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Restless Berlin

A comic-strip Guide about Berlin

About the project

Restless Berlin is a guide, but its also a story. And more, a graphic story. This hybrid concept between the guide and the comic-strip invite you to follow Berlo, our dear personage into the street of Berlin, which is his playground.

Restless Berlin takes the reader through different places downtown, selected for their originality and diversity, enabling everyone to live his or her personal Berlin experience. By following the sketched protagonist of the guide book, Berlo, the reader will discover surprising new places and various facets of the city, within seven restless days.

Aesthetic graphics, maps and practical information shed a new light on the city (the most cherished by young Europeans this past decade).

The book gives you the opportunity to discover Berlin differently, whether you are a visitor, a fan of the city, or a Berliner.

How far are we with the development of Restless Berlin?

We are still working on this project. We want to finalize it in mai and so print Rastlos Berlin in June. In order to offer you a product of quality, we want to print the guide on a good quality paper and with a resistant cover. We choose a transportable format of 24x17 cm.

After the print, we will distribuate the guide in sellpoint (Network of Anais who already did a guide about Berlin) in July, most of them in Germany, but also in Paris and we will sell it on internet. We plan also an electronic version for Smartphone, iPhone and tablet. The estimate Preis is 10 euros.

In the meantime, you can have a look at this abode and below Extracts. 

Berlo travels for Restless Berlin often with the Berlin's yellow underground 

Berlo was one night in one of the boldest and oldest Club of Berlin, the Kit Kat Club

Berlo went for a stroll on the majestic Karl-Marx Alle, one of the symbol of East-Berlin, the communist

Good trip in Berlin with Berlo!

What are the funds for?

The drawings are polished, the city maps are precise, and the practical information is integrated step by step into the comics. We are just about to take a step further and print the book.

Yet today, this idea of editing a new and original guide book needs your help to materialise.

As other creative projects, we need support. We want to give you the opportunity to join us in our Berlin journey. Therefore we are raising funds via the website 

The first goal is to reach 5000 € of donation in order to :

-Print the first 1500 editions

- Reward the video maker

-Reward the graphist (Maps and Layout)

-Pay the postal charges

-Pay the 8% shipping to

-Pay a small part of the distribution of Restless Berlin

We fix a second objective of 7000 euros and if we get to this point :

-Cover a bigger part of the distribution

- We will print more editons

- Translate in other languages 

-Cover a part of the distribution.

But from now on, let us reach our first goal, to give each one of you a Restless Berlin !

About the project owner

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