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Ratatà Festival 2018

Festival of illustration, comics and self-publishing

About the project

Ratatà is the festival of illustration, comics and self-publishing that takes place in Macerata from April 12th to April 15th.

Now in its fifth edition, the festival will be dislocated in the historical center of the city with exhibitions, workshops, meetings, parties dedicated to the world of illustration, drawing, comics and independent publishing. The center of the event will be the exhibition-market in which authors, collectives and independent publishers from all over Europe will participate.
This year will be 12 to 15 April 2018, with the possibility to extend the various exhibitions for at least a couple of weeks, which can be incorporated within a cultural city tour that does not end just with the Festival.

This year we want to emphasise the multitude that animates and makes possible Ratatà that, despite the numerous logistical and economic difficulties, continues to grow every year becoming in only four editions a European festival!

We have often asking ourselves whether or not to do a crowdfunding campaign for the fifth edition, because we believe that a cultural proposal of such high level as Ratata must be publicly financed and must be accessible to all.

Unfortunately and fortunately, maintaining total independence in the artistic direction often makes us subject to sterile polemics and easy manipulations, but until the value of our festival as an important cultural agitator on the territory is not officially recognized, we will be forced to move forward with the few means we have with the awareness that all our work is based on the relationship of esteem and respect towards the artists we invite and on the generosity those who support our project through crowdfunding and active participation.

We try to propose always different and experimental contents, maintaining free entry both at exhibitions, always at a very high level, and at the exhibition-market so that the public is not limited just to the purchase of self-publishing that it will find inside; At the same time, we work to ensure that the participation in the exhibition-market is free even for exhibitors, in the full awareness that it is not fair to pay to be able to carry out its work of publisher, illustrator and cartoonist.

With a view of transparency, we want to let all our supporters know that no member of the association receives a fee for his work within the Association and that all the funds, private donations and public funding we get, are entirely destined for the festival and they represent only a part of the actual value of Ratata. If in the places where the events are held you will find an entrance, know that the income of the evenings go entirely to the local partners who contribute to the construction of the festival with their space and financing the musical proposal that we suggest.
In the cash desk of our Association and in our pockets nothing enters, only the satisfaction of contributing to something beautiful and necessary!

Over the years, Ratatà's goal has remained unchanged: to maintain a high level of research that is for everyone incentive, resource, sharing, growth, maintaining a strong identity that is as independent as possible from commercial logics.

We strongly believe in the political, social and cultural mission that a festival must have, on the one hand creating connections and confrontation between artists, a "view", a perspective, a work space, on the other hand entering into a close dialogue with the community that hosts it, offering to it, ideas and topics for reflection. This determination is not always well received on the uncertain terrain of the province, but it is certainly perceived by the local and national realities with which we collaborate and which contribute to creating a network of languages and humanity that is Ratata.

All this is felt in the atmosphere that is breathed during the days of the festival, in the smiles we see on the faces of those who arrive in Macerata in those days. For this reason, even this year, we decided to rely on the collection of Ulule where people show us, even with a small contribution, that the festival must be done, and it must be done like this!

This year, our manifesto is dedicated to who has learned to know us and to thrill him with us during Ratatà, who has helped us to make sure that a small provincial festival became an important European event.
We are waiting for you again this year for a four days of pure beauty!


The final program of the festival is in the planning stage, but many national and international artists have already confirmed their participation.
This is for now the list of confirmed guests in the exhibition, which we will gradually complete with the different proposals we are working on (exhibitions, workshops, book presentations and characters related to publishing, animation, contemporary culture, concerts , etc.):

Isidro Ferrer (Spain)

Matthias Lehmann (France)

Autodafè (from all over the World)
East against west, rich against poor, north against south, man against woman, white against black, x against y.
In one of the many focal historical moments in which brutalization and superstition, moral and moralism, sacred individual principles, induced totalitarianisms, are changing and modifying our perception of the world and consequently our relationship with an increasingly lonely otherness, the role of artist, of the man of culture, of the intellectual or simply of who thinks and feels, is perhaps to create a dialogue, through an "act of faith", a formal request for an apology, a step towards the other, for the society of which in one way or another is part. The Autodafè exhibition was born from the need to bring together artists who come from many places in the world in a hypothetical procession of donkeys, of people who platonically "know they do not know" and for this reason want to "know themselves", and through themselves know the other.
Soon the names of all the artists who will participate.

