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The movie : RESET

Love, Music and Free Running (Parkour)

About the project

RESET is a narrative feature-length film that relates the story of several characters during a single day, in a small city in Algeria (this story could happened in Tunisia, Morocco and other places around the world). Our characters meet in a wedding hall: the bride Kamila, the singer Sonia, a kitchen aid Salima, Youcef a childhood friend of Kamila, Kamel the husband of Sonia, and Khaled the groom, among other  characters. 

All goes as planned but as usual everyone is stressed. But Youcef, who sells mobile phone accessories and practices free running, decides to bring some challenges to all the attendies that day.

A tribute to women and young people who are trying to find a way between tradition and modernity.


  • The actress Adila Bendimered will play the character of Kamila. We are happy to welcome her in the film.

                                                                 Credits Adila Bendimered

  • The actress Rym Takoucht will play the character of Salima. We are happy to welcome her in the film.

                                                       Credits Rym Takoucht

  • Other actors and actresses read the script at the present, more news to come.

  • The Rap/Chaabi singer and Composer Farid Belhoul (Diaz), ex MBS, will contribute to the music of the film and the sound tracks.

  • For Free Running/Parkour and all that is related to it, we will collaborate with Aboubakar Benbaha. A talented young man, and though injured from a fall, is still one of the best in his discipline in Algeria.

  • For the crew, work in progress, more news to come.
  • Remi Mazet, DOP with whom we have worked previously on Kedach Ethabni, How Big Is Your Love, 2011, will do the image of the film. We are working with him on the schedule and technics.

  • Other information on talents, location sets and partners to come! 

What are the funds for?

  • We have decided to produce this film as a collaborative project and find alternative solutions, why?

- Because the film projet allows for an environment of collaboration, participation, coproduction and crowdfunding, it has an energy that is in its DNA, it matches perfectly with all that.

We plan to shoot the film in December and January (2017/2018), but to achieve this we have reduced our budget to a maximum, the length of shooting time (25 days), the crew (20 persons), we have changed our design of the shooting (2 cameras with a minimum of light), we have put our salaries and production costs into participation  (producers, script and director). And we are working on solutions through partnership, sponsors, coproduction, etc. to be able to shoot during the upcoming winter.

Our target for this crowdfunding is 5 000 €, which will allow us to secure the shooting conditions, first:

1- Two or three plane tickets for the DOP and extra luggage (Paris/Algiers)                           828 €

2- Insurance for the film (actors, crew and equipment)                                                          2072 €

3- To purchase camera accessories, small devices and props                                             1700 €

(hard disks for back up and security, cards for shooting and accessories

for light and sound, batteries, etc.)                              

4 - Ulule commission    (8%)                                                                                                   400 €

If we reach this amount we will be grateful but if we are able to exceed it, we can cover other expenses that need your support as well:

Target 2 : Pay the salaries of the actors, talents, crew and free runners (whose salarie have already been reduced to a minimum).

1- actors, talents and free runners                                                                                23 300 €

2- Crew                                                                                                                         35 500 €

3- Taxes on salaries in Algeria (25% on crew only)                                                    11 375 €

4- The Ulule commission (8%)                                                                                      5 614 €

If by chance we arrive at this amount, we will be extremely happy but if we exceed it, wow, we will be able to have some comfort during the shooting (nights in hostels for the cast and crew, better sandwiches and have reliable transportation, etc.).

Here bonus starts (and we will definitively tell you how we will spend the money).

THANK YOU, in advance!

About the project owner

The Association Z et Cie, law 1901, was created in 2016 in Paris suburb. The statutes of the association centre on the production, distribution and promotion of women's films. Crowdfunding as a course of action is included in the statutes. Since its creation, the association has done mainly administrative work so this project constitutes the first action towards its objectives.

According to its statutes, contributions are to be considered as follows : Membership, Benefactor Member and Association Associate.

Though your contribution will not entitle you to a fiscal rebate but we have written to the fiscal administration to ask for the right to issue a valid tax receipt for those who need it. And in all cases you will receive a receipt.

For any addition information please write to us: [email protected]


Fatma Zohra Zamoum is an author, director and producer:

The line producer and main producer of the project is Z et Compagnie Productions (Algeria). Created in 2008 in Algeria, it has since that time produced 4 films in Algeria, (in coproduction with Morocco and France and with the help of diverse institutions in the three countries).

For more information, please visit the website :

At this stage we would like to thank: Mille Concepts and The Centre of the Study and Research of African Women in Cinema.