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Rebirth by Harry Fayt

First subaquatic monograph of the photographer Harry Fayt

About the project

Beginning of Autumn 2011, a “Glamour” model agency offered me to photograph one of their nude models, Victoria.

After only two years of experience, my technical skills in underwater photography were only at the beginning.

It is at that time that “the female nude” emerged for the first time in my pool and on my images . Even though the logistics of it was equally rudimentary (background, flash, make-up), the pure beauty revealed by these photos found admirers among my entourage.

Driven by this personal and social enthusiasm, I pursued this creative momentum under different light sets and settings, mixing my own projects and commercial proposals in the years to come. Over the years and through different themes, underwater photography became my work and my biggest passion.

“Aqua mare mater” originally symbolizes an embryo in its amniotic liquid and myself as a photographer in a pool experimenting a real rebirth.

This book is meant to be a collection of my experiments on the nude theme. Despite my other work topics, I keep coming back to this one as a painter comes back to his never ending masterful secret painting.

Why this book...

The first reason is that I have often been asked for it. Secondly, because a commercial and clever printer has sown the idea in me few years ago: «You know sir,  there is two types of photographers the ones with a book and the ones without."  and eventually because a book is much more than a narcissic whim. It's a business card for the artist, a trace that he's leaving in this world, a trace that does't know any border and touch the minds.

What are the funds for?

Rebirth's presale aims to help launch my very first monograph to bring it to a whole new audience and help me to bear the costs incurred.

- 500 ex numbered by hand.
- 23x30 cm French style
- Swiss binding
- 96 pages 170 gr - Uncoated white
- Magnetic cardboard flap with a cutout that frames the cover image.
- 51 printed works.

This is a preview of the presentation of the book.

A first cover as a frame held by two magnets that opens to the left, the second cover opens to the right and discovers a block of 96 pages of photographs.

I wanted this first book as a collection of my experiments on the nude. As a collector of art books, it was very important for me to offer a beautiful object that will find a special place in your home.



About the project owner

Harry Fayt was born in 1979 in Charleroi, Belgium. As far as he can remember, he has always had a special connection with water. It was however not the most suitable connection for him…

Victim of a chronic ear infection in his childhood, his treatment kept him away from pools under any circumstances. Nevertheless, stubborn and determined as a teenager can be to explore water, he developed a severe infection. A qualified doctor eventually authorized his underwater freedom.

At the age of fifteen while he was browsing through a Vogue magazine, he was fascinated by the way of bringing out the beauty in every woman. He therefore enrolled at “Félicien Rops” Technical Institute in Namur, hoping to become a fashion photographer.

In 1998, guided by his second passion, music , he wandered through Europe for years immortalizing artists for the music-related press.

In 2006, in Liège, he opened his portrait studio. Three years later, after having invested in specialized underwater photo material, he took his first swimming babies’ shots.

By merging his adolescent dream with his new studio, the pool, Harry Fayt managed to become a fashion underwater photographer.

Bored with the surface swimming, underwater peacefulness and serenity became his playground. He started to lure his preys like in a net in order to immortalize them, setting them free thereafter.

2011 marked the beginning of a personal project: immortalizing woman in her simplest appearance by coming back to the original purity of the nude.

This evolution led him to the environment of art galleries and enabled him to encounter collectors drawn by the uniqueness of his works.


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