Gio Pastori (Italy)

Giulia Conoscenti (Italy)

 Enrico Pantani (Italy)

Anna Nina Masini (Italy)

10 years of Strane Dizioni (from all over the World)

Collective of Let's Dance poster! by the collective Van Vanvere (Europe)

Let's Dance! Grand Tour, a world tour in 25 dances, 5 per continent, illustrated by as many professional designers invited by the collective Le Vanvere + Let's Dance! AT THE CINEMA, an exhibition of 10 artists who will illustrate as many cult films in which dance plays a fundamental role by ChickenBroccoli + Let's Dance! Etoiles, four stars of the dance illustrated by the collective Le Vanvere. Prepare the red shoes!

CALLS 2018
To increase visibility and promote new self-productions this year Ratatà invites you to participate in 3 CALL:

Are You a Self-Publishing House, printer, letterpresser, woodblocker, woodcarver, woody woodpecker, rizographer, graphic designer, comic author, fanziner, bookbinder, photocopierphotocopierphotocopierphotocopierphotocopierphotocopier?
As every year the heart of the festival will be the exhibition (at) market that will take place from Friday 13 April to Sunday 15 April in the historic Mercato delle Erbe.
If you would like to participate as an exhibitor at the Exhibition/Market for Ratatà 2018, please fill this form.
Unfortunately the stands are limited so hurry up to join us!
We'll let you know if You'll be selected within March the 15th.

Deadline March 10th 2018

This year's fanzine will consist of a collection of comedy strip of theme PARATATÀ!

Don’t you still hear the trumpets and drums of the party bumbling in your head? 

Pollinate your brains with the introductory text of the Fanzine, written by Marco Taddei!:
Parade, parade, parad, promenade, paradise, promenade, totentanz. Dance dance dance, dance to the radio. Dances, wiggling, somersaults, plumes. Dragons, virgins, brasses, gypsies, violins, violets, sheaves. Naval wagons, carnivals, carnem levare, carmen levare. Pompa magna, sarabande, haversack, and turmoil. Dogs, kennels, rascals. Sparks, papillae, lapilli. Fools, bourgeoisie, snacks, spiders. Caps, flags, flourishes. Drapes, trumpets, cackles. Screams, shouts, whispers, masks, helmets, hats. Doorbells, bells, braces. Artillery, infantry, gallantry. Pinches, pinzimoni, firecrackers, cow bells, lemons. Marches, festivals, parties, triumphs, lancets. Trailblazer, leaders, passports, seas and mountains. Bands, New Years, damages, dragons, illnesses. Rats, reptiles, lizards. Sun, rain, clouds. Cauldrons Jumps, ramparts, whistles. Flop! Puddles, zircons. Under the loudspeaker. Under the house. Harmonic box. Gardens, boughs. Fun, boasters, vincisgrassi, clean, civil and happy. Grog. Gog and magog. Crazy stuff, rat stuff, identity. Neighborhoods, hamlets, tables, twirls, ring-around-the-rosie, tumble, ideas, liveries, community, commonality , trallallà.

Send your contribution in horizontal A5 format, B / W, 300dpi jpg, filling out this form on our site! 
Deadline March 1st, 2018

Also this year Ratatà will select the best self-productions made starting from July 2017!
Artists, collectives, independent publishers who have produced a new paper self-production (book, comics book, graphic novel, box, fanzine etc.) can participate with any technique and a maximum edition of 300 pieces. Ratatà will select the most interesting project and promote it during the days of the festival.

Who will be selected will be entitled to:
- Dedicated Exhibition inside the Ratatà exhibit-market  2018
- Ratatà will purchase 5/10 copies to include them in their bookshop and to send them as rewards to the main supporters Ulule
- Promotion on the festival channels
- Ratatà 2018 card for free
- Poster Ratata 2018
To participate, fill out this form on our website!
Deadline March 1st, 2018

Collective exhibition self-production EXPIRY 25 March.
For this edition we have dedicated an area of exhibit market to the Exhibition of ALL self-productions that will arrive by postal service. So if you are interested in being part of it, send us a copy!
In this case the participation doesn’t provide for selection, all copies received will be exhibited.
To participate, fill out this form on our website!


