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Recording Europe

The Audiobook

About the project


We're DIY musicians and sound engineers from Switzerland and Iceland who met some years ago and became friends because we have a similar approach to music and creativity. We are doing this crowdfunding campaign to help us finance the production of our first audio book.

Recording Europe has been our project since 2015, an ever-evolving concept based on the idea of a nomad recording studio that tours Europe to record and film bands. So far more than 50 bands in 10 countries have worked with us, and in February 2018 we will add 18 bands from the Faroe Islands to the list.

But beyond recording images and sounds, Recording Europe is about telling stories.

We told such stories in the past through a documentary, video sessions and video-blogs. This time around we want to share the story through an audiobook, a medium that allows us to add a sonic dimension to our thoughts and words.

Our trip to the Faroe Islands will provide the background for the story we want to tell. But more importantly we want the book to convey the untold reality of the independent music scene, which constitute the immense majority of musicians, where means are limited but where passion is the fuel, dedication is abundant and creativity unbound. To that end we will dig into our respective experiences and share our experiences as DIY musicians and recordists.

In our minds the Faroe Islands are the perfect embodiment of the DIY scene: it’s musically booming, yet few are aware of the immense creativity going on there. We feel that immersing ourselves there is a great way to inspire our story.

After we return from the Faroe Islands we’ll commence the writing of the book. Once the script is finished we’ll narrate the book ourselves, mixing our voices with every audio tool available to us to paint an immersive sonic picture of our story. Estimated completion of the audiobook and delivery of all the rewards is december 2018.

About past tours:

The first Recording Europe focused on Western Europe and its main goal was to direct a documentary about the DIY ethics of the bands met on the road, record 33 bands in 33 days and print CDs of the recordings. You can watch the movie here:

Hand made / silk screened CDs and posters of the first tour

The second Recording Europe focused on Scandinavia and was about producing video sessions such as these:

and daily video blogs cut and uploaded from the road:

we also film/record/mix concerts :

What are the funds for?

The funds will help us with travel expenses, and since we will be flying to the Faroe Islands there are things we can't bring with us and so have to rent there.

The audiobook itself will come in hand made physical copies that will bring producing costs (as well as the other rewards available through this campaign).

We provide our services to the bands for free, but accept donations if any.

Many many thanks to www.visitfaroeislands.com for believing in us and providing us with plane tickets.

About the project owner

Find us on facebook:


Kevin Galland

Kevin is a musician and audio engineer from Switzerland, and a graduate from an Audio Engineering Society affiliated school. He came up with the Recording Europe concept in 2015 when he felt the urge to meet people and multiply his hands-on experience as a recordist in unfamiliar/challenging conditions. During that trip he directed a documentary, and was joined by his friend Ragnar Ólafsson in 2016.

He has been playing music for more than 20 years, and got interested in producing/engineering during his late teenage years. Since then Kevin has been passionate about the Do It Yourself (DIY) ethics and attitude, even before he knew about the existence or the name of such a movement. That passion intensified with the years and became the main topic of the documentary he directed. He taught himself as a hobby for close to 10 years until he decided he wanted to make producing music his job, and attended a two year program in an AES school.

He worked live or in the studio for bands/artists/companies such as Ubi Soft, Unfold, Zéro Absolu, Coilguns, Louis Jucker, Among Gods, Julien Fehlmann, Myrra Rós, The Rambling Wheels, Yvan Bing, Juan Blanco...

Kevin worked and learnt for 2 years as an assistant at Studio Mécanique, Switzerland. It gave him the chance to work with/for inspiringly humble people, practice his craft on vintage gear as well as cutting edge technology, and dedicate himself to music both inside and outside of his comfort zone - Baroque, Jazz, Metal, Hip-Hop, Film scores, Pop, Punk... 

Ragnar Ólafsson

Ragnar Ólafsson is writer, musician and recording engineer from Iceland.

Since graduating with a B.A in Literature from the University of Iceland in 2008, Ragnar has made his living as a DIY musician. He has recorded, produced and self-released more than a dozen albums with various bands and projects, and toured and performed his music in more than 30 countries.

Always passionate about finding his own voice in music, and never playing to the forces of commercial or mainstream music, Ragnar’s music has the quality of being unique and personal, but not always profitable. This has pushed him to acquire a wider range of skill set and learn and master every instance of the music business, from composing, arranging, recording, producing and releasing music, to booking concerts, planing tours and handling media communication.

He first got the taste of the DIY modus operandi at the age of fourteen when he started writing music music fanzines in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he grew up. At the same time he developed an affinity for putting together music projects and went through a colorful palette of bands and band-members which included Olof Dreijer (from the Knife) and singer-songwriter Jens Lekman.

After High School Ragnar moved to Svalbard where he worked for two years and formed the world's northernmost band at the time, Iris-Magnus. After moving back to Iceland in 2003 Ragnar started studying singing and electronic music at Tónlistarskóli Kópavogs, alongside his literary studies, and supported himself as a music engineer, cover artist, vocal coach, troubadour and jazz pianist before making his living from his own music.

Ragnar describes himself as a chameleon when it comes to music: As multi instrumentalist and singer he has performed music in styles ranging from jazz and opera to folk, pop, rock and metal.

Ragnar is a founding member of several Icelandic bands. Most notably Ask the Slave, In Siren as well as his most successful act Árstíðir who has released four studio albums to date, had two #1 hits in Iceland and through relentless touring built a devoted fanbase in Europe, Russia and the United States. Ragnar is also the lead vocalist of Lightspeed Legend, a keyboardist for Sign, and session organ player for Sólstafir.

In recent years he has regularly composed and recorded soundtracks for indie short films and trailers. His first solo album “Urges” was released digitally to the world in June 2017.