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Rage - Bane of Demons

Pledge to the Rage - Bane of Demons Comic Book Series !

About the project


Rage, Bane of Demons is a digital Graphic Novel written by Eric Peyron and painted by Thony Silas. So far, you can check this Graphic Novel as an independent App on the iTunes Store, and you can also buy it to a lot of digital publishers like Comixology, Kobo, Nook, Ave! Comics and Comicbin. Thanks to all these publishers, the first story of Rage is now available on nearly all digital devices.

And this is only the begining. Alan Quah has decided to join the fun too, and we are both going to create a whole Rage comic book series!

For those who don't know Alan yet, you can check what he does here.

Those who would like to know more about Thony can go here. Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of The Earth was his first work for Marvel. He is currently one the pencillers on the Venom Series, and is set to be the new penciler of Batman Beyond and of three issues of Daredevil: Dark Nights. 

As you can see on this page, Alan Quah's renditions of the Rage characters are absolutely awesome! Alan has been able to build on what Thony did, and came up with something completely original. I can't wait for the first issue of the series to come to life, and you can all have a part in this!


Fun and action ! No other words could better define the Rage, Bane of Demons series. If you have already read the first graphic novel, you know what to expect. If not, it's available here in numerous digital formats.  

You will also find in the Rage Website the first six pages of the first graphic novel, the first nine pages of the first issue, galleries of illustrations by Alan Quah, Thony Silas and a lot of others, and maybe even a surprise or two! The site is here! Go have a look, you won't regret it!


The gifts are all listed on the right. For all these, you have no order fee to pay. I will handle everything. Note that if we don’t reach our goal within the deadline, no one will be charged anything; you'll pay only if the project is successful.  

If you have original ideas about collectors items I could offer, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail. Remember I am still building the Rage 2012 VIP package, so I am open to any idea ! We are looking forward to hear from all of you!

What are the funds for?

The goal, listed over in the top right of the page, represents only part of the amount of money I need, to create and produce the first issue, which will be roughly 30 pages. The money is for art, lettering and promotion. If there are more money than pledged, every surplus penny will be used for the production of the next issue of the Rage Series. This will allow me to pledge less for the next issue and have a better chance of meeting my goals in the future. And I intend to do the same for every new issue. Actually, you will all know if the Rage series is a success the day I ask for $2-3 for a whole issue in a project page (just kidding...)

About the project owner

When asked about the position I hold in the Rage Project, I usually answer that I am the writer and producer of the Rage Website and the Rage Bane of Demons Graphic Novel. But that's not all. Actually, I am: writer, web designer, developer of the Xcode versions of the Rage Apps, Editor, and English/French Translator. I am also handling promotion, the selling of the books on various supports, and I am also the one hosting the Rage Booth in French Comics Conventions. Acutally, I am doing everything save Art and Lettering. For more info about the Rage Project, connect to the Rage Website!


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