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Bring Radio Cómeme to the Next Seasons!

Cómeme for Music Lovers

About the project

Radio Cómeme is an important part of the Cómeme label, broadcasting the label’s output, as well as other music, via a media that is critical in reaching a global audience. We broadcast resident and special shows from Santiago de Chile, London, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Medellín, Madrid, Cologne, Valparaíso, Glasgow, Tromsø and many other places.


Radio Cómeme is a body of music lovers that the label has met (and shared an equal passion of music with) from around the world. These music lovers have a lot to tell and beautiful music to share. The radio is a platform for us to make this possible and let you hear great musical treasures! For example: the program, “La Noche de los Discos Vivientens” from Valparaiso in Chile, you can hear rare recordings on shellac and vinyl; the adventurous, ecclectic record collection of Lena Willikens from Cologne, Germany, in her show “Sentimental Flashback”. Radio Cómeme is the soundtrack of our life and we want to keep on presenting these shows to Cómeme label fans, music lovers and curious listeners. We wish to continue sharing the music that we love, and influences us, to all the people who want to listen across the globe.

We have generated an archive of more than 100 hours of music and we intend to have a lot more! 

Resident Shows

"Veneno" by Matias Aguayo, Cómeme director, Cómeme artist , Dj, Productor.

"Ladrones" by Alejandro Paz, Radio Cómeme co-director, Cómeme artist, Dj, Producer

"Sentimental Flasback" by Lena Willikens, Cómeme artist, Dj, musician

"Djs Pareja Club Radio" by Djs Pareja, Cómeme artists, Djs, Producers

"I Love You" by Christian S, Cómeme artist, Dj, Producer, Cómeme designer


"El Disco Es Cultural" by Sano and Lord Byron, Cómeme artist, Djs, Producers





"Synthesize" by Mister Sushi, Dj


"Musicofilia" by Luis Felipe Saavedra y Juan Pablo Abalo, Musicians, music journalist

"La Noche de los Discos Vivientes" by Carlos Reinoso, Musician y Radio presenter


"150 Sessions" by ML, Dj, music journalist

Special Shows



What are the funds for?

Immersed in this work we have generated a sound archive of more than 1000 hours of music and we intend to further strengthen this work. We want to share the Cómeme label fans, music lovers and curios listeners the music that influence us and that we love.

We make this crowdfunding campaign to reward our collaborators, who so far have spent many hours of their time recording shows just for the love of sharing music. We want to empower them to keep up with the goal of Radio Cómeme, which is to do another year!!

Some of the Rewards

Limited editions made with love of customized and hand painted  Cómeme products, special made for the Radio Cómeme Crowdfunding proyect. 

*Other rewards as badges, stickers and the Bag will be crated after the proyect. 

*The Black T-shirt has the same design as the one shown here but painted in white. 


*Otros resguardos como el pin, la pegatina y la bolsa se producirán después del proyecto.  

*La T-shirt negra lleva el mismo diseño que la que se muestra aquí pero pintado en blanco.  


Handpainted by Sarah Szczeny

About the project owner


The Cómeme label was founded in 2009, born from a necessity, we felt, to create an independent platform for music that was being made at that time - a bunch of musicians and DJs from Argentina, Mexico, Chile, and other places, were making new dance music far more interesting that the mainstream; sharing it with each other on their parties at home, in the clubs and on the street. The music was circulating via the internet, and at some point, we ended up playing these tracks. That was when we decided to start the label then could do the label. From this 12” an album production started also tours in Latin America and Europe. We have always been very fond of the idea of taking dance music out of its traditional formats; taking it from the club into everyday life - the street, open space, bar and even dancing at home.

We work as a collective and we are able to do so even when this collective is located in different countries throughout the globe. For instance, music production may have started in Mexico, vocals added in Argentina, some mixing done in Chile and the final part of the production process in Germany. The same collaborative methods of the label we are now applying to Radio Cómeme. We have a network of music lovers around the world, all with this love of music that we share; all with their own unique collections of music and all with endless stories to tell!


We would, especially, like to mention Matias Aguayo - mentor and radio collaborator - known musician and DJ by profession who travels the world playing and building the Cómeme network. Also directing the radio, is Avril Ceballos - cultural worker and label manager. Finally Alejandro Paz, DJ and music activist who records for the Cómeme label. 

Matias Aguayo y label co-manager Avril Ceballos hablan sobre Radio Cómeme

            El Parlante Armadillo - Ondas : Radio Cómeme


Co-director Alejandro Paz talks about Radio Cómeme for NCI Noticias

(Spanish Version)

Listen to Radio Cómeme... Radio Cómeme - Mixcloud

... and check out more about our label! Musica Cómeme - Facebook - Twitter - Soundcloud - Youtube


  • How do I provide financial support to the project?

    It's very simple. Use the "Support this project for...€" form you can find on the page.
    You will be invited to create an Ulule account and enter your payment information on a secure page.

    There are different payment methods you can choose from to donate to the project.

    Credit card payment:

    This is the simplest solution, you are charged immediately but you will be fully refunded (without any fees), if our project misses its target. The amount will then be credited on your e-wallet so that you can get your money back.

    Ulule accept the following type of credit cards, of any country:
    - Visa cards
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    - Carte Bleue

    Paypal payment :

    You will be charged only if we meet our goals.

    Check payment :
    Just send us a message to decide together if you want to contribute with a check, a direct deposit, a swap, etc. And Ulule do the rest!

    Direct Debit payment (Sofort and Giropay):

    You are charged immediately but you will be fully refunded (without any fees), if our project misses its target. The amount will then be credited on your e-wallet so that you can get your money back.

    Last updated: 4 years, 4 months ago

  • What payment information do I have to provide ?

    What payment information do I have to provide ?

    Important: When you support the project (and if it reaches its requested amount), you will only pay the amount you pledged (no additional fees or commissions).

    Ulule will ask you to fill in a secured form with your Credit Card information (card number, expiration date and CVV, as in any other online payment), or with your bank account and PIN/TAN information if you contribute by Direct Debit (Sofort and Giropay).

    Ulule uses PayPal to manage transactions and ensure they’re secure. It’s a simple, safe and international service. Funds are transferred directly from the supporter's PayPal account to our. All Ulule do is to verify that the transactions match.
    If you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s free to create one, and you can do that here:

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  • How can I help Cómeme beyond providing financial support?

    Share our project, follow it, spread the word!
    Over a cup of tea, on your blog, your website or your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc), any occasion you get!

    Last updated: 4 years, 4 months ago

  • Is my donation considered an investment?

    No. Unlike many online funding platforms that have cropped up in recent years, Ulule’s approach is not an investment approach (in which donors get shares in a company or a project). Ulule is more about providing support (financial or otherwise) to specific projects. Your donation does not give you any ownership or authority with regard to the project. Cómeme is the only one in charge. You are just helping us bring a project to fruition.

    Last updated: 4 years, 4 months ago

  • What happens if the project I’m supporting doesn’t reach its minimum goal?

    You are not charged and your pledge is cancelled. We does not receive any money.

    Last updated: 4 years, 4 months ago

  • When will I receive my rewards ?

    We will let you know after the end of the funding duration.

    If there's a problem receiving your reward, you can contact us directly by e-mail, or through theprofile page, to find out what happened.

    Last updated: 4 years, 4 months ago

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