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Raku Café - Specialty Coffee Bar

Specialty coffee bar and French Product in Limoges

About the project


Hello everyone !

The Raku Café, a coffee bar with small snack on Limoges, offers coffee prepared in various ways by expert hands, and a large choice of local products to consume on site or take away.

In addition, the point of honor will be on the valuation of local crafts (cups, furniture, ...)


A good coffee, in a porcelain of quality ... In a caffeinated place !!





What is specialty coffee ?

"A quick coffee ?", you'll tell me. "Just put water, a filter, press a button and then it makes coffee. A black thing. A very bitter black thing that wil wake you up !"

"Of course," I would reply kindly. "But I'm not talking about a "Quick Coffee", I'm talking about a world that is struggling to make itself known in France: Specialty Coffee !"


First, let's get things perfectly clear with coffee. Thanks to a video clip talking about our knowledge of French Coffee New Generation: the Barista's job.


[Thank to puxuan and all the professionnal of this video]


The Raku will be offering quality products : Local, Original and French-crafted. The formula will be simple, just eat, drink and relax at any time of the day, in an environment favourable to rest and creation.





The objective of this project is to create a company federating specialty coffee in Limoges, bringing together experts and specialists, offering quality products and with the desire to better coffee more accessible. It is also a friendly and warm place, with good products from the region ! The three development points of the Raku Café will be:           

   The development of the brand "Bushi Drop", through new products in collaboration with local artisans           

 The creation of an independent living place in Limoges and discovery of specialty coffee with ease and offer consumption favoring local producers            

 Federate the world of coffee in Limoges, and one day rule the world with coffee



Bushi Drop is a company of creation in Limoges' Porcelain, for professionals and individuals, but especially for the Coffee.

From the purity of a noble material such as porcelain, Bushi Drop sets up a dynamic of creation around local craftsmanship, in a spirit of French quality, to allow you to prepare and enjoy your coffee like a "grand cru".

Bushi Drop is the initiator of this project and will bring its know-how, creativity and expertise to Raku Café.


The second brand will be able to see the light (thanks to you) and under the tutelage of Bushi Drop, taking the form of a specialty coffee bar.

"Raku Café", derived from the abbreviation of the Japanese term raku-yaki (楽 焼, cooking comfortably), is the result of a technique developed in the Japan of the sixteenth century. It is essentially related to the manufacture of bowls for the tea ceremony.

The Raku will be anchored in a refined atmosphere greatly influenced by the readings of Okakura Kazuko's "Tea Book" or Tanizaki Jönichiro's "Praise of the Shadow", which I leave you free to read.

What are the funds for?



The 100% French Local Stock ...            EK43  Grinder                The Creation of the Brand                    

            beginning of a                           to make good coffee ...                  and Society ...       

relationship with the Producers       


              3,000 €                                            3,000 €                                         1,500 €


Why choose us?            

           Choosing us is promoting a local business, working hand in hand with its economic environment and highlighting each one's craftsmanship.

And then, the moment of coffee is a moment of sympathy and sharing.

Choosing us is also choosing you a place of exchange and relaxation, alone or between friends, with a good cup of coffee!

Thank you for your time and for reading to the end of this presentation of my caffeinated project. Thank you for your contribution, for sharing and support!

See you soon in the Raku Café around a good cup of coffee.

And above all, Remember:


About the project owner

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