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Reclaim Our Privacy

Support the production of the short movie!

About the project

Your contributions will finance the making of a three minute movie that explains the threat to, the importance of protecting and the tools to reclaim our privacy.

Our privacy is threatened by intelligence agencies, US American and other, and by private internet companies that have access to more and more data about us in order to make a healthy profit by selling it on to advertisers.

Democracy is threatened by this surveillance as communication channels of journalists, lawyer and doctors are listened to. It also affects individual behaviour. We are less likely to express our opinion, talk freely and honestly with friends and family or to blow the whistle to alert the world of an abuse. We are less likely to be ourselves.

To defend our privacy, and through it democracy and our freedom, we have to act now by rethinking our relationship to technology, by, for instance, switching to free and open software.

Privacy is a fundamental right

What are the funds for?

The money raised will fund the costs of the movie. Benoit Musereau, which whom La Quadrature du Net collaborated on the “No to ACTA” movie (visible below), will be the director, as a volunteer, to make this new movie. Thanks to him, the team will complete this project for the 11th of February, The Day We Fight Back, a day of mobilisation against mass surveillance.

Any funds received above the aim of €3000 will be shared between Benoît Musereau and La Quadrature du Net.

For more information on the importance of online privacy: and

Movie credits:

The previous movie directed by Benoît Musereau, against the trade agreement ACTA:

About the project owner

La Quadrature du Net is a non-profit association defending the rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet.  More specifically, it advocates for the adaptation of French and  European legislations to respect the founding principles of the  Internet, most notably the free circulation of knowledge. As such, La  Quadrature du Net engages in public-policy debates concerning, for  instance, freedom of expression, copyright, regulation of  telecommunications and online privacy.

In addition to its advocacy work, the group also aims to foster a  better understanding of legislative processes among citizens. Through  specific and pertinent information and tools, La Quadrature du Net hopes  to encourage citizens' participation in the public debate on rights and freedom in the digital age.