Also this year the collaboration activity with Ratatà festival can be recognized as an internship or training period and will allow the acquisition of the credits foreseen by the didactic regulation.

If you want to be part of the staff and actively participate in the fifth edition of Ratatà send an email to [email protected] with the object CALL FOR STAFF enclosing a short cv in which you specify:
- year of attended course and department of origin
- competencies considered close to the need of the festival

Deadline 20 February 2018

- - -

This is our website that we constantly update with the line-up and activities!

[Video di Alia Simoncini -]

What are the funds for?

After the success of last year, we want to enhance the festival in its forms and contents, enriching it with new realities and new self-production projects involving illustration, photography, street art, publishing, the visual arts all.

This year, Ratatà festival will seek to develop the formula that has distinguished the last year, with exhibitions of national and international artists that will characterize and take up spaces that are symbol of the town (museums, public and private galleries, commercial spaces in tune with the spirit of the festival, recovered spaces); an Exhibition/Market more and more fed by collectives and publishers from all over Europe, workshops suitable both for professionals and beginners, particularly on creative education of children, meetings with authors, concerts and performances with musicians intertwined with visual arts.

With the budget we collect, we will invest:
- 1000 euros in the Festival promotion campaign and in the press of communication materials (flyers, leaflets, posters, etc.)
- € 500 in the production of the fanzine Ratatà 2018, the fanzine dedicated to the festival that will collect a selection of CALL FOR ARTISTS
- the rest of the sum collected will be used for the preparation of the exhibitions deriving from the CALL 2018

The supporters of the Ratatà project will receive juicy rewards related to our festival, from the association's card, to the self-produced fanzines for this edition, from t-shirts and shoppers with our rat to the "limited edition" poster of some authors of the Festival 2017 and 2018 printed in screenprint by Strane Dizioni. At the same time as the "material" rewards we can offer promotions for the workshops and concerts that will be on the days of the festival. We will offer an exclusive reward to the most generous supporters: 5 "limited edition" posters of the 5 editions of Ratatà (2/3/4 colors printed by Strane Dizioni) with a personalized dedication by Nic + Lisa, the authors of the posters or in alternative a original piece of an author of the organizational collective of the festival.

In your rewards you will find:

T-shirt and shopper

Artist poster by Isidro Ferrer - - 2-color screenprint by Strane Dizioni

Artist's poster by Matthias Lehmann - 3-color screenprint by Strane Dizioni
(under processing)

- - -

5 "limited edition" posters of the 5 editions of Ratatà (2/3/4 color screen printing printed by Strane Dizioni) with a personalized dedication by Nic + Lisa

If we reach:
- 120% of the budget: 
portfolio review organized by Ratatà and the creation of an artist poster with Strane Dizioni
- 150% of the budget: portfolio review organized by an artist who participates at the Festival and the realization of an artist poster with Strane Dizioni
- 200% of the budget: we will reserve a surprise to those who will be selected in the CALL FOR SELF-PUBLISHING and it will be given a small gadgets to all Ulule supporters!

About the project owner

A lot of sector magazines and websites have talked about the festival and it is actually considered to be as one of the main appointments of this field: illustrators, artists, independent publishers have already confirmed their participation and will support us with the promotion of the event.

In the last edition there have been more than 250 authors and collectives from all over Europe, hundreds of guests working in the sector and not only from Italy.

This year we believe that the turnout will be even greater because the attention to the event has grown, the presences estimated for this edition exceed 10,000 visitors in four days of festival!
The event is sponsored by the Municipality of Macerata and the University of Macerata.

Here some pictures of the fourth edition!

- - -

Foto: © Anita Hbluetzel Esposito, Marco Di Cosmo, Edoardo Conforti, Silvia Eleuteri, Simona Lamparelli, Rebecca Angelelli
Video: © Stefano Teodori
- - -

This is the crowdfunding campaign that we activated last year that thanks to the supporters of the festival reached its goal in record time!