sensitivity and poetry.

Discover his work here >


Rêvalités is thus the film adaptation of Julie de Waroquier’s photography book, which is composed of five years of pictures creation (published by KnowWare editions).



In an abandoned house, a young woman takes us into the idealized memories that this childhood place arouse in her. Little by little, the dreamy world of a lonely but poetic childhood crumbles. Though she is trying to control it, reality won’t let her dream, and the childhood house finally clearly appears abandoned and fell apart. Her family, her memories, everything she ran away from and that she was hoping to find again don’t exist anymore.

Here is a video that displays the film adaptation of several pictures by Julie, as well as the visual effects and compositing work that was necessary to build these pictures.

Many shots will combine multiple layers as in Julie’s digital work, and will consequently require to resort to various filming and post-processing techniques, such as green screen footage, compositing and special effects.


Here are some pictures of Julie de Waroquier that will be adapted in the story and therefore reproduced in video:


The film will thus be composed of a visual narration, upon which the character’s voice-over (based on Julie’s writings) will give a personal and poetry tone to the story written by Damien.


A few pictures extracted from Damien Steck’s films:





The film is produced by OUKA-studio society, which was created by Damien Steck in 2011, and which pays for the production management as well as filming expenses, some accessories and team expenses, since the beginning of the filming.

OUKA-studio furnishes the filming and post-processing means (worth 15000 euros.)

Almost 8000 euros have besides already been invested since the beginning of the filming in February 2013. But we need you to go on…


And here are some shots already filmed… 





What are the funds for?

Today, there is only one shooting left to organize. It will be the keystone of all the other sequences, and it is also the most complicated. Indeed, we have to film the main room where the most important sequences of the narration will occur. This place will be transformed in parallel with the character’s memories and emotions, evolving from dream to reality.

As we have reached 100% of the fundraising, the last filming is already being prepared. But here is the new levels that would help us finish this film on a high note!


>If we reach 6000 euros, the post-processing will be funded, which includes the visual effects, the studio to record the voice-over and the sound effects,…


 That is why today we ask for your support, so that the film can come to life…




About the project owner

The two project owners:

- Julie de Waroquier  /

Julie de Waroquier is a self-taught French photographer, also philosophy teacher, who started photography in 2008. Since 2010, she has distinguished herself by winning several national and international awards, notably the International Emerging Artist Award. Her photographs are worldwide exhibited, and were notably showcased at the Rencontres d’Arles. 


“The film adaptation of my book is a new and thrilling experience for me. The adventure is both artistic and human, around an exciting project. The project needs hard work and strong personal commitment, but I’m motivated by Damien’s energy and talent, and eager to create a dream in pictures!”



- Damien STECK  /

Damien Steck is an award-winning director, he has a particular sensitivity, a personal touch. His films are marked by a certain poetry. Passionate by motion graphics and design, he developed a refined aesthetic, through his choices of cinematography and use of graphics in post production. His curiosity for new trends led him to be Director of Photography on a feature film and to shoot in more than thirty country worldwide.


« Julie de Waroquier’s pictures have something very personal and however completely universal at the same time. I hope that the film will convey all the sensitivity and mystery that reign inside each of her shots, because if I want to do cinema, this is before everything to share emotions to the spectators.

Personal projects such as short films are the best way today to surpass oneself, and to create innovative and creative projects.

These projects require funds and don’t have a profitable goal, but they are the occasion for me to meet and to collaborate with new persons and new horizons. For me, these projects are like adventures that are totally worth the hard work and the energy that we put inside.”



The actress/model

Ana Falvius   /

Ana Falvius is a confirmed model who has been practicing theatre for five years. She knows both photographic and cinematographic work.

In parallel, she studies archeology and art history, being interested in artistic, science and fashion fields. Ana has the gentleness and natural beauty that the main character of our story needs.


“I feel very lucky to be able to participate in this project with Damien Steck and Julie de Waroquier. They are both artists with a world of their own, wonderful and magic. They are naturally artistically connected, because even if they have specificities, their worlds have intimate bounds, being made of landscapes, surrealism, calm and delicacy. This is also a world that moves me and into which I’m glad to collaborate, by sharing some of my own sensitivity.”





If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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