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Dignity for the Refugees houses in BCN

After the house-holdings donation we need to manage the transport

About the project

To make the life of our new neighbors in Barcelona a bit more comfortable, the Refugee's Academy supporting the NGOAccem have initiated a household items donation campaign to collect some household appliances and decoration for refugeenew neighbors families. The idea is to convert the apartments in homes. Giving them some dignity.

♥️ This campaign has been a success so far with the help of generous kind-hearted people of Barcelona ♥️

However, we are still one step away from completing our mission. We have received so many donations from different parts of the city and we need to pick up all these donations and store them in one of our warehouses across Barcelona. Once we have all the donations collected, we will ship them to refugees new neighbors apartments.

To do so, we need to rent a van for three to four days approximately at the end of March, which will cost at least 800€. So, we need your help to make our mission completed by covering transportation costs.

(Collected donations will be distributed to ACCEM, overlooking 16 refugees apartments in Barcelona that host families and individuals from Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Eritrea, Senegal, Ghana, Argella, Libya, Mali, and Somalia.)

What are the funds for?

The cost will be split in:

About the project owner

At present, there are more than 35 conflicts armed to the world with overhead levels of violence. In the majority, there are inequalities of gender and persecusió religious. People of all over of the world displace to the zones of first line of performance to help to those that have opted, in a measure of despair and horror, to yield to the offers of the traffickers of people that decide to undertake the most risked voyage of his life with the indispensable minimum and accompanied often of his women and boys. This travel destiny most of the time is Europe.

At the moment in Spain a little bit more than 700 refugees have arrived from the 16.000 quote that the govern said would take.


The Academy has as a priority be a nexus of unions that will do stronger the achievements of the collaboration, insertion, and visibility of the refugees.

This is what we want to do.

Also, we want to explain the crises and the “background” of the refugees to the population. Break taboos of religion, education, culture. Do talks explaining situations and approaching the two sides.

Create a “factory of ideas” and activities, where crossing the refugees crises with other crises, creating solutions (i.e.: the environmental problem: recycling and developing fashion accessories).

Create employment, diffusion and revenue while works with rubbish and resolve other big problem.

Educate the society and also transform houses of refugees in homes with the first of our projects: OUR NEW NEIGHBOURS.


If you want to donate household, please fill the form bellow:



Refugees Academy: