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Pyjama Party

A tiny pub game

About the project

Pat the cat has invited all of her friends to a pajama party. Deep in the night, as many drinks are drunk, all the animals sit in a circle and start a spin-the-bottle game of their own.

Pyjama Party is an animal stacking game for one to 8 players. It's better suited for the bar with a glass of wine, a pint of beer or a shot of whisky.

Thrown on the table like dices, the animals determine the order they should be stacked in, while the bottleneck points to the next player.

Pyjama Party includes :

- 11 wooden animals (PEFC ans FSC labels)
- a small plastic bottle
- a rules booklet (in french, a pdf of the english rules will be available to print)
- a pocket sized velvet bag to fit everything in.

Pyjama Party is available in four versions. Each of these versions contains a different host animal (Pat the cat, Raf the giraffe, Tess the tiger or Jihan the duck) and an exclusive illustration made by Dziff on the booklet. The ten other animals are the same in all the versions : Gérarde the fox, Manette the cow, Heidi the ewe, François-Jean the snake, Didine the bunny, Bousson the hedgehog, Dédé the chicken, Berto the camel, Clochon the pig and Germain the human. Guto the rhino is an exclusive game piece for Ulule backers.

Pyjama Party can be played alone, cooperatively (when players try together to build the highest tower), competitively (when players try to make each other fail and pray to not be designated by the bottle) or can be turned into a drinking game (you're free to add your own drinking rules, but we may not be held responsible for the outcome)

Player's sayings:

«Crap ! Not Germain the human !  »

« I'll punch the next one to shake the table with his knee...I mean it ! »

«Why is it never my turn ? »

« Why is it ALWAYS my turn ?! » 

« Who put Dédé the chicken in my beer ? »

« was easy in the end! Give me the bottle, I wanna see if I can ...whoops »

« Hey ! You can't soak Berto in the pastis for him to stick, that's cheating ! »

« Your hand is should drink something.  »

« I told you : it's not meant to be played with a REAL bottle. »

« NO ! You CAN'T play ! It's only for grown ups  ! »

«*hiccup* »

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What are the funds for?

Pyjama Party was first produced in 30 copies just for fun.

The first players' enthusiasm convinced us to produce 120 more, hoping this new batch would last us a few months. It didn't. They all sold in a single day.

Since many people keep asking us for more and since we don't have enough money to produce bigger quantities, we today rely on Ulule's pre-order system.

200 pre-orders would allow us to reach financial balance (and to produce a few additionnal units for our own use)

500 pre-orders would allow us to reach a better price-point, and produce enough additionnal units to show and sell them around us (in pubs, festivals…)

Here's a pie chart showing how the funds will be used (with 200 units sold by packs of two) :

As you can see, the shipping fees are a big part of the budget, and they are especially expensive for international shipping. Do yourself a favor by grouping orders with your friends (Pyjama Party's costs will decrease) and you'll also helps us reinvest some percentage of the shipping into the graphics and polish of the game.

Previsionnal planning :
March 2nd: end of pre-orders and collecting of funds are collected.
March 20th 2016: the materials are received and the confection starts
April: Shipping !

About the project owner

Pyjama Party was created by Pierre Corbinais and Hélène Menanteau.

Pierre Corbinais (Pierrec) created the websites Oujevipo, where he covers small experimental video games since 6 years, and Shake That Button where he documents alternative controllers, video game installations and playful performances. He's also the president of the Marseille based boardgame associations La Cabane à Jeux and created a bunch of small video games.

Boardgame lover, Hélène Menanteau is an organiser for La Cabane à Jeux and already collaborated with Pierre Corbinais to create the video game « One of Them ».

All the illustrations were made by Dziff from the Klondike collective. She's awesome! Check her works!  

Heidi Loukoum shot the trailer and took the pictures. She's awesome too, and you should check her work too

A big thank to William for the help with the english translation, to Eludi Production and to our friends for supporting us since the first edition!