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Saving Animals - Our Priority

Reptilworldpark: created for those animals that disappear in silence

About the project


The ReptilWorldPark is a project exclusively dedicated to the conservation and protection of reptilian fauna. This one arrives at a moment when we realize that everything is illusory and that nature is more than ever in danger.
Our project is voluntarily located in Portugal for its climate ideally favorable to the realization of some of our future programs such as the reproduction in a controlled space of endangered or endangered species. And we will also have our awareness-raising actions, our protection and conservation initiatives carried out in the field as well as our educational programs, one will be a space open to the public and it will make it possible to self-finance our establishment.


(30,000m² of landscaped outdoor space dedicated to reptiles, including a covered establishment of 1000m²)


Field work helps to protect reptiles in the wild and to study them to better understand their needs. However, for many reasons such as the destruction of natural habitats (ex : fires), poaching, pollution or even climate changes, biologists will be unable to protect most of the endangered species.



Captive breeding helps to prevent the disappearance of many endangered or even extinct species in the wild. However, even after being bred in captivity, reptiles cannot necessarily be reintroduced into the wild without having been prepared, as well as the carefully chosen reintroduction site.



A reptile conservation center allows you to take care of reptiles, to care for them and to predict their future. But for financial reasons due to the huge expenses necessary for their operations, they are very rare, as they are unable to finance themselves.



Making reptiles known to as many people as possible helps raise awareness and better protect them. However, it’s impossible to protect a reptile that e don’t know. Humans have always been unable to believe in something they have never seen, much less protect it.




Protecting nature is extremely complex. Especially in our time when everyone has his ideology and wants to impose it on others. And it is for these reasons that many projects are prematurely abandoned or even sabotaged.
Here are some examples of common situations : biologists working in the field do not want to see an animal in captivity; breeders do not know the work in the field; conservation centers have little or no funding; animal parks promote reptiles but have a bad reputation.


The ReptilWorldPark is an ambitious project that will bring together the skills of each specialty in order to achieve its objectives.
And for that there is only one solution : Create a conservation center which will be open to the public for self-financing and which will also inform and educate visitors. And at the same time, we will offer the possibility to breeders to breed endangered species in captivity in a natural environment and to biologists to reintroduce them into the wild, while creating protection programs in the field.




The whole will be managed by our team of biologists, ecologists, breeders and veterinarian, all reptile specialists, who have chosen to work together to change the future of these animals.


The ReptilWorldPark project will be voluntarily located in the heart of Portugal for its Mediterranean-type climate with mild winters and very sunny summers, between sea and mountains.

Coming to visit us will be the perfect opportunity to observe the work that we will be doing at ReptilWorldPark while enjoying the hospitality of Portugueses and the cultural heritage as well as the landscapes of the oldest nation of Europe. Change of scenery guaranteed at attractive prices.


What are the funds for?


By participating in the financing of this project, you will concretely participate in the protection of reptiles because 20% of reptiles are already threatened with extinction. Please note that today we have an "unprecedented" rate of species extinction which is accelerating day by day and reptiles are not an exception to the rule.

This funding will constitute the contribution that will allow us to create the first park exclusively dedicated to the conservation and protection of reptiles of the Iberian Peninsula.

Pitches and Business Plan for Investor - Click here



Important: It is obvious that if the objective of the fundraising campaign carried out on the Ulule site doesn’t reach the desired objectives and / or if the amount collected wasn’t sufficient to create the ReptilWorldPark, all donors will be refunded after being informed.


About the project owner

Great fan of reptiles and specialist of reptiles for over 22 years, I have been the initiator of many professional or association projects related to reptiles in France, such as the creation of two associations protecting reptiles. This resulted in me being appointed reptile expert for the prefecture of my department. The decision to open the ReptilworldPark in Portugal was a family decision, because of the impact it would have on our lives.



The adventure started 2 years ago, through my many trips between France and Portugal. Two years during which I contacted various organizations that supported me in my research and the creation of my business plan. It was a period when I had the chance to meet many local specialists who were passionate about this project and who are now working with me.

The fact that this project has already been a great success during presentations or in a competition where the ReptilWorldPark ends up as a finalist, gave me the confidence and momentum necessary to continue this project. But today, we no longer have the financial means to continue and within a few weeks, we will no doubt be forced to abandon this project, however considered viable and capable of self-financing. We must quickly collect the necessary contribution to the creation of this project. It is a priority for the future.


Help us bring the Reptilworldpark to life, thank you.



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  • Hello, I want to make a donation, but I want to make it in a few days. Will it change anything?


    Yes enormously for 2 simple reasons:

    1. You have a good chance of forgetting to make your donation or unfortunately withdrawing.
    2. Making a donation quickly will motivate others to do the same, a contrario if everyone donates late, the campaign will be doomed to failure

    Last updated: 4 months, 1 week ago

  • Hello, How can I help you get this project done?


    Currently, the main problem with the Reptilworldpark is that it does not have the funding, even though this project is considered viable by professionals.

    The only way to help us right now is to donate, to help us find a place where investors or convince as many as we can, but to make a donation.

    Last updated: 4 months, 1 week ago

  • Hello, Will this project really help reptiles and save some species?


    We claim to be participating in the rescue of many reptile species through our breeding programs and field actions.

    But one thing is certain: if no one does anything, many species are at risk of extinction.

    Last updated: 4 months, 1 week ago