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Promote Street Art to support the restoration of two paintings in need

About the project

Help the no-profit LinkedARTS to restore two beautiful paintings in the church of Santa Maria della Pace in Rome. You will contribute to saving the world’s cultural heritage and promote an artistic joint venture between ancient and contemporary art! 


We have 90 days to raise funds, so please SHARE this project with all your friends... on Facebook and other social networks!!!


Our project “Save Art with Street Art” focuses on the restoration of two paintings of the mannerist painter Gerolamo Siciolante da Sermoneta, housed in a lateral chapel of the church of Santa Maria della Pace in Rome. The paintings will be restored if we receive a contribution of 28.000 euros. The popular italian street artist Lucamaleonte, involved in the project, will realize the rewards for our donors.


The church of Santa Maria della Paceis one of the most beautiful and renowned religious sites in Rome, thanks to the baroque facade of Pietro da Cortona and the frescoes representing the Sybils, painted by Raphael in the early 16th century. The church is located in the very center of the city, nearby Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, surrounded by ancient important buildings and nice locales, as cozy coffee bars and colored shop.


The paintings represent St. Andrew, the old figure with the long beard, and St. Sebastian, characterized by the beautiful naked body. Gerolamo Siciolante da Sermoneta painted these artworks in the late 16th century. The monumental figures are a classic example of manneristic art, characterized by the elongated forms and, for St. Sebastian in particular, anatomically defined by strong muscles. The last intervention on these surfaces dates back from the early 2000’s.The paintings now urgently require a new restoration to address particularly worrying conditions. Specifically, there are a great quantity of detachments of the original pictorial layers, and the presence of altered consolidants on the surfaces makes the situation very precarious. We must act as fast as possible to save and protect these suffering surfaces.

How is this restoration project now connected with the vibrant scene of street art in Rome?

Restoring old paintings can be made possible by revitalizing street art by contemporary artists in Rome. Image that you have a recent artwork of a popular street artist in Rome as a recompense for your contribution and that these funds are used to finance the restoration of the aforementioned old artworks! And moreover, both artworks have a strong link with each other... 


Projects involving Street Art in Rome are increasing daily, usually linked to social campaigns such as redevelopment of urban areas. Street art has become a social phenomenon around the world, with public artworks changing the appearance of our main capitals. Street art is then useful, insofar as it represents a colorful way to change our hometowns as well as a medium to communicate strong messages. Day by day it is becoming more and more familiar to people around the world, probably including those of you who are now reading about our project!

For further information on this topic, here are some links to events organized in Rome over the last few months and years, with the participation of some of the most important names of the contemporary Street Art international scene:

From the italian newspaper Repubblica: http://video.repubblica.it/edizione/roma/ostiense-si-veste-di-street-art-graffiti-al-sottopasso/120338?video=&ref=HRESS-7



Given our belief to Street Art as vehicle of social change and our appreciation of his fast and immediate way to communicate with people, we decided to involve a street artist in our project. In our concept, this artist had to create an artwork by reflecting on one of the two ancient painting we wanted to restore. Finally we decided to ask a Roman street artist, Lucamaleonte, whose charming and sophisticated art is beginning to be recognised all over the world, and is often inspired by ancient art. 

Below you can see some examples of Lucamaleonte's artworks:

For more examples, see at:





In exchange of your donations, you will be rewarded with a real artwork by Lucamaleonte, specifically created for this project. Previews images have been provided by the artist, to have an idea of the final artworks (see below, № 1 and 2).


Depending on your contribution, you will receive:

1) a signed original serigraph (2 colors and 300 gr. paper) available in different dimensions:

  • 15 x 21 cm (5.8 × 8.3 inches), based both on the images № 1 and 2 and printed on 150 pieces for each image. You can choose the one you like most, according to the availability.  
  • 30 x 42 cm (11.7 × 16.5 inches)based on the image № 2. They will be printed on 100 pieces. 
  • 50 x 70 cm (20 x 27,5 inches)based on the image № 1. They will be printed on 50 pieces.

2) A “stencilography” (stencil painting realized on rigid paper), size: 50 x 70 cm (20 x 27,5 inches), signed and realized in a maximum of 25 artworks. The image represented will be based on the preview № 1

3) A stencil painting on canvas, size 50 x 70 cm (20 x 27,5 inches) signed and in edition of 3 for each image (№ 1 and 2)

For the smaller contributions, we will reward you with high definition digital photos and 30 x 42 cm (11.7 × 16.5 inches)posters representing the final artworks of Lucamaleonte, and you will chose the one you like most (previews № 1 and 2).

All donors will be acknowledged and thanked on the website and on the Facebook page created for the project.

The estimated delivery for all the rewards is November 2014.

What are the funds for?

If we will reach the goal of 28.000, we will have the resources required to:

- Support the costs for the restoration of the two paintings (including: 1. the costs for buying the most suitable materials for all the delicate operations needed, such as replacing the old support of both paintings and carefully cleaning the surfaces. 2. The charges for the team of experts who will work on the project, including restorers, photographers and scientists for laboratory analysis on the paintings materials. 

- Cover the production and developments costs of the artworks that will be given as rewards to donors.

- Cover the shipping costs worldwide to send the rewards to all our donors.

- Cover taxes and dues

The restoration will start few shortly after receiving the required funding and will take a period of several months, with the exact timing according to the receipt of the required permissions.

About the project owner


LinkedARTS cultural non-for-profit organization aimed at the conservation and the promotion of  cultural heritage. Team: Giulia Rollo (President) Daria Montemaggiori (Vice President) and Alessandra Risolo (Treasurer). We are all art restorers, trained in the best restoration schools in Italy (Superior Institute for Conservation and Restoration of Rome and University of Turin/Center for Conservation and Restorarion “La Venaria Reale”, Turin) and with several years of professional experience in the field of conservation/restoration of cultural heritage.

For our full biographies, please see:


We thankBeatrice Muscolino (graphic designer) Sergio Lolini (video editor) Tom Wambeke (expert in communication and social media), Francesca Checchi (video maker) and Massimo Voci (composer), for their valuable contributions to our project.

We also thank theSezione Arte Sacra e Beni culturali of the Vicariato di Roma.

The restoration will be realized under the supervision of the Soprintendenza speciale per il patrimonio storico-artistico ed etnoantropologico e per il Polo Museale della città di Roma.


Lucamaleonte, born in Rome in 1983, is a master of the “stencil art”. He is one of the few artists able to produce multilevel stencils. He usually works both on walls and on canvas.Over the last ten years of activity, he has worked in Italy and abroad with more than 50 personal and collective exhibitions.