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Record Mozart's Quartets on Mandolins

A Mozart interpretation like nothing you've heard before!

About the project

During two weeks in March we're going to record four of Mozart's most beautiful string quartets on two mandolins, mandola and mandocello, thereby seriously freshening up the traditional string quartet setting.

We've been dreaming about this project ever since we started working together. We believe performing the quartets this way reveals something about Mozart and his music that so far was left hidden from the world. We invite you to become our partner in sharing this beauty with everyone.

We're going to record four quartets:

  • Divertimento in D, K.136
  • "Dissonance" Quartet, K. 465
  • "A Little Night Music", K. 525
  • and, Seranade Nocture, K.239

We have worked on and performed all these pieces in the past. You can watch us perform live the Divertimento's last movement:

All that is left for us is to polish and record our interpretation.

Because we are spread all over Europe, the only realistic way to achieve our goal is to meet up for two intense week of work and recording. Perfecting and recording 4 quartets at such a short period of time is a challenging task, but we know that with your support we can do itand that the result will be simply beautiful.

What are the funds for?

The €8,155 we're looking to raise will cover the cost of bringing the four quartet members together for two weeks of intense recording sessions, as well as the cost of renting a recording studio and a recording engineer, and physically producing the CD

The recording will take place in a studio dedicated to recording classical music and we're bringing one of the best tonmeisters out there to make sure the result is nothing less than superb. 

We estimate it'll take about 50 studio hours and another 50 hours of music editing to get a master recording in the quality we want. Once we have a master, we will either print the CD privatelyor find a label that will do that for us - either way we promise the physical recording with a designed booklet and cover will be at your disposal by December 2015.

There'll be music and thank you notes for everyone who donates, and there are a number of higher incentives if you decide you are able to give a little more.

About the project owner

I'm Jacob Reuben, a mandolin player, teacher, performer, and a member of the Kerman Mandolin Quartet. 

I am one of few but proud mandolin players who wish to play the entire violin repertoire on our instrument. Why? Because it's cool, it's pretty, it's refreshing, and well... that's what I was taught to do from a very young age. Which brings me to another, more personal reason why I really want to do this project. When I was little, there were no recordings of mandolin players I could listen to. I grew up listening to Oistrakh, Heifetz, and Menuhin. Hopefully, with your help, a little boy or girl playing the mandolin today would have one more recording to listen to and be inspired by.

I try to keep my musical horizons as broad as can be: this has led me to everything from classical music, baroque music, contemporary music, world music, classical Arab music, to music for modern dance and theater. To everything I do, I try to bring my unique voice and uncompromising musical standards.

You can read more about me and hear me play on my website:


Thank you for taking the time to check out our project!

Jacob and The Kerman Mandolin Quartet