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The online party game

  • Great news and new quizzes

    Dear backer

    It’s been awfully quiet from our end for some time now… Until this message came in and spiced up your inbox with a healthy dose of good news and a series of new quizzes. Don’t miss our livestream quiz for charity!

    NOTE: Our live quizzes and playing cards are in Dutch. Find English quizzes at QuizWitz.com.

    In this newsletter:

    1. QuizWitz Livestream - Music for Life
    2. QuizWitz Playing Cards release (update for backers)
    3. Update for QuizWitz Social
    4. New season live quizzes

    QuizWitz Charity Livestream!

    Join our quiz next Tuesday (20/12/2016) at 21h00 and support Memisa. They’re a Belgian NGO committed to development aid on an international scale. You can watch our Youtube stream and answer the questions on an extra screen. Find out more on Facebook… See you on Tuesday!

    QuizWitz Playing Cards Reward

    As you might remember from our campaign, we have been working on a playing card game based on our online game. We have worked our socks off and right now, the first games have been sent to every backer who donated €50+, enjoy!

    The game contains 48 playing cards with 6 questions each. There are two ways to play the game and new rule sets can be added in the future. You can read the rules and/or order a set online!

    QuizWitz online platform update

    Have you visited our online network lately? It’s changed significantly. All the quizzes’ images are now on the left side for more clarity while you can now add music and sounds to your questions. Oh and there's also a new search menu!

    Time to check your profile and keep an eye on your inbox, both on- and offline, the Premium codes will be sent out in the near future!

    New season for QuizWitz Live

    During our campaign last year, we started organizing our own QuizWitz Live events. Teams of max. 4 people can join an interactive quiz event with a smartphone or tablet. Over 200 people quizzed along and that’s why we decided to organize 4 more quizzes this season, 2016-2017! The first two have already passed and they were a blast!

    Next events will take place on Februari 22 and april 19. See you then?

  • QuizWitz 2.0 Update

    Dear quiz lover

    It’s time for an update, as you’ll probably be wondering where we’ve been. Let’s have a look at what’s new.

    1.    QuizWitz’ development has not stopped. We’re still working on QuizWitz 2.0 with a fury in our hearts! We’re happy to announce its release isn’t too far off either. You probably know by now that the development of an indie game doesn’t reach deadlines, but rather milestones. Well, the very moment the new QuizWitz is a fact, we’ll be sending out your personal premium codes to explore the game with!

    2.    On the same note, we’re also creating our “trading quiz cards game”. That’s one of the rewards on offer during our campaign. It will be a package of 52 quiz cards you’ll be able to play with in different sets of rules. We’ll announce more information about this in the future, but in the meantime, we’ll keep trying to fit our questions on the playing cards :p

    3.    May 18 and June 15 we invite you to come and play a quiz with us in the Backstay Bar in Ghent. These are the last ones before the Summer, after which we’ll return in September! Enter your team now!

    Keep in mind these quizzes are in Dutch!

    That concludes our update. We’ll wish you some happy holidays in May and we hope to welcome you in the Backstay Bar or online soon!

    Stay tuned: like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

  • A Spring update!

    Dear ambassador

    First of all, we wish you a very happy Easter Monday! This is without a doubt the best holiday for Belgian chocolate lovers. That’s why we’re presenting you our quiz about chocolate!

    Let’s get to business though, as we have some news for you! We had the chance to travel abroad a few times, continued working on the game among all the preparations for our live quizzes, and we met some cool guys who might join us in our quest!

    Our travels

    We traveled to Istanbul where we pitched QuizWitz for a band of investors. We learned a lot about pitching and investments, but you can read everything in our blogpost at Start it @KBC. In the beginning of March, we traveled to the South of France to attend a convention and participated at Cartoon Movie, a networking event centering around animated movies.

    QuizWitz after the campaign

    Ever since our crowdfunding campaign ended, we continued to organize QuizWitz Live events. The new dates haven’t been announced yet, but you’ll be able to find them at www.quizfabriek.be. Keep in mind our quizzes are in Dutch :p

    From the moment the new verion of our game is online, we’ll start handing out our first campaign rewards. As we’re a small team, it’s taken us a bit more time, we hope you can forgive us!

    New friends

    Last, we met with another team with a dream to revolutionize quizzes with whom we might start working together soon. However, nothing has been decided yet, so the moment we know more, you will be the first to hear!

    Stay tuned - Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date!

  • Thank you and happy new year!

    Dear ambassador

    When we look at everything that happened in 2015, we had a blast and have you to thank for it! A successful crowdfunding campaign, the first live quizzes and three exciting live stream events in favor of Music for Life.

    But what happened in the world this year, have you followed the news? We made a quiz about it and hey, did you know a famous pharaoh lost his beard and got it glued back on? Play it now!

    On a last note, in the beginning of 2016, a new version of QuizWitz will see the light of day!

    - Stay tuned & a happy new year! -

  • QuizWitz for Life online quiz on Youtube!

    Dear ambassador

    December is the most wonderful time of the year; we get presents as we celebrate Christmas and the new year! It's also a time for love and charity, and we want to help Music For Life here in Belgium. We'll organize two live streaming events on Youtube which you can watch and join from the warmth of your own home for at least €1 at QuizWitzforLife.be.

    (This quiz will be in Dutch, but everyone's welcome to join and help out; it's going to be awesome!)

    Every penny we earn during these events will go to Lejo, an inspiring organization that supports youngsters who face doubts and other problems with activities, camps and all important personal conversations.

    You can join our stream on:

    • December 21 at 8:30PM
    • December 23 at 8:30PM

    Hoping to see you